Report: Alex Smith’s injured calf remains sore

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It sounds less and less likely by the day that Alex Smith will play Saturday against the Buccaneers. The Washington Football Team listed him as questionable Thursday, and he remains questionable Friday night.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports Smith’s injured right calf still is sore and “hasn’t loosened up.” It comes down to how Smith feels pregame Saturday night.

Regardless, it’s clear Smith is not 100 percent and won’t be 100 percent by kickoff.

Washington wants to give Smith, who is 5-0 in his last five starts and has seven career playoff starts, every opportunity to play. But Taylor Heinicke, who took most of the first-team reps this week, is 100 percent. So what percent Smith is better than a 100 percent Heinicke?

It sounds like a lose-lose for Washington in its first playoff game since 2015.

Smith started a win-or-go-home Week 17 game, but he threw two interceptions and apparently came out of the game worse for wear. Heinicke did not join the team until December and has one NFL start, which came in 2018 for Carolina.

There appears a real chance Heinicke’s second career start comes in his first playoff game.

10 responses to “Report: Alex Smith’s injured calf remains sore

  1. And there it is, yet again, Goodell paying off Smith to sit out to give brady a sure win. Every single time something like this happens to favor brady. This is not a coincidence.

  2. Even as a WFT fan, I noticed that Smith was not really able to play at a high enough level last week. He was basically helpless against even minor pressure. And I think Tampa is even better at getting to the QB.

    Not sure how they score many points if Smith is in even worse shape tonight.

    I’d feel bad for Smith if he didn’t play, but would be fine with Heinicke starting. At least he’s somewhat mobile. If he doesn’t make any mistakes, we have a chance.

  3. And there it is, yet again, Goodell paying off Smith to sit out to give brady a sure win. Every single time something like this happens to favor brady. This is not a coincidence.

    wow, your head i so filled with hate you can’t even think clearly- did goddell suspending brady 4 games help tom? How about taking draft picks from the pats , did tat help tom? come on guy, get real

  4. At this point, you have to start Heinicke especially after how Smith looked last week. He can’t protect himself.

    It might work for a half since the Bucs have very little tape on Heinicke.

  5. I think Alex Smith is one of the NFL’s finest men, a true professional and TEAM player. With that said, and since I believe his calf injury is on the leg that almost had to be amputated, I hope he doesn’t play against Tampa.

    Though I really like watching him play and though I think the NFL will be a lesser place without him, I mainly hope he’ll get the Come Back Player of the Year award and then retire and live the rest of his life happily with his wife and children. This good man deserves a full life with both legs functional and intact.

  6. The Brady haters are getting pathetic and desperate. I hope Smith is ok and ready to play.

  7. It’s a bummer if Smith can’t play. I hope the guy truly knows inside that he has nothing to prove to anyone at this point. He may never win a Superbowl, but he has the heart, soul, and determination of a true Champion. What he went through to get back to the field is truly remarkable. Bravo.

  8. 2016 Aaron Rodgers on one leg guided GB to a 38-10 win over Seattle. I realize Smith has been through a lot getting back ,but he will need to take any steps necessary to play.

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