Saints GM: Whether Drew Brees returns in 2021 is entirely up to him

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
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Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis says no decisions have been made about Drew Brees‘ future, but if Brees wants to return, the Saints want him.

Loomis said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that Brees can be the Saints’ starting quarterback in 2021 or he can choose to ride off into the sunset, and the Saints won’t pressure him in either direction.

“When you have a quarterback that’s — I don’t like to say at his age, because that doesn’t sound right, but it’s true — it’s been year to year for him for a while. It’s up to him each year to determine: ‘Do I want to play next year or not?’ We give him his space, we give him time at the end of the season to determine that, and we’ll see what happens next year. I’m not counting him out. It’s going to be entirely up to him,” Loomis said.

Brees turns 42 next week, and the broken ribs and punctured lung he suffered this season may have him thinking more than ever about retirement. But Brees is still playing well, and he says his approach this season hasn’t been any different than other recent seasons. For now, no one is sure whether Brees is entering his last NFL postseason.

19 responses to “Saints GM: Whether Drew Brees returns in 2021 is entirely up to him

  1. If you can get top of the market QB money to play 10-12 games a year why would you ever retire

  2. I have no problem with this. Brees has earned the right to call his shots. Guys like Watson and Stafford not so much.,

  3. With the exception of the Chiefs game, Brees arm has looked fine this season. There’s more teams than not that would take him next season over what they’re trotting out on the field.

  4. He’s coming back because Brady is running away with the touchdown record, and Brees is desperate to take that record into retirement with him. There’s only one problem for Drew – His arm is shot and Brady is playing like he’s 33 not 43

  5. I think he’ll retire, but he threw one pass, I think in the Chiefs game, that went 50 yards in the air before being completed. So, his arm is fine. He’s also still completing +70% of his passes and is second in completions between 10 and 20 yards downfield.

  6. To those saying Brees has nothing left in his arm–you haven’t paid attention to the last couple of weeks. The Saints have been taking a lot of deep shots (ex: 51-yard pass to Emmanuel Sanders against the Chiefs). Not saying that his arm strength is great (it’s never has been), but it’s good enough to keep defenses honest and he’s still a top 10 QB despite facing multiple injuries and missing his top WR most of the year.

  7. Compare QB’s throughout the league this season. Where does he rank? What does he mean to the success of his team next season? Could Hill or Winston take their team further than Brees nest season? Is Watson in play for a trade? Does his loss of downfield passing limit the Saints to 10-13 wins per seasonm max? Is a Superbowl attainable with Drew the QB. Can he last another season? Decisions, decisions……

  8. Drew is near the end, but honestly he played better than I expected this season. I was kind of expecting him to turn into 2015 Peyton but he’s done good, and that team is perfect for him where he doesn’t have to do much and can conserve his arm. Now next year I don’t see him being any better so if I were Drew I’d retire. He’s gonna have to see how his injury holds up and how he feels I guess, but he’s close to done.

  9. The Saint apologists are out in force. HE’S ALL DONE. Who lost last years playoff game? Drew did. These Saints fans remind me of Peyton fans who can’t admit their guy is all washed up…. he’s done its over

  10. @ icouldcareless:

    Sorry you are mis-informed.
    Actually, it was a push-off by Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph vs Patrick Robinson in the endzone ( I have the photo- it is easily found on the internet) that lost the game.
    Peyton Manning? the guy who had 4 neck surgeries and a bad plantar facitis in foot? Not at all similar to Brees.
    Brees is playing pretty darn well for a human coming off of 11 rib fractures and a punctured lung

  11. Stick a fork in it Brees. Great career. HOF first ballot. Payton you are next in a year or two if you go with Hill. You got your gifted ring now go away. Thank Hank Baskett and the league for that smart guy.

  12. As much as I love Hill, a subpar Brees will still win you more games than healthy Winston or Hill.

  13. Entirely up to him? Like having an opinion then caving in to the left and then apologizing five times for your opinion (Which, there was nothing wrong with it)?

  14. That’s how you treat a franchise legend in the twilight of his career. Not like Green Bay did to Favre or New England to Brady. Never thought the Saints would handle this the right way, but they have.

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