Alex Smith inactive, Taylor Heinicke to start for Washington vs. Tampa Bay

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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Washington quarterback Alex Smith will not get to continue his storybook season tonight.

Instead, Smith will be inactive because of his lingering calf injury, according to multiple reports.

That means Taylor Heinicke will be Washington’s starting quarterback. The inexperienced Heinicke is making his first start for Washington in a very big game, going up against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

Backin up Heinicke will be Steven Montez, the only other quarterback on the Football Team’s roster.

36 responses to “Alex Smith inactive, Taylor Heinicke to start for Washington vs. Tampa Bay

  1. This is a shame. Not only did I want to see his story continue but now the game will probably be a blowout. Hopefully undrafted free agent Taylor Heinicke catches fire.

  2. Hope Washington’s defense squashes Brady. Otherwise football won’t win w/o Smith.

  3. Man what a bummer i really feel for Alex. Game should be a blowout now, I don’t see them having any chance to win really. Terrible break that he cant go tonight!

  4. Hopefully the Football Team’s defense will be able to keep the game interesting for a while. The bigger picture going forward is the WFT doesn’t have anything at QB. Smith’s comeback was a nice story, but he’s not the future. Fans in Tampa, if no one else, will enjoy the game tonight.

  5. What a bummer for Alex Smith. Such an inspiration this season and now he doesn’t get to play.

  6. Not a big deal. Alex Smith has been in the league since 2005, yet he only has 2 playoff wins. Decent game manager, but nowhere near an elite QB. It’s a QB league, and the elite QB’s win the vast majority of playoff games.

  7. This game was rigged from the get. The SB is pre-ordained and will feature Mahomes v. Brady. A ratings monster. $Kaching$

  8. Too bad, wanted to see Smith keep it close but now I predict a TB win. But still not easily, WFT defense is for real and I don’t see TB lighting them up.

    Never know with a young unproven QB either, not much/any fill on him. Only takes one game to be hot in

  9. mlhigh77 says:
    January 9, 2021 at 5:17 pm

    This game was rigged from the get. The SB is pre-ordained and will feature Mahomes v. Brady. A ratings monster. $Kaching$

    This isn’t the NBA we’re talking about, it’s the NFL. They don’t need to rig anything to get people to watch the Super Bowl. Even 2 small market teams will draw 100m viewers.

  10. 2ruefan says:
    January 9, 2021 at 5:02 pm
    Heineke has been in the league a number of years. He is not without experience.
    Heineke is going to gain experience in playoff shellacking.

  11. johnny316 says:
    January 9, 2021 at 4:58 pm
    It won’t be no blowout Tampa go win but it won’t be no blowout that’s a fact

    So it will be a blowout is what you’re saying?

  12. It’s so cute that Washington fans actually think they have a chance. Hope to see you all here after the game, but I doubt you’ll show up.

  13. What a bummer! Maybe Football Team can rally around for Alex and get the win. Defense will have to get lots and lots of pressure.

    Dude, seriously, Football Team needs to get their QB situation figured out for next year. NFC East honestly did not deserve a playoff team this year.

  14. Well, if you saw Heinicke against Carolina a few weeks ago, you know he can survey the field and fire the ball out quickly. More than Haskins, and for much of this season, more than Smith. So I say, let ‘er rip! Hail

  15. Not quite the 1st round bye Brady is use to but one has to admit the Bucs have been handed a unique opportunity for a road Wild Card team.

  16. If the Rams hang on to win, the Bucs could play next week and avoid the Packers. If they play the Saints, New Orleans would have to beat a team for the third time this season.

    The stars are in alignment for Brady.

  17. Swaggy T will lead the WFT to Victory! Cue up the fight song….”Hail to the (you know the rest!

  18. You know I was tempted to bet Washington to cover the spread, glad I came to my senses before wasting all that money.

  19. As much of a bummer it is, they weren’t exactly scoring at will with Smith. Not all his fault but it’s a fact.

  20. big deal. all Smith not starting does is give him one less playoff loss on his record.
    he’s a great guy, buuut.

  21. Tampa will have a sizable lead by half time and Tom Brady will be comfortably/safely seated on the Buccaneer bench taking in the sites and sounds of Fedex field. I wonder if next week they will be matched up with yet another weakest link in the league.

  22. I hope Smith ruled himself out, because otherwise sitting him is a crap move. He deserves to play in this playoff game he earned.

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