Frank Reich: Analytics were “fairly strong” to go for it at end of first half


There was a big swing in momentum late in the second quarter of Saturday’s game between the Colts and Bills when a fourth-down pass by Colts quarterback Philip Rivers to wide receiver Michael Pittman fell incomplete in the end zone.

Indianapolis was trying to go up 17-7, but the Bills wound up driving for a go-ahead touchdown and wouldn’t give up their lead in what turned out to be a 27-24 win. Reich said after the game that “the analytics were a fairly strong go” at that point in the game.

“If you don’t make it, they’re backed up, they’re likely going to be conservative and you have a chance to get it back,” Reich added, via Joel A. Erickson of the Indianapolis Star.

The Colts lost three yards on the previous play when the Bills blew up a toss to running back Jonathan Taylor. Reich said film study had him thinking Taylor would walk into the end zone and thought after the play that he “should have just run it up the gut.”

That wasn’t the only big moment in Saturday’s game, but it’s likely the one the Colts will spend the most time stewing over as they move on from the loss.

15 responses to “Frank Reich: Analytics were “fairly strong” to go for it at end of first half

  1. Funny how the analytics didn’t predict you would have been driving down the field for the win and not the tie in that final minute. Or that you would have a chance for the win in OT if you had just made the “football decision” to kick the FG. Dumb move.

  2. Play the game stop relying so much on this stat breakdown. I get it for baseball but jeez it shouldn’t play such a factor in football. Take the points.

  3. Analytics were “fairly strong.”
    Common football sense to kick it was the stronger play.
    The stats have their place in football but too many “what the heck” calls are being made.

  4. These analytical decisions are starting to sound like a cop out to bad choices. It is the playoffs. The D was playing well. Take the points. Everybody knew it would be a close game. Then the choice for 2? What was that? Then you don’t ram it in from the one?

  5. How many games does a team have to lose before they see this isn’t the game to be played with analytics! There’s just too many varibles in football to use analytics for these decisions.

    A play works because the players excuted well not because of any analytics!

  6. zastomito says:
    January 9, 2021 at 7:58 pm
    So, you basically don’t need a coach. It’s analytics.

    27-24, I wouldn’t call that over his head by any means! A couple of bad decisions is what cost them the game.

  7. The Colts were the better team. I’m in Buffalo, and right now I’m glad that the Colts offense played better defense, then the Bills defense did.

  8. Next game for the Bills is a new game. There were a bunch of defensive issues but the colts are a top ten offense. I wouldn’t say they were the better team because the better team won.
    You can’t be the meter team and have those tires of bad plays in crucial downs/moments in the game. Sour grapes Colt’s fan. Move on.

  9. Gutsy calls from Reich. One of those things where he’s a genius if the team executes well, but he’s 2nd-guessed if they don’t.

    He’s doing an amazing job, imo. That team was ready to play today – motivated, disciplined and executing a great game plan. The Bills were lucky to get out of there w/ the W.

  10. Some bad coaching moves by Frank, it appeared it may of thought he was still a Bill?

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