Josh Allen leads Bills to halftime lead after Colts dominate most of first half

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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A first half that was mostly dominated by the Colts was taken over by the Bills after the two-minute warning.

With two minutes remaining in the first half, the Colts had a 10-7 lead and had the ball at the Bills’ 1-yard line. But the Colts were stopped on back-to-back plays near the goal line, and then Josh Allen got to work.

Allen calmly and methodically marched the Bills downfield, repeatedly getting flushed out of the pocket but then finding receivers near the sideline (twice so near the sideline that the catches easily could have been ruled incomplete), and eventually ending the drive with a rushing touchdown.

The Bills lead 14-10 at halftime.

Colts coach Frank Reich had a game plan in mind to control the clock when the Colts had the ball and make the Bills start every possession in bad field position. For most of the half, that worked. At the end of the half, it didn’t. And now Reich’s team needs a comeback.

21 responses to “Josh Allen leads Bills to halftime lead after Colts dominate most of first half

  1. Bills td at end of half should not of even happened. That was an int. The fix may be in? Lol

  2. Good to see Allen knowing when he needs to run, and has a gun for an arm. Unlike these guys in Balt and AZ who have happy feet & scattershot arms.

  3. Colts should have gone for the field goal at end of first half. Take the points! Refs made correct call on saying that was not an interception. Receiver did not have possession.

  4. wintercoates87 says:
    January 9, 2021 at 2:39 pm
    Bills td at end of half should not of even happened. That was an int. The fix may be in? Lol
    Stop! He never had possession when it hit the ground. Obvious. Blame your lineman for jumping in the neutral zone if you want to blame somebody.

  5. A ball being pinned between the turf and the defender’s chest with no hand under it is an interception? Huh. Not according to the rules of football, but sure

  6. Anyone see the view of the parking lots at Buffalo? They spread the fans out in the lower bowl of the stadium (why no one is in upper stands is unknown), but fail to do it in the parking lot. How stupid (and cheap). The stadium parking people have all the cars parked next to each other. Well people have to get out their cars and walk to the stadium. They will have to walk back to their cars when the game is over. No six feet separation. No social distancing when they reach their cars. Stupid.

  7. Everyone in the stadium tested negative to get in. Parking probably isn’t an issue. Tailgating might be a problem. Not just parking

  8. Neither pass before the td was in bounds and they should have been called for delay of game when the Colts defender moved. The fix is in for the Bills.

  9. Colts why would you go for 2? You’re on the road. Take the extra point and be down by 7. Now you are down by 8.

  10. Nearly the 4th Qrt and Colts beating themselves. Couldnt catch Covid …
    Good thing since the Colts coach has had his mask under his nose every time the camera shows him!!

  11. Colts fans complaining about calls are delusional. The non INT wasn’t even close clearly the ball was pinned to the turf. And both Davis catches were clear as day, the first you could see green between the line and the second rubber was kicking up from the toe. If you want to look at a blown call look to why the game didn’t end with the clear fumble on the last drive. If you wanna point a finger point it at several bad calls by Reich who also had a great game plan just a few bad playcalls. None of this is up for debate, alll clear as day confirmed by the broadcast.

  12. kingfish13 says:
    January 9, 2021 at 4:16 pm
    Don’t think Bills stand any chance against KC. They may hang 60 on them.

    Good to know, but win your game next week first … tic toc KC

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