NFL had its highest-scoring season ever in 2020

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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More points and touchdowns were scored in 2020 than in any season in NFL history.

Over the league’s 256 regular-season games, teams scored 12,692 total points and 1,473 touchdowns, both new NFL records. The previous record for points was 11,985, set in 2013, and the previous record for touchdowns was 1,371, set in 2018.

Far more games are played in 21st Century seasons than were played in 20th Century seasons, but scoring per game was also at a record high. The average team scored 24.8 points a game in 2020, well ahead of the previous record pace of 23.6 points a game, set in 1948.

Never before in NFL history had more than three teams averaged 30 points a game, but this year five teams did it: Green Bay (31.8), Buffalo (31.3), Tampa Bay (30.8), Tennessee (30.7) and New Orleans (30.1).

The NFL has consistently promoted offense with its rules and its enforcement of those rules, and the result is more points scored in 2020 than ever before. And the nine highest-scoring teams all made the playoffs, so we’re probably in for a high-scoring postseason.

24 responses to “NFL had its highest-scoring season ever in 2020

  1. I’ve loved watching the NFL for decades and of course will continue to do so. With that said, the promoting of the offense and handcuffing of the defense has gone too far. What has made the game so great over the years is the balance between the two. The NFL has stacked it far too much on one side of the ball. Funny how the CFL has been criticized because too many points were allowed, but that is now exactly what the NFL is promoting as well. Please NFL, allow some type of defense.

  2. That’s because the Patriots had that stud mega scoring QB Cam “SUPERMAN” Newton!!! Oh,wait, my bad, never mind….

  3. It’s gotten to the point that in some games, there are no 3 and outs. The Defense can do their job on the first two downs, even get a sack, and then on 3rd and 20, a ticky tack hold 6 yards from the line of scrimmage….FIRST DOWN!
    As I call it – The Bail Out.
    The Offense only has to put themselves in a position to have a defensive penalty Bail them out and get a cheap first down. Add in all the 15 yard Roughing the Passer calls when a defender makes what used to be called ‘a football play’ and it’s no wonder that many teams with just a barely competent offense can rack up 30 points.

  4. What do you expect w/ no real off-season, COVID, rules always favoring the offense, empty stadiums w/ no fans etc. It’s a no brainer!

  5. Well, you have five super efficient teams:

    “Green Bay (31.8), Buffalo (31.3), Tampa Bay (30.8), Tennessee (30.7) and New Orleans (30.1)”

    Then you have terrible teams scoring a bunch in garbage time to pad personal stats, like the Vikings (Cousins, Jefferson, et al.)

  6. Coaches already know this and that is why QB drafting has become both a bigger gamble and even more important It is also why no defensive player should get more than 10 mil per year.

  7. I have to wonder how some of these QB’s would have fared back when football was football…

  8. Its because Aaron Rodgers got hurt, now no one can even think about hitting the quarterback.

  9. I’ve always loved the NFL, and I like it as much now as ever. I’m all for player safety, and I’m all for the forward pass. The rules, actually the entire game has been changed to minimize player injury, and to maximize scoring. I love all the yardage totals, etc. I just like to keep era’s separate as far as comparisons go. I believe Dan Fouts and Air Coryell would have easily thrown for 7,000 yards and 60 TD’s in today’s NFL. Also, Fouts could have played 20 years with the protection QB’s get nowadays, so he would have put every passing record way out of reach. Nothing against today’s superstars, just trying to make a point.

  10. I will never understand why they let the play continue when a defender jumps offsides. It’s a PRE-snap penalty. It’s ridiculous that the offense gets a free play out of it. Aaron Rodges has made a career out of free plays.

  11. I think the lack of live practice time has led to a ton of missed tackles .Offensive players have huge yardage after contact .

  12. I’d like to see more electronic accuracy come into the game. Put sensors in each tip of the ball and have forward progress measured precisely. The technology exists.

  13. Chain Snatcher says:
    January 9, 2021 at 1:26 pm
    I will never understand why they let the play continue when a defender jumps offsides. It’s a PRE-snap penalty. It’s ridiculous that the offense gets a free play out of it. Aaron Rodges has made a career out of free plays.

    It’s allowed to continue as long as the offensive linemen do not move or flinch. If they do, it’s blown dead. It’s a tremendous display of restraint and patience by the linemen, and they deserve credit for the continuation. It’s literally out-smarting the competition and the Packers are very good at it. They’re good at it because they’ve got great coaches.

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