Philip Rivers: Decision on next year “not that easy”

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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When Colts quarterback Philip Rivers met the media after Saturday’s 27-24 loss to the Bills, the first question he faced had nothing to do with the game.

Rivers was asked if he’d come to a decision about whether or not the game will be the final one of his NFL career.

“No, it’s not that easy,” Rivers said in his postgame press conference. “I don’t go this route with an answer often, but I think this probably sums it up. Whatever God’s will is for me and my family, if it’s here in Indy playing another year then we’ll be here. And if it’s not, I’ll be on the sidelines with a ball cap coaching the heck out of a high school football team down in south Alabama. Whatever God’s will is is what I want to happen, and I’ll be fine with that. Obviously, if I go on and on with that answer, it’ll be nothing but a bunch of emotion talking. At the end of the day, that’s clearly what will guide the decision.”

Rivers did get a bit emotional later in the session while talking about the bonds he made with his teammates during his first year with the Colts. He called it a “special team to be a part of” and that he believed they could have made a long run this year, which may wind up factoring into his call about playing in 2021.

35 responses to “Philip Rivers: Decision on next year “not that easy”

  1. Translation for Phil-Riv: “I have a wife & 9 children. Ill be back to get a paycheck from whomever will sign me.”

  2. He couldn’t complete a pass to the sideline with any accuracy in the 4th quarter. I think the decision is already made

  3. If he decides to continue in the NFL, I’m sure God can find a high-school coach somewhere.

  4. I know it is their job to ask but come on man!!

    Dude just lost a very winnable game, give a man some time!!

  5. I wonder if the Colts offer a contract? Brisett? Is it time to move on from both? Please no Wentz or darnold or trubisky or haskins…

  6. I was ambivalent to Rivers when they signed him. I was not a fan of his during his tenure with the Chargers due to his 2008 tirade to Colts fans, lack of playoff success, lack of mobility, and his age.

    I was PLEASANTLY surprised at how well he played overall. Sure, he has limitations; can’t run, threw some bad picks, arm strength isn’t what it was. But the guy is a leader. I can’t deny that. They made the right call bringing him in. If Ballard can’t find an upgrade for next season I would have no issue with him coming back – but I wouldn’t have expectations of a Super Bowl either.

  7. Man, those last two air balls killed any chance of tying the game. They were not even close….

  8. I think the way he ran that offense so slowly in the last two minutes you can’t bring him back

  9. Do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always got. Rivers does not win big games and he is not getting younger. Time for more babies.

  10. i was waiting for him to throw his traditional pick in the endzone, but his weak arm couldn’t even get it there.
    enjoy coaching high school

  11. I don’t think Phillip will have any trouble feeding his family. Millions in the bank. The question is can any of them throw the ball? NC State is looking for a a good QB, love to have another one like him.

  12. Draft a QB and bring him back for 1 year as the starter/mentor, with that as the understanding. 1 more year of Rivers at his age is a better plan than any of the known retreads around the league. Only clear improvement is drafting a franchise QB, and the odds on that aren’t great. if he goes maybe keep Brissett in the Tyrod Taylor role, draft a QB, and maybe have a veteran backup in to compete.

  13. Vikings are in need of a quarterback, they’ll through 40 million his way for a one year deal.
    Wouldn’t get 20 anywhere else but hey it’s Minnesoooooota.

  14. Rivers is 5-7 in the playoffs. Never won anything of note. Definitely not HOF material in my book.

  15. Hall of Very Good player, the Colts could do worse next year. Had a long and very productive career

  16. Philip certainly follows God’s word, especially the part of go forth and multiple. If Colt’s want him back he will be back. If not he’s not hurting for money so he can go coach High school football. He’s had a good long career.

  17. “Please don’t let this become Brett Favre redux”

    No, please let it! I definitely want to see him on the Jets!

  18. Always seems so bizarre to me when seemingly intelligent adults believe a magical super-being is in control of their lives.

  19. He’s a first class whiner and barker. He reminds me of that neighborhood kid that was always safe, always got fouled, and always yapped. He’s done.

  20. His personal life aside… the guy is an NFL QB and those are hard to find. If he wants to come back I’m sure the colts or some other team wi hand him the keys. He’s already proven that he’s a film junky and will do whatever it takes to acclimate to a system. I say Jacksonville trade that no 1 to whomever has the best offer and sign rivers to 2 year deal while you build a team. QBs often don’t materialize in the top slot.

  21. There will be other options at QB this coming year….good players who need to be coached up and developed including Wentz and Darnold…… Not sure Rivers is worth $25M, that’s for sure……he’s a pocket passer only at a time when the league is shifting…..

  22. I love to hear comments from people who are willing to make statements like “when seemingly intelligent adults believe a magical super-being is in control of their lives”, which means they are judging someone, yet they have already made a judgement on their own. If we are all supposed to be about individual liberty and that type of stuff, why not allow the guy to believe in what he believes? So cynical and sort of sick….I’m right, you are wrong and that is the way it is. Seems to me that that makes the people that make these comments the biggest hypocrites that they can be.

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