Rams advance with 30-20 victory over Seahawks

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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The Rams had a lot going against them for Saturday’s playoff game.

John Wolford started for the second week in a row, but was transported to a local hospital after sustaining a neck injury on the Rams’ second possession. Aaron Donald had to exit the game with a ribs injury, though he did record 2.0 sacks in the first half. And quarterback Jared Goff had to make throws with three pins in his thumb.

But Los Angeles finished No. 1 in total defense and points allowed. The club played like it on Saturday, using a strong defensive performance to defeat the Seahawks 30-20 to advance to the divisional round.

Seattle finished with 278 total yards, as the Rams built a 30-13 lead with 4:46 to go. Seattle was 2-of-14 on third down. Quarterback Russell Wilson finished 11-of-27 passing for 174 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. Wilson was sacked five times.

Cornerback Darious Williams got the pick, and returned it 42 yards for a touchdown. Williams had previously intercepted Wilson twice in Los Angeles’ Week 10 victory over Seattle. According to the Fox broadcast, it was the first time this season a cornerback had intercepted a wide receiver screen pass.

Rams running back Cam Akers set a franchise postseason rookie record, rushing for 131 yards and a touchdown. He also had a pair of receptions for 45 yards.

But even though they won, Los Angeles will likely be impacted by multiple injuries.

With 5:40 left in the first quarter, Wolford sustained a hit to the helmet from safety Jamal Adams and had to leave the game. Goff came in and didn’t look entirely healthy. But he was able to manage the offense effectively for the rest of the game.

His lone touchdown pass came late in the fourth quarter — a 15-yard pass to a wide open Robert Woods after Seattle had fumbled a punt. Goff finished 9-of-19 passing for 155 yards with a touchdown.

Donald exited the game with 10:04 left in the third quarter with a ribs injury and was unable to return — though at a point he did have on his helmet on the sideline.

Wide receiver Cooper Kupp left the game late in the fourth quarter due to an apparent leg injury.

Seattle hadn’t lost a home playoff game since the 2004 season, when the then-St. Louis Rams defeated the club. The result broke a 10-game home winning streak.

The Rams’ next opponent will be determined by the results of the weekend’s remaining two NFC games.

The Seahawks finished the regular season 12-4 and now have gone one-and-done in the postseason.

85 responses to “Rams advance with 30-20 victory over Seahawks

  1. Pete carroll should be fired, and that’s not an overreaction. For as great as he has been, Seahawks fans know that in the biggest games, they seem to fall apart. And this game was the ugliest of them all. Getting stomped at home to a backup that nobody has ever heard of and a QB playing with one hand. He had them out there looking completely lost. Credit to the rams D, they made russ look like the unknown backup, not the guy pulling in $35 mil a year. But this one falls on carroll and schottenheimer. Certified choke artists.

  2. Great game by Cam Akers, typically rugged defense from the Rams and Aaron Donald who set the tone early.

    But I have to give Jared Goff credit. 12 days from surgery. Even though it was rocky for much of the game, he played his best in the 4th quarter and put the Seahawks away. True grit.

  3. Great team defense for the Rams who will need it against GB. Seahawks underachieve in postseason again.

  4. One AND DONE year dynasty!

    Seattle: where simply making the playoffs and losing is good enough for the fans.

  5. The issue to this day is the OC… You are playing a team for the third time. You apparently have zero ability to adjust. Why in the …. all of his pass plays take so long to develope…

  6. As great as Wilson is, he really puts his O line in tough spots. He holds onto the ball way too long.

  7. One year dynasty. Time to blow it up. No sense in continually being one and done in the playoffs. Russ is overrated. Never was, and never will be the top qb in the leaugue. His athleticism allows him to feast on broken plays, but he’ll never be a field general that can run a crisp and smooth offense.

  8. Seattle fans yapped all season and then come playoff time, and they get bounced in the first round at home. Loooolloolollolol

  9. And John Wolford has more playoff wins than:
    1. Carson Wentz
    2. Mitch Trubisky
    3. Lamar Jackson
    4. Andy Dalton
    5. Derek Carr
    6. Teddy Bridgewater
    7. Matthew Stafford

  10. Can we all just rejoice a little bit right now and celebrate that Seattle lost? No more Pete Carroll this year chomping his gum. No more “Russell for MVP” talk. He played about as bad as Nick Mullens. It is truly glorious when Seattle loses. Thank you, Rams.

  11. The Seahawks have not been the same since the Patriots demolished the Legion of Boom in the SB.

  12. Maybe the Seahawks should draft and acquire more skill position players because that offensive line is just that, OFFENSIVE.

  13. I don’t know what they’re paying Cam Akers but it’s not enough. He carried the load today. Goff didn’t make many plays but he did make some big ones. The Rams defense played like animals today. Good team win.

  14. I’m not sure Russell’s internal clock has batteries. Yes, the O-line isn’t great but Russell does nothing to help out by holding onto the ball for so long. The duck and spin move has runs its course.

  15. Earlier this season Seattle let Russell cook, but by the end of the year he was throwing nothing but bologna sandwiches.

  16. This should be the end of Pete Carroll.

    Not because he is a bad coach. Not because he has underperformed, but because he hasn’t overperformed.

    You know why there are only a few QBs in the league with Super Bowl rings, and only a few more with Super Bowl appearances? Because too often teams are content with being “good” and not trying to win every year.

    It is clear Carroll has taken this team as far as he can. They lost badly to a very beaten up Rams team. They had a number of bad losses and close calls in the regular season.

    I would love to say what an offensive wizard could do with this team, but it is clear they won’t be better next year with Carroll being even older and having to pay guys like Jamal Adams.

  17. What does big mouth #1 defense Jamal Adams have to say now? Hope he enjoys his fine for trying to take Wolford’s head off.

  18. I don’t like to gloat even when it’s my own team winning.

    People hated the Patriots because of their unprecedented success. People hate the Seahawks because they act like they are the Patriots.

    Be humble or be humbled.

  19. Russell “MVP” Wilson
    Jamal “we have the best defence in the NFL” Adams.
    Couldnt beat a team starting an AAF quarterback and a one armed back up.

    Looks like Pete the Cheat got outsmarted ……. again. lmfao.

    Seattle Shegulls…. joke.

  20. Adams continues to be sleaze. He talked a lot but he’ll be watching the real games from his couch, just like he did with his old team.

  21. Anyone surprised by the Rams giving the Seahawks a whooping, and Goff outplaying Wilson, hasn’t been paying attention the last four years. Here’s a tip. Mute the announcers.

  22. Seattle is overrated as hell and so is Russell wilchoke. What a joke these playoffs are. Niners would’ve swept the NFC west had they stayed healthy.

  23. Hey Pete it’s first and goal from the 2 with the Superbowl on the line, and the best running back in football in your backfield what’s the call? Pass it Pete PASS IT!! WAHAHAHAHA….Russell Wilson the savior

  24. Well someone was overmatched but it was the Seahawks. Rams shut me up and will be playing Packers next week.

  25. Remember at the beginning of the season when Russell Wilson said he was the best quarterback in the NFL?
    Might need to check yourself buddy.

  26. Seattle was overrated this year like the Packers were last year. Lots of ugly wins- not surprised by one-and-done. 12-4, however which way, was impressive for this team, which has some holes.

  27. But Sweet Pete is still smiling and happy. Everything is dandy in his world, right Pete?

  28. Rams offense and Goff will get the attention, but their defense and special teams stepped up big time to win this game. Can’t wait to see how they match up against the Pack.

  29. HaHaHa no eyes closed on the run 45 yard throw it up completions or ridiculous pass interference call on the failed attempts. AND the defense is miserable not to be able to stop the depleted Rams O. Wheels coming off up there and I am really enjoying it!

  30. I loved it in the playoffs last year when my Packers earned the game ending 1st down and Pete Carroll threw a tantrum like a toddler whose mom wouldn’t buy him some candy.

  31. MVP, MVP, MVP. Keep on cooking. He is worth every penny of the $35 million he is paid per season. He and Seattle are meant for each other. I hope he stays in Seattle until he is 45 as he says.

  32. The real story is Brian Schottenheimer’s refusal to go uptempo at any point in this game on offense and failing to establish the run game on 1st down. The Seahawks were an poorly prepared and poorly coached team today on the offensive side of the ball. The better team won.

  33. Your third time playing this team. The entire country can see that DK Metcalf is throwing a tantrum, wanting the ball. So, you go out and force it to him. Pick six.

    Stevie Wonder saw that ball coming.

  34. Seattle losing made the whole playoffs for me. Pete Carroll is one of the most annoying coaches in the NFL and Seahawks fans on here are horrible.

  35. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    January 9, 2021 at 8:24 pm
    The Seahawks have not been the same since the Patriots demolished the Legion of Boom in the SB.

    They haven’t been the same but let’s face it, Pats didn’t “demolish” Seahawks. Seahawks gave the trophy to Pats because Cheat Carroll called the worst play in the history of sports. Carroll has wasted Wilson’s career and should be fired.

  36. Ouch that one hurts. How bout that dynasty 12’s?? Goff with a broken thumb beat you hapless guys. And Jammal’s #1 Defense

  37. Where are all those Jalen Ramsey haters!? Maybe next week huh! Highest paid, and best DB in football.

  38. “The NFC West was overhyped! The Rams aren’t as good as their record.”

    Whatever. Maybe you remember people predicting the Rams would finish last in the division this year.

  39. Soooo are we gonna have Bortles vs Rodgers? If Donald is out that is huge. Erin got an easy one coming up.

  40. philmccracken says:
    January 9, 2021 at 8:21 pm
    Congrats to the Rams, and welcome to Lambeau in January.


    Do you want to play the Rams who shut down Wilson who is 10 times more mobile than Rodgers and a number 1 defense? Lat off the green kool aid dude.

  41. The Metcalf hissy fit on the sidelines, and the subsequent force-feeding the ball to him, really derailed the Hawks. That pick six was atrocious. That’s on Russ and Carroll as much as Metcalf. You’re in a huge playoff game and you act like a baby and then your QB and coach feel like they need to placate him?
    There is no one player above a team. Say what you want about Belichick’s coaching style, but he makes it clear every player has a role and everyone contributes and the team winning games is all that matters. Carroll has never coached that way and has always allowed hotheads to create dissention and Russ isn’t really the kind of forceful leader to take control. Sad.

  42. nastysavage says:
    January 9, 2021 at 9:17 pm
    45 years 1 superbowl…🤣

    Don’t forget: Carroll is the owner of worst play call in NFL history 😀

  43. Seven months until PFT starts discussing how Russell Wilson has never received an MVP vote. Thank you Rams for the break from the rambling of the Russ Wilson fan Club.

  44. I smh at all the losers that sit behind a screen and insult professional athletes and coaches. Yes they make mistakes on the field and on the sidelines. But no shame in winning a super bowl and competing consistently for many years. Losers hate winners. Most of you losers couldn’t take a hit but are critical of these guys who at any moment can have their careers ended. Be a good fan not an ignorant fan.

  45. Let Russ slow roast.
    Let him just sit back there and wait for 3.5 hours for receivers to get open.
    Or in this case, stare down receivers until he gets sacked.
    Holy scrap, I can’t believe they haven’t improved on offense in 9 weeks of incompetence.

  46. iners816 says:
    January 9, 2021 at 8:23 pm
    Can we all just rejoice a little bit right now and celebrate that Seattle lost? No more Pete Carroll this year chomping his gum. No more “Russell for MVP” talk. He played about as bad as Nick Mullens. It is truly glorious when Seattle loses. Thank you, Rams.
    Lol!!! Niners still suck. Haven’t won anything lately. See you next season.

  47. Thank you, Rams.
    Lol!!! Niners still suck. Haven’t won anything lately. See you next season.

  48. ramswillwin says:
    January 9, 2021 at 10:19 pm

    Green Bay better hope the Bears win tomorrow.

    Why? Isn’t this the same Rams that lost to the Jets?

  49. Lol!!! Niners still suck. Haven’t won anything lately. See you next season.


    The song of the losers. The niners are a better team, when 70% of them aren’t injured.

  50. The city of Seattle, and their fan base, earned that loss.

    Karma called you Seattle; Chaz says you’re welcome.

  51. Atleast Metcalf was happy in the end. Great team player you got there Seattle..little Russ did his best to keep it close against a team without a Qb.game showed yet again that outside of Qb the Rams team is far superior to the Seahawks. McVay 6 wins coach Ellen and lil Russ 3. On to the next round, slim chances of a Superbowl this year, but more than Seattle.

  52. Seattle proved once again they can knock out opponents starting QB but still couldn’t win the game. Ram’s Defense is ready to shut down Green Bay next.

  53. Kudos to the Rams, they beat our butts today, no excuses. Seattle needs new Coordinators. As a hawks fan, i will be rooting for Rams, NFC west reppin.

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