Tom Brady, Bucs hold off Taylor Heinicke, Washington 31-23

Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Football Team
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It wasn’t nearly as easy as everyone expected it to be. It wasn’t nearly as easy as it probably should have been.

But the Buccaneers have won their first playoff game since their Super Bowl season of 2002. They beat Washington 31-23 after journeyman quarterback Taylor Heinicke kept it interesting.

The Bucs will play the Saints next weekend if New Orleans wins Sunday.

Tom Brady won his 31st postseason game, throwing his 74th and 75th career postseason touchdowns. He completed 22 of 40 passes for 381 yards.

The Bucs gained 507 yards but settled for three red-zone field goals and another field goal after reaching the Washington 20. They also had an extra point blocked and missed on a two-point conversion.

Bucs receiver Mike Evans, who was questionable with a knee injury, caught six passes for a franchise-postseason-record 119 receiving yards. It broke the previous record of 106 yards by Keyshawn Johnson at Philadelphia in the 2000 playoffs.

Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown each scored a receiving touchdown, and Leonard Fournette ran for one. Fournette, subbing for Ronald Jones, had 19 carries for 93 yards and four catches for 39 yards.

But, even in a loss, Heinicke stole the show.

Heinicke, the fourth quarterback Washington has started this season, was making only his second career start. His first came in 2018 for Carolina.

He kept it close, even after an injury to his left shoulder in the fourth quarter, by completing 26 of 44 passes for 306 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He ran for 46 yards and a touchdown on six carries.

46 responses to “Tom Brady, Bucs hold off Taylor Heinicke, Washington 31-23

  1. 381 yards for the system guy… where you at haters!! The records just keep on growing

  2. Taylor Heinicke is excellent. Why is he not a starting QB in NFL already when we have so many first round busts?

  3. Turned out pretty much like I thought it would. Bucs scored around their average of 30 points and Washington’s offense couldn’t ultimately keep up. By-the-way, the Bucs offense had over 500 yards against the overhyped Washington defense.

    Did Chase Young even play? Didn’t hear his name at all tonight.

  4. What happened to Godwin? Never saw him dropped so many balls in a game. Must be nerves.

  5. Heinicke was surprisingly impressive. The Bucs looked complacent – as if Washington would be a roll-over game for them. They will have to execute a lot better if they want to advance further in the playoffs.

  6. Solid effort by the ‘washington’ team but predictable outcome…
    Now lets see how the Bears/Saints game plays out!

  7. It’s only one game but it looks like Taylor Heinicke has a future in this league.

  8. Bucs defense same as usual. Leaving receivers wide open is how they “stop the run”. They shouldn’t need Brady to put up 31 points against an elite defense to beat a backup QB. They should count themselves lucky the washington defense didnt play to their usual level and Chase Young was a non-factor.

  9. I’m proud of the WFT. Despite the instability at QB all year we balled out! Special thanks to Heinicke to keep it interesting until the end. He earned a spot on the roaster next year and deserves an opportunity to win the starting job. Maybe a star was born tonight…

  10. Kid was so good. Can’t blame him, he laid it all on the line, and went toe to toe with a legend…

    Make it worse- his receivers are mostly undrafted, unlike his counter part

  11. Only a fool would doubt Washington’s defense. Taylor Heinicke was the surprise. He looked better running that offense than Smith did. Brady looked slightly off but if not for his clutch throws in the 2nd and 4th quarters plus Fournette having a nice night Bucs lose. Washington has a bright future and the Bucs likely get the Saints next week.

  12. Kudos for Heinicke for balling, but the Bucs pass defence isn’t good.
    There’s no reason to expect them to not get lit up again by the Saints, especially since Arians isn’t known to make good adjustments. Question will be if Tampa’s O-line will hold up better than their last meeting if they hope to win a shootout.

  13. Get this man a contract asap. That is how you step up on the gridiron. Not saying he is a starter but definitely shows a lot of good qualities and moxie. Has to be better than at least the bottom half of QBs in the league.

  14. Good win but a close win !!!

    While we understand that Bucs have offensive power, type of defense played today will not cut it against Saints or Rams. Rams looked good today even though they did not have Goff, Kupp and Aaron Donald for some time…

    Better luck next week !! Interesting first day of Playoffs !!

  15. Tyler Hineckie should be given a legitimate chance next season to compete for a starting job. He was so poised. He deserves it

  16. This kid Heinicke has that something…..He’s the size of Russell Wilson but lighter, but he has the most important thing for a QB- He understands what’s happening, can read the defense and knows what to do. He was poised and decisive. Washington needs to sign him to a contract, and let him at least compete for a starting job. Who else do they got, and who do they expect to get? At a minimum, he can be a solid backup, and depending on who else is on the roster in the spring, he could top the QB depth chart. He would have done so this season, and it wouldn’t have been close

  17. The bad: The defense is utterly atrocious. Not sure why Bowles is getting at looks at coach. Kindergarten zones that a toddler could decipher. Godwin turned from elite to bottom feeder trash. Could have lost the game with his drops. Vaughn should not get another snap this playoffs.

    The badass: Mike Evans gutting it out. Fournette playing some smart ball. Tom Brady, of course.

  18. Close but no cigar! Bucs definitely need to switch it up and play some man on defense instead of zone. Hopefully they can keep the boat afloat a few more weeks and snag some booty. Hahaha

  19. Bucks are not that good…should of lost to a poor WFT…Brady is not that good any more…give it up old man!

  20. Heinicke was great. He looked like a seasoned vet, making all the right moves in the pocket, running at just the right time and throwing some fantastic passes. Washington had a legitimate chance to win that game. And that dive from 4 yards out was amazing.

  21. That Taylor Heinicke is one tough SOB, and he played exceptionally well.

    In fact, how in the world was he behind Haskins on the depth chart?

  22. Tom Brady probably won’t get his 7th Superbowl ring this season.

    But just imagine if he did…

    I think that might make him the most undisputed GOAT in any team sport.

  23. Tom Brady 2 – Bill Belichick 0

    Made the playoffs, won a playoff game.

    Not a big deal in the grand scheme of their careers but striking given how awful the Patriots looked this year.

  24. That was not the greatest showing by the refs …. plenty of bad calls both ways. Again, what is considered a catch, and what is not became an issue. Though we all know what drops look like and there were plenty of them on both sides that could’ve reallly changed the outcome of the game.

    As a Bucs fan, of course I’ll take the win. Could the defense have been better, hell yes. But Heineke also made them look bad. So props to him.

    And at least Heinike showed a hell of a fight , and got back in the game.
    Did I see Chase Young pull himself out of the game ?

  25. “It wasn’t nearly as easy as everyone expected it to be.”

    Vegas opened the book with Tampa +7.5

    You don’t see many bookies riding the bus to work.

  26. WFT played hard. Ron will get that team to the playoffs a few more times, if Snyder stays away.

  27. Heinicke played great. However, more disturbing for the Bucs were that Washington receivers were wide open most of the night. The only concern I’d have with the kid is that playing the way he does with that small frame will lead to injuries at this level and he even had to leave last night. (Even though he came back and still did very well in the 4th).

    Good for him to let the league see his best effort and toughness in a game like this.

  28. The story of this game (beside Taylor H. showing he can play) was that Washington could not get any pressure on Brady or stop the run when they needed to.

  29. And did you notice, nearly every minute of the game last night the TV crew had to mention Tom Brady’s name. Major overkill!

  30. Meanwhile, the GOAT enjoyed his bye week resting up to play either the Rams or Bears next week.

  31. So much for plugging in any QB to the ‘system’ – Brady WAS the system. As a head coach, Bill was sub – .500 pre-Brady and is now sub-.500 post Brady….speaks for itself as Brady at 43 continues to roll through the playoffs in his first year on a new team/system. Bill has deluded himself that he had much to do with the titles, and didn’t retire when Brady left thus making it painfully obvious that he is still the losing head coach he was pre Brady. Pitiful!

  32. hobbescalvin says:
    January 10, 2021 at 1:38 pm
    Meanwhile, the GOAT enjoyed his bye week resting up to play either the Rams or Bears next week.

    No more whining and excuses, your GOAT better get a ring this year.

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