Urban Meyer is getting his ducks in a row


Former Ohio State and Florida coach Urban Meyer met Friday with the Jaguars. For days, it’s been believed that the coaching job there is his if he wants it.

The fact that the Jaguars have made no effort to push back against that belief tends to confirm it, and all eyes remain on whether Meyer will decide to take the position.

Pending a final decision, he’s getting his ducks in a row. Per a league source, it’s believed that Meyer would hire interim Jaguars G.M. Trent Baalke, former Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli, former Browns G.M. Ray Farmer, or Jets assistant G.M. Rex Hogan to become the new G.M. in Jacksonville.

Baalke would be an intriguing choice, given that Meyer coached at Ohio State and that Baalke and Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh are mortal enemies, dating back to their time together at San Francisco. Pioli won the Sporting News executive of the year award multiple times during his tenure with the Patriots.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com, Meyer has been assembling a coaching staff in the event he decides to take the job.

Earlier this week, we reported that Meyer is seeking $12 million per year. At least one other reporter tried to push back, calling the number “not relevant and false.” Which means that Meyer may want $12 million per year, but that he’s not getting it.

Thus, the question is whether Meyer will take what he can get — or whether he’ll keep pushing for $12 million per year.

Once again, $12 million per year isn’t unreasonable. Last year, the Panthers paid former Baylor coach Matt Rhule $9 million per year. If the Jaguars truly believe Meyer is the answer, they should be happy to pay that amount. That said, unless another team is pushing for Meyer’s services (and apparently there isn’t) and if Meyer has decided he’s ready to give the NFL a whirl, whatever Jacksonville offers may be the best he’s going to get.

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  1. I thought he had ‘health issues’ which spring up periodically from a childhood illness.

  2. he only has health issues when facing sanctions. also, lets see honwell he does with a level playing field as opposed to a top 5 roster in the non competitve world of ncaa football

  3. Urban is a better coach than Satan. Has won everywhere he’s been. Let’s see what he can do!

  4. They will regret this. Khan is very lenient with coaches too so I assume Meyer will stay until he resigns. Shouldve hired a NFL offensive guy to pair was Trevor Lawrence

  5. He will coach for 2 years and then leave with Health issues. We’ve seen this many times. The Jags will regret it and have to start all over again.

  6. As a Niners fan, stay as far away as you can from Trent Baalke. He’s one of the worst GM’s ever. He ran off Harbaugh, a lot of the players left because of him. Steer clear!

  7. Jags aren’t my team – but hiring Meyer will be a huge mistake. Hire someone like Josh McDaniel and give Trevor a fighting chance at success.

  8. I’m curious – since when does the HC hire the GM…??


    Exactly. Are the Jags turning into a mutation of Houston? Trevor, stay away! You’ve been warned.

  9. Its hard to be a Jags fan…and Khan is a LOUSY owner. I cant stand Urban Meyer..dude is SUCH a pompous hypocrite. UGH.

  10. It’s probably tough for a guy like Urban to watch guys like Kingsbury and the guy in Carolina having moderate success in the NFL when neither one could hold Meyers bag in college. So I get it. But if he doesn’t take the Jags to the Super Bowl he will forever be known as the guy who wasn’t as good as Jim Harbaugh in the NFL. So quite the gamble on his legacy he’s taking here.

  11. It blows my mind that people are willing to pay Trente Baalke to do anything after he single-handed ran a SB calibre franchise into the ground.

  12. It’s a QB league more than ever, so if Meyer gets an elite QB, he’ll win. Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time, yet has proven that he can’t get a team to the playoffs without a first ballot HOF QB. Doesn’t mean he’s not a great coach. It just means the coaches with the best QB’s do most of the winning in the NFL. A bad coach can screw up and lose, even with a good QB, so I do give Belichick a lot of credit. He is a great coach. Doug Marrone was at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum of coaches, so even an average coach could have won a lot more games in Jacksonville, than Marrone has. The owner has been horrible at hiring the right people. Meyer could easily come in here and win, as could multiple other competent coaches who have an opportunity to draft an elite QB like Trevor Lawrence. Jimmy Johnson came from college, and he got to coach a first ballot HOF QB, Troy Aikman, so he was very successful. Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban were equally as good, if not better than Jimmy, but they didn’t have HOF QB’s, so they didn’t win. The bottom line is Meyer could be a great NFL coach if he drafts Trevor Lawrence, and win multiple Super Bowls. But I don’t believe he’s a better coach than Belichick, Saban, or Steve Spurrier. Coaches who weren’t able to win without a first ballot HOF QB. Not picking on Belichick. Many HOF coaches did all their winning with first ballot HOF QB’s. So you can expect the next coach of the Jaguars to be very successful, whoever that may be.

  13. no NFL experience whatsoever and he wants 12 million a year and he hires the GM?? how stupid could possibly be i mean seriously! khan my man are this dumb really!

  14. Meyer isn’t a great coach , he’s a great recruiter . His last year at Florida was the perfect example . Recruiting went downhill leading into that year because Florida was taking heat for admitting recruits with questionable backgrounds that got into trouble so they once they were on campus so Meyer was forced to stop. They went 8-5 and he quit with fake health issues leaving the program in shambles . He took over a recruiters dream at OSU which Ryan Day has continued after Meyer was forced to use another bogus medical issue to leave before being forced out for lying about his involvement in the Zack Smith scandal . Unless he can bend the rules like he did in college thinking we would see a third bogus medical issue sending Meyer on his way in a couple of years .

  15. “Per a league source, it’s believed that Meyer would hire interim Jaguars G.M. Trent Baalke, former Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli, former Browns G.M. Ray Farmer, or Jets assistant G.M. Rex Hogan to become the new G.M. in Jacksonville.”

    Good grief, what a collection of absolute losers.

  16. Meyer has top credentials. But how many top college coaches have tried to transition to the NFL and failed? Nothing on Meyer. He should do well.

  17. This would be an absolutely terrible hire. You know he’s going to want to install that Pop Warner offense. That might work if you have far superior talent but it’s not going to work in the NFL. I would not be one bit surprised if he does what Spurrier did too and sign all his former Gators players who are still playing. This would be the dumbest thing in the world but it’s the Jags so it’ll probably happen.

  18. lindah says:
    January 9, 2021 at 11:44 am

    I’m curious – since when does the HC hire the GM…??


    This means Meyer is going to have full control of the roster. Meyer is more of a CEO/leader type head coach than a playcaller. I think to be successful his coordinators will need to be NFL guys. Having a generational QB talent to draft will help things. Be interesting to see how it plays out and when things don’t go his way (that will always happen in the NFL) does he fights through it or run away?

  19. What’s 12 million a year to Khan? Hell, It costs more than that for his Yacht….a month.

  20. Has Khan had any success since he bought the team? Every hire has resulted in meh. Meyer did great when ALL the scales were ALWAYS tilted in his favor. This ain’t college.

  21. Urban Meyer will have more fake health related retirements than winning seasons in the NFL.

  22. Urban doesn’t have health issues every two years. He has issues when on the cusp of a championship and it slips away. Those issues shouldn’t crop up for years in Jacksonville. if ever.

  23. “$12 million per year isn’t unreasonable. Last year, the Panthers paid former Baylor coach Matt Rhule $9 million per year.” Congrats on going 5-11 again. How did extra money invested in Matt Rhule help?

  24. If Meyer can be the administrator and work with a good personnel guy such as Pioli he could do well. More than with most/any HC, I think the key is for him to get good stand alone coordinators that can playcall and handle the adjustments. I think it’s too much for Meyer’s health and abilities otherwise.

  25. Why is he hiring a GM? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I see a huge mess on the horizon if they hire Meyers. There have to be many other choices. Hire a GM first and let him get the HC of his choice who isn’t Meyer.

  26. If the goal is to fail hire Meyer as coach first then Baalke as GM and watch the ship sink.

  27. Ray Farmer. His time in Cleveland was the most embarrassing period for Browns fans – yes more than Hue Jackson. Ask Klye Shanahan or look up “textgate”. Urban not that dumb.

  28. If I’m Lawrence, I don’t want to be in Jacksonville. I want to be in NY.
    Maybe Meyers can get a trade going with the Jets, the No. 1 for the No. 2 and Darnold +, they should do it. The Jags simply do not have enough players to make themselves better. They need WR help, defense and OL help. James Robinson, the surprise of the year, was an undrafted free agent rookie this year who rushed for 1,000 yards. Other than him, they have no RBs. They have Minshew who is decent.

  29. Urban Meyer is a great communicator, both verbally and visually, which is why people enjoy watching him on TV and, presumably, part of the reason he was such a great college coach. I don’t know how much that will matter in the NFL, though.

  30. Cleveland here. Ray Farmer had to be in there to cover the Rooney rule. He was NEVER front office material. He just ran B.S. here in Cleveland while running our team into the ground. I have no respect for the mans business decisions and football is BIG business.

  31. This guy dips as soon as he feels like he doesn’t have the cards stacked in his favor. No thanks.

  32. Now hear me out. I look for Urban to try to get the band back together and get “his guys” from his Ohio State teams on as coaches with big money salaries.

  33. I’ll bet his entire contract is guaranteed !
    So if he quits, he’ll still get paid.

  34. If Shad Khan hires Urban Meyer, it’s nothing more than a publicity hire hoping to Jags fans excited. This could actually backfire on Khan. Meyers ego doesn’t tolerate losing very well. Building through draft choices will take time. Even sprinkling in free agents will take some time. I think Meyer is looking for another big pay day and Khan want to make a big splash in hiring a coach. Neither is looking long term success. In truth, this is why I stopped following the Jags a few years ago. They are not building to have a lot of success. Hire an offensive minded coach to work with Trevor Lawrence.

  35. “They will regret this. Khan is very lenient with coaches too so I assume Meyer will stay until he resigns. Shouldve hired a NFL offensive guy to pair was Trevor Lawrence”

    Urban Meyer was a receivers coach, prior. He IS an offensive coach.

    Whether the spread offense with QB running concepts to the degree Meyer likes (“J.T left for two yards, JT right for two yards”) will work in the NFL is another story.

    He ran some form or another of that for close to 20 years.

  36. Imagine how many violations him and Farmer could conjure up together

  37. So sick of the London comments from people that are clueless to the situation. Did you know that Shad Khan is trying to invest roughy half a billion dollars of his own money to Lot J in Jax? For restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment. Doesn’t Sound like an owner that’s trying to move a team to London to me. So please stop with the uneducated London comments because they’re tired

  38. Buckeye and Browns fan here. Urban will reward a couple of friends with coaching jobs that have no business being in the NCAA and the NFL. And the fastest way to get your son to making six figure job is being a HC.

    Regarding Ray Farmer, “textgate” was least of his gaffes. He drafted Justin “Sleepy” Gilbert with the 8th pick in the 2014 draft. A guy he never interviewed before the draft. And then followed up with the Johnny “Billy” Manziel in the same round of the same draft. Top that.

  39. The real story here is that Urban must be spending to much time at home, wasn’t that his last excuse to get out of coaching? Oh and I forgot he had a “medical” issue and his act wore out at Ohio State after it wore out at Florida after it wore out at Utah and before he knew he wanted to spend more time with his family.

  40. how will true Ohio State fans feel about Meyer should he raid the OSU coaching & support staff and take guys like Marotti (Strength & conditioning) & Pantoni? Rumor has it he will bring his son-in-law (Corey Dennis) as his QB coach (2 years exp). If Meyer takes these people & Phio State slips the OSU fans will say screw him in my estimation.

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