What could Deshaun Watson generate in a trade?

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If Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson demands a trade and if the Texans realize that there’s no good way out of the mess they’ve created, what would Watson generate from another team?

Given the number of teams that would be interested — and there would be plenty — the Texans would simply need to sit back and wait while teams push the offers higher and higher and higher.

So how high will it go? Based on conversations with multiple General Managers, the loose consensus was three first-round draft picks. As one G.M. put it, if the first of the first-round picks lands in the top 10 of the 2021 draft, that would help get it done.

The Texans have taken the position that they won’t trade Watson. If he decides that he wants out, trading him could be the best option — especially once teams start making the Texans offers they’ll have a hard time refusing.

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  1. Just by reading this site the past few days, sounds like you guys want him to. I didn’t see anything about him wanting out. Just the media trying to stir crap up as usual.

  2. Three first round picks including one in the top ten? I can’t see anyone dumb enough to do that. A team might be better off packaging two of those picks to move up and draft a QB.

    Not that it matters anyway. They can’t trade him because they’d take a $67M hit in dead money and over $51M towards the cap. Whether he likes it or not, his salary prevents him from going anywhere until 2023. I wonder if anyone has pointed that out to him.

  3. Doesn’t need to take 3 1sts. What if the Ravens lose in the 1st round again? Jackson and a 1 for Watson? Seattle got bounced, they want to get younger? – Wilson and a 1? Cards – Murray’s nice but no Watson.. And what about the Cowboys? Right about now I think they’d trade Prescott for Wilson PDQ. And if Easterby is the kind of ego I think he is he’d do it even if he had to pay Prescott more than Watson.
    Others – Rodgers, he wants out but can you imagine if it’s Houston? Or Brady -OK, that’s just for fun. Can you imagine HIS face if Arians told him he’d been traded to Houston.

  4. There can be no price on Mahomes. It would take some much to get him that the new team would be gutted for years, making it a losing deal despite getting (by far) the best QB in the league.

  5. So Houston brings in J McDaniels to be the next head coach. Then the SF 49ers trade the #12 pick, 2022 1st, 2nd and Jimmy G. I think Shannahan could have a lot of fun with Desean at qb.
    Please note that this is coming from a 49ers fan with hopes of Watson coming to the 49ers knowing full well there is about a 00.000001% chance of it happening…..so your saying theres a chance!!

  6. Watson just seems like a spoiled brat now. Make him stay and play. he just signed the new, big contract with them.

  7. 3 first round picks for a guy that has decided he should choose his head coach. Not sure what it would take to generate a warning light to flash these days.

  8. Yeah, no. no one is trading one 1st rounder for a below average diva QB, much less 3 1sts.

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