Alex Smith will take a few weeks to decide if he’ll keep playing

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Washington quarterback Alex Smith wasn’t healthy enough for him to play against Tampa on Saturday night, so he had to watch as his team’s season came to an end with a 31-23 loss.

Smith said the injury that caused him to miss three of the final four games of the year was “a little more complicated” than a calf strain and called it frustrating while noting that “to be back playing a role and even being in this situation is something that” he would have happily taken the last two years.

Smith spent those years working his way back from a severe leg injury that required multiple surgeries to repair and more operations after an infection took hold. He played well enough for the team to win five of his six starts in a remarkable comeback.

On Sunday, Smith said he will “take a few weeks” before deciding whether he will continue playing in 2021.

“I had so much fun this year, especially given all the COVID stuff,” Smith said, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post. “But to be back in the locker room, to be on the field with the guys, to be playing a game I love and to lose yourself in it, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world. You cannot duplicate it outside of here. . . . My wife has been through a lot, and my family, certainly I’m going to take their input. But that’s something that right now I’m still just living in the moment and not getting ahead of myself. That is for another time and place.”

Smith is signed for two more years. He has a $18.75 million salary and $23.3 million cap hit next season, but the salary is not guaranteed and the team would get $14.7 million of cap space back if they want to move on without him.

9 responses to “Alex Smith will take a few weeks to decide if he’ll keep playing

  1. If he decides to retire I would love to see him return to Kansas City and begin a coaching career. QB coach Mike Kafka will be a candidate for O/C when Eric Bieniemy leaves which will open up the QB coach position.

  2. Taylor Heinicke looked pretty good. If Smith came back he’d have his hands full getting the starting job.

  3. Love the guys look on life, but he might be served better by calling it a day.
    Calling it a day when you are ahead is not the same thing as quiting.

  4. He should retire….the injury clearly has hurt his mobility and his availability too since it’s clear he’s not over the injury yet.

  5. We love you Alex, please retire and call it a career. Maybe he can go into coaching, a true pro’s pro! Good Luck Alex!

  6. So if he still wants to play the Washington team still needs to decide if they’d rather pay $19 million against the cap to have him vs $10 million to not have him.

    Really looks like it’s Alex’s decision here.

  7. It is time to hang it up. Alex is a shell of his former self and I can’t see Washington going in that direction. No other team will pick him up unless he wants to be an emergency backup and make a lot less money.

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