Anthony Miller ejected for throwing punch at Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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Saints cornerback Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is really good at getting people to punch him. In a Week 8 meeting, Bears receiver Javon Wims was ejected for a throwing a punch at Gardner-Johnson.

In the third quarter Sunday, Bears receiver Anthony Miller was ejected for throwing a punch at Gardner-Johnson. Both players received penalties, which were offsetting.

Coach Matt Nagy had some words for Miller before he left for the locker room.

Earlier this week, Miller said “guys like that do what they do” when asked about Gardner-Johnson, via Patrick Finley of the Sun-Times.

After his ejection in November, Wims accused Gardner-Johnson of grabbing Wims’ mouthpiece off his facemask and throwing it to the ground the possession before he threw a punch.

In an October practice, Saints receiver Micahel Thomas punched Gardner-Johnson during practice. Thomas reportedly didn’t like how Gardner-Johnson was covering him, resulting in a verbal exchange that escalated.

36 responses to “Anthony Miller ejected for throwing punch at Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

  1. Discipline and mental focus issues all over for the Bears today in what could have been a winnable game. Major changes at all 3 levels (GM, coaches and players) need to happen but Bears fans know they won’t. Another embarassment and mockery of good football courtesy of the stiffs in Chicago.

  2. G.J. must have some good zingers about mommas or something. He seems to be unliked an awful lot for a rookie. Watch them knees bub.

  3. Players who don’t know the rules, players who can’t keep a lid on their emotions, players who can’t catch, players who can’t see the 2nd let along 3d route progression. What a base to build on for next year. Despite the current score and being behind by only 11 the Bears might as well be down by 40.

  4. is Gardner-Johnson like the dude who called Elaine big head in Seinfeld? He seems to get under everybody’s skin, even his own teammates.

  5. I remember Steeler coach Chuck Noll accused the Oakland Raiders of having a “criminal element” on their team.
    It seems there’s a criminal element all across the league now. A lot of these guys are just gangsters in football pads.

  6. The only entertaining thing about this game is seeing sponge Bob inside the field goal post

  7. If breese needs all this constant help from the refs to beat tru bustski is he really that great of a qb?

  8. CJG must be a real punk. Even his teammates hate him. Probably the only way he will ever stick on an NFL roster is to be the guy who gets opponents to punch him. Refs should probably be watching him more closely. Likely ball tapping and spitting on people.

  9. Anthony Miller you knew this guy runs his mouth all game long but you let him get to you anyway.

  10. “Saints cornerback Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is really good at getting people to punch him.“

    Lol nice, he needs to upload that to his resume ASAP.

  11. I like Gardner-Johnson. I hate the Saints.

    Yes, I know I’m going to get downvoted. I don’t care. 😂

  12. A silver lining in every cloud: No opportunity to be beaten 3 times in one year by the Packers.

  13. As a Bostonian married to a Chicagoan and living in Chicago..this game should be the reason Nagy and Pace go.

    6 first downs with 2 minutes to go in the game?!?! My patriots had a down year, but there is NO EXCUSE. Yes props to Denny Allen and his defense, but still, the bears play calling is pathetic.

  14. If you watched Miller in college you’re not a bit surprised by this. I was shocked when Chicago drafted him. There’s a certain winning character you’re looking for in players, and this kid was at the bottom of the heap.

  15. orivar says:
    January 10, 2021 at 7:28 pm
    This man has been punched three times this season. What is he saying?


    4 times. Twice by Wims, one by Mike Thomas, one by Miller

  16. George McMediocre will just fold his hands and stand pat for another year just because they made the playoffs (and he has no clue as to what to do to improve). Bears fans now feel the hopelessness of the Detroit Matt Millen years at the very least…..

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