Browns dominating Steelers, leading 35-10 at halftime

Wild Card Round - Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Who could’ve seen this coming?

The Browns took advantage of some sloppy play by the Steelers in the first half to go up 28-0 and lead 35-10 at halftime.

It got started from the first snap, which went over the head of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and into the end zone. Browns safety Karl Joseph recovered the loose ball for a touchdown, giving Cleveland an early 7-0 lead.

Then the Browns got their first interception, turning that into seven points with a 40-yard touchdown reception by Jarvis Landry. Kareem Hunt then got a pair of rushing touchdowns to give his team a 28-0 lead in the first quarter.

Cleveland’s 28 points were the most by any team in the first quarter of a playoff game since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger.

Though the Steelers scored on James Conner‘s one-yard rushing touchdown late in the second quarter, the Browns put together a two-minute drill in response. Tight end Austin Hooper caught a seven-yard touchdown to get Cleveland’s advantage back to 28.

Chris Boswell‘s 49-yard field goal as time expired in the second quarter made the score 35-10.

Baker Mayfield ended the first half 10-of-15 passing for 111 yards with two touchdowns. Kareem Hunt had four carries for 44 yards with a pair of TDs, while Nick Chubb had eight carries for 53 yards.

On the other side, Roethlisberger threw three interceptions during the opening 30 minutes. He is 20-of-30 passing for 177 yards with no touchdowns.

James Conner has 10 carries for 32 yards with a TD. James Washington leads Pittsburgh with five catches for 72 yards.

The Browns will get the ball first to start the second half, looking for their first playoff victory since the 1994 season. If Cleveland pulls it off, the club will head to Kansas City for the divisional round.

51 responses to “Browns dominating Steelers, leading 35-10 at halftime

  1. Stellar job of getting the Steelers ready to play coach. I wonder if they can hold Cleveland to 70 tonight.

  2. Too bad they aren’t playing on Nickelodeon. Big Ben woulda taken home a shiny new NVP award as a worthy consolation prize, thereby solidifying his place in Canton. Oh well


    Lets try not to let them back in the game in the 2nd half, but not turn the ball over – CHUBB TIME, Stefanski.


  4. There were several moments in this game where I could almost hear the Benny Hill theme playing in the background.

  5. Seriously. Pathetic. Ben might be headed to the HOF, but he’s clearly done being a top level QB. The entire offense needs to be re-tooled. OC, QB, RB’s, OL Coach, OL…all gone.
    The offense needs to be blown up and rebuilt. Pathetic mess.

  6. Jimmy Johnson’s last game, Tom Coughlin hung 62 on him. What happens to Tomlin if Cleveland comes into Heinz and does the same? It happened to Dan.

  7. If this is Big Bum’s last game at least he’s going out in style. Nothing like ruining your team’s chance to win by throwing a bunch of INTs.

  8. I think the “Showtimecam” behind the end zone may the most pathetic thing I’ve ever witnessed in a football game.

  9. If trash can hands Ebron is leading your high powered offense you are going to lose. Love how the Steelers D is still dancing around. JuJu, we cant seem to find your dance from today. What happened?

  10. Pittsburg looking past teams again? Are they looking at playing the Bills, or are they looking past them also, possibly all the way to the Super Bowl? It’s what Pittsburg does and it starts with Tomlin, he’s done it with the Patriots before, in fact that’s how they got bounced by the Jags a few years ago.

  11. I am waiting for Chubb to run on the field and hit Ben with the bucket of confetti or the football on a string trick.

  12. I understand that you didn’t see it coming, but I did. I open my eyes when I watch football. Pitts been pretenders all year.

  13. Collinsworth is awful. I bet he’s said TJ watts name 20 times tonight, keeps talking about what he CAN do not what he is doing (which is nothing)

  14. Ben should retire immediately after the game. I am a Tomlin supporter, but I wouldn’t be bothered at all if Pittsburgh allowed him to resign after this cluster. Ffs.

  15. What a glorious night!!! The implosion of the Steelers is illuminating the sky!

  16. Big Ben threw for 400 yards, 4 TD’s and 4 INT’s ….Mahomes will have the same numbers but not 4 picks. Should be a fun game watching Hunt play against his old team.

  17. mountaingirl39 says:
    January 10, 2021 at 11:38 pm
    Looks like Factory of Sadness is moving to The Burgh!

    It’s official now, the relocation is complete!

  18. Buhbye Ben. At least you got that 500 yards of garbage time stats. You guys literally were getting blown out the whole game. In hindsight I am happy that it was the browns to flush ya.

  19. HEY Tomlin, aren’t you glad you rested your players instead of playing them and eliminating the Browns last week?

  20. No matter what happens next weekend, I’m super happy for the Browns players and their fans.

  21. Are you taking notes, Falcons and Chargers? That’s how you finish a team off when they’re down.

  22. First road playoff win for Cleveland since 1969. They were 0-8 coming into Pittsburgh tonight.

  23. Good thing the Steelers tanked the week before to let the Browns in! As the old saying goes: Reap what you sow!

  24. But Ben said that the Steelers are the World’s Team – no way the World’s Team loses to the “same old Cleveland” Browns, right? Curb Stomp! Bwaaaahaaaahaaaa!!!

  25. Tomlin is a great coach if u want to come in third place etc. he wasted another high offensive team. Steelers fans must like being third or fourth place cause they convinced themselves he is great coach

  26. As a Browns fan, this was fantastic. We almost let them back in it – and, frankly, I don’t know why we were throwing so much in the 3rd quarter – but the whole team came through. No one gave us a chance and we took advantage of all the Steeler mistakes. Yes, this was a freaky-bad night for Ben, but whatever. It’s about the game that’s played, not what the game’s supposed to be on paper.

    What a fantastic night.

  27. The Steelers need to evaluate the entire team. Head coach to water boy/girl. I don’t care about the “never had a losing season” stuff. That stat is meaningless. Take a look at postseason results, that tells the tale. The Steelers were the most ill-prepared team that took the field this entire weekend. Same old thing, another late season collapse, and early playoff exit. JuJu dancing, and then running his mouth saying the “Browns is the Browns” etc. That stuff isn’t cute, and it needed to be nipped in the bud long ago. I really thought JuJu would be different, but he appears to be another AB, without the same level of talent, in the making. Like it or not, teams use stuff like that for motivation, and bulletin board material has been part of competitive sports since their inception. I’m not saying Tomlin is a terrible coach, but his style is stale in Pittsburgh. IMO, he and the Steelers both need a fresh start.

  28. That first quarter was pretty bizarre and simple bad luck did play a part. That the rest of the game was 37-20 Steelers does say some good things about them.

    But it does seem like the team has too much talent to be misfiring like this. Tomlin seemed to have done a stronger job last season and this season of tightening things up, but this is a tough way to end.

    Fortunately, every team in the division has some issues and no one’s running away with the division any time soon, so apart from who their next QB will be, they are in solid shape for next year if they stay intact.

  29. This Bills guy has always bee a Mike Tomlin fan, but 11-0 then 1-5 at the finish? Somebody didn’t have his guys ready to play last night. Congratulations to the Cleveland Browns who did come ready to play.

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