Bruce Arians is rooting for a home playoff game, but is ready for the Saints


With the NFC’s No. 5 seed and No. 6 seed winning on Saturday, there’s a chance for a clean sweep by the road teams, if the Bears upend the Saints today.

And if that happens, the Buccaneers will be hosting a game in the divisional round.

A Chicago win would send the Bears to Green Bay and the Rams to Tampa Bay next weekend. A New Orleans win means that it will be Rams at Packers and Buccaneers at Saints.

New Orleans beat the Buccaneers in Week One; eight weeks later, the Saints splattered the Bucs in their own building, 38-3.

So does Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians have a preference?

“It doesn’t matter,” Arians told reporters. “We’re playing — that’s all that matters. We’re a better football team than the last time we played the Saints — if we go there. It doesn’t matter to me.”

Reminded that a Bears win today gives the Bucs a home game, Arians pivoted.

“That part I’ll root for,” Arians said. “I will root for that.”

He should root for that. Apart from getting the home game, the Bucs should hope to avoid the Saints. Whether the Buccaneers are better or not than they were earlier this year, the Saints have had Tampa Bay’s number. It’s far better to stay home for a game against the Rams and then, with a victory, head to Lambeau Field for a berth in the Super Bowl.

Or, even better, hope the Bears beat the Packers. That would let Tampa Bay host the NFC Championship.

5 responses to “Bruce Arians is rooting for a home playoff game, but is ready for the Saints

  1. The Saints or whoever are going to splatter the Bucs. They barely got by a young inexperienced 7-9 team with a QB with one start on his resume.
    The season ends next week for you Bruce and Tom.

  2. I get him not wanting to play New Orleans since they got smoked twice this year, but LA won at Tampa this year as well so…..

  3. Go Bucs! I’m hoping the Bears win twice so the Bucs will have homefield for the rest of the season!

  4. Bucs’ defense will be the end of Brady’s quest for the 7th ring. They made Heinicke look elite, and Arians talk too much. Brees will feast on them.

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