Deshaun Watson will deal with his future after his vacation


Texans owner Cal McNair has shrugged at the fact that quarterback Deshaun Watson hasn’t returned a call from McNair, because Watson is on vacation. When Watson gets back from vacation, McNair undoubtedly will be hearing from Watson, or from Watson’s agent.

As a source with knowledge of the situation explains it to PFT, Watson will deal with his situation in Houston after his vacation ends. For now, he and his representation have had no talks with the Texans about the future, and there have been no discussions about where Watson would or could be traded.

Could it be that, eventually, Watson decides that he’d like to play for the Dolphins? Sure. Watson also could consider other teams. For now, any speculation about the eventual destination of Watson is premature.

If Watson can persuade the Texans to trade him, Watson controls his destination. The contract he signed last year includes a no-trade clause. This doesn’t mean he can’t be traded; it means he can’t be traded without his consent. So if the Texans strike a deal with a team for which Watson doesn’t want to play, all he has to say is, “No.”

The no-trade clause could complicate Houston’s willingness to trade him, because it prevents them from launching a full-blown auction for Watson’s services, since Watson may balk at the destination.

Ultimately, the Texans should be bracing for a trade request from Watson, unless they quickly and persuasively mobilize to undo  the damage that recent events have done to the relationship between franchise and franchise quarterback. The fact that the team has let it get to this point suggests that the team will not be able to figure out how to turn it around — unless they interview and eventually hire Eric Bieniemy to coach the team, given that Watson recommended Bieniemy and that the team declined to interview him.

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  1. Watson doesn’t come across as a diva to me. I see him as a guy who’s typically quiet and humble, but obviously works as hard as anyone. And now he’s playing at the highest level for an organization that seems inadequate at best. I’d probably want out, too.

  2. If I’m an owner with deep pockets and no current head coach or quarterback, I’m making a phone call to Dabo’s reps today.

    For example, Christopher Johnson has to at least take a shot. Get Dabo and Deshaun, for the 2nd pick and some other compensation (perhaps toss in Darnold). The Texans would get their choice of QBs not named Trevor, or trade the 2nd pick for more capital.

    The Jets would get their head coach (likely better than their current candidates) and a quarterback who are already familiar with eachother. Deshaun would get out of Houston, get the bright lights of New York, and reunite with Dabo. That should be enough to waive his no-trade.

    I have no pony in this race, but it is sensible for both sides.

  3. It’s about the lack of diversity in the league… The GM hired isn’t LIKE he wanted not who he wanted… In Miami he would play for a HC and a GM that is divers…

  4. Sounds like a PR battle. The Texans are bringing up Deshaun’s vacation knowing many people are struggling right now. If the fans turn on Watson, he may be done in Houston.

  5. Dabo Swinney just said on Tik Tok… Hickory dickery dok, the mouse ran up the clock. Houston’s roster is thin, Deshaun wants to be a Dolphin. So we’re trading those picks back we already got to them plus the Alabama bust, yep. We must. Hickory dickery dock on Tik Tok. 🐬

  6. Miami would be insane to trade for him. They are building a good team and don’t need a drama Queen. For those that are down on Tua he was just a rookie and recovering from a bad injury. Give him time.

  7. didnt know vacationing was allowed with the pandemic…i have to self quarantine just to go to a different state…

  8. Well, If his choice is to be traded, Texans should tell him he needs to waive his “no trade” clause. We’re gonna get the best deal we possibly can – you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  9. I’m still a fan of Tua, and the Dolphins getting a new offensive coordinator might change stuff. Too early to call a bust. If Herbert and Burrow had more noticeable growing pains, maybe Tua would be seen in a better light.

  10. bkinacti0n says:
    January 10, 2021 at 2:56 pm

    The Texans should name him the week 1 starter now. He can play or retire.
    What would that accomplish? Watson has no confidence in management and wants out. They either need to fix the relationship, or trade him. The alternative you suggest would result in the Texans throwing away another year.

  11. Uhh you mean get ready for next season as a Texan? If you want to take your ball and go, don’t sign a newcontract. He had to have known BOB was outtie. What is his leverage? What is he really worth? Playoff wins? Not sure Miami even is built for his type of play. I still just see garbage time stats and no wins.

  12. Wonder if in some way Houston is regretting the contract and is looking for a way to push Watson to request a trade…

  13. Looking at Tua’s rookie stats and Watson’s side by side they are not very dissimilar. The major difference is Tua was coming off a major injury and also had no training camp to prepare for his 1st year in. With those two now in his past Tua will only get better. If the Fins are to keep Tua I would recommend they bring back Fitz to help him. Fitz is the best QB player coach there is in football.

  14. Complaining about management in Houston doesn’t make a diva. Most places it does, but the Texans are a national joke. It’s not like Watson is the only one saying it, did you hear JJ Watt?

  15. Another part to this seams odd to me about Watson’s complaint in the GM that Houston’s owner has hired. The head coach has yet to be hired. I’m not sure what it cost to own and run an NFL team but to take that on and then have no say in who you can hire?…. Like I said seems odd.

  16. The fins have capital to trade for Watson, sign JuJu and draft Devanta Smith at #3. Can you imagine a offense with Watson, Parker, Smith-Schuster and Smith. If they can find a decent running back, and another piece on the back end of their defense, they will win the AFC next year!

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