Donald Trump will give Bill Belichick the Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Donald Trump
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Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who openly supported the election of Donald Trump in 2016, will be involved in one of the 45th president’s final official acts — if he’s still in office by then.

On Thursday, Trump will award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

The Patriots declined comment on the matter to, and in theory there’s a chance that Belichick will politely decline the honor. Some will say that he should, given the events of the past several days and the torrent of controversy that seems to be strengthening not subsiding. Politicians from both sides of the aisle have called on Trump to resign after his incitement of last week’s insurrection (if you don’t think it was an insurrection, look up the term), and the House of Representatives plans to consider a fresh batch of Articles of Impeachment this week.

On one hand, it’s the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Few ever receive it. On the other hand, the person occupying the presidency and in turn handing out the award is currently the subject of more public derision and contempt than any president in decades, if not ever. Five Americans died as a result of the insurrection he incited with weeks of lies and rhetoric. Belichick, if he hasn’t already committed to receiving the award, should seriously consider waiting for a future president to offer to bestow it upon him.

At this point, nothing Belichick does will help Trump. The association can only hurt Belichick, especially in the locker room.

68 responses to “Donald Trump will give Bill Belichick the Presidential Medal of Freedom

  1. Mitchell Trubisky’s NVP award is legit awesome and that’s something to be proud of. This medal, not so much

  2. As a diehard pats fan…bill, DO NOT ACCEPT. We are in the midst of rebuilding and retooling….the last thing you want is your captains slater, D-Mac, and King losing faith in the system and alienating the locker room from the coaching staff..

  3. After Rush Limbaugh, Devin Nunes and three random golfers at his country club…what does it really mean?

  4. mackcarrington says:
    January 10, 2021 at 7:53 pm
    Is he also going to posthumously pardon Aaron Hernandez, too?


    Murder is a state crime, not federal.

  5. From one fraud to another. Without Tom Brady, Belichick has plenty of time on his hands while everyone else is in the playoffs.

  6. descendency says:
    January 10, 2021 at 8:01 pm
    mackcarrington says:
    January 10, 2021 at 7:53 pm
    Is he also going to posthumously pardon Aaron Hernandez, too?


    Murder is a state crime, not federal.


    I can’t tell. Are you upset by this?

  7. If Belichick goes to the White House and actually allows POTUS to drape that thing around his neck, my respect for him will soar to another level.

  8. Of all the things this Nation needs done–and this is what rises to the top of the schedule?

    Is Putin up next?

  9. Bill should politely decline -maybe do the ol’ cryptic napkin decline trick that he used to resign as HC of the NYJ.

  10. If you look at some of the past recipients it’s not that big of a deal ,I mean Ellen Degeneres has one !

  11. Won’t happen. The 25th Amendment will be applied to remove Trump, Cal McNair, and Matt Nagy.

  12. Belichick would be wise to stay away from this photo-op….Trump is toxic right now and the stench of appearing with him -for what is a PR stunt on Trump’s part- would never go away.

  13. At this point, those things are worthless.

    I can get one in any specially marked box of Post Alpha-Bits.

  14. I am not American, I am Canadian.
    Despite my personal feelings about Donald Trump, I recognize the Presidential Medal of freedom to be the United States highest civilian honor. As a long time Patriots fan, I know Belichick to be a fervent historian and traditionalist. He can probably name the previous recipients.
    I think he will decline.

  15. If you presented a script of the last 4 years to a major movie house, they’d look at you like you were in need of help. — which, I must say, is probably true for all of us now.

    Bannon’s idea of “deconstructing” or “tear it all down” certainly seems to have been a directive taken to heart by many in this ensemble of enmity.

    Good riddance to hair furor

  16. Not sure I’d want to be mentioned in the same breath as Rush Limbaugh as someone who had received recognition from a pariah like Trump. While he is at it, Trump should pardon McVeigh for Pete’s sake.

  17. Say what you want about Bill but He’s never been accused of being stupid. I can’t see him joining this clowns puppet show.

  18. jaygrudensmokes says:
    January 10, 2021 at 8:17 pm
    A great honor to receive it from the GREATEST President ever!!!
    Like getting a balloon animal from a clown.

  19. If you can leave the Trump aspect out of it, Belichick is a pretty worthy recipient when you look to what he’s done to support the US Navy as an institution as well as his public comments trying to raise awareness of the Armenian genocide from a century ago.

  20. Perfect time to pull a WWE heel turn. “…and Here comes Bill Bel… OHMYGOD IS THAT A STEEL CHAIR?”

  21. It’s a shame that for all the under the radar things Bill has done over the years OFF the football field, he probably deserves one…BUT to receive it from a man who embodies EVERYTHING that is evil and UNamerican would be just profane. I’d be REALLY really disappointed in him if he accepted it.

    He shouldn’t allow this presidential malignancy tarnish HIS good image just so the Cancer can deflect his own profanity and lies.

    JUST SAY NO, Bill

  22. This is like inviting a friend over to celebrate their birthday at your house when it’s on fire and you’re holding the matches.

  23. I am not a Fan of BB. I would not hold it against him if he received/accepted the award. The Committee that nominated him is separate from President Trump. I understand the reluctance by everyone, but remember the honor is for the individual receiving the recognition and not an endorsement of the current occupant in the Position of being our President. Regardless, of any of the criticism, I would accept the award and use the opportunity to try to help heal our Nation. Who’s to say that Trump will still be the President at the end of this week, anyway.

  24. If Belichick accepts, he’ll be coaching a team where many of his players won’t respect him. And the team will face public alienation. This is bad for him personally and bad for business.

    On the upside, if he accepts it he can show it to Vladmir Putin (who will walk out of the room wearing it as well as Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring).

  25. Medal should go to Brady as he WAS the system. As a head coach, Bill was sub – .500 pre-Brady and is now sub-.500 post Brady….speaks for itself as Brady at 43 continues to roll through the playoffs in his first year on a new team/system. Bill has deluded himself that he had much to do with the titles, and didn’t retire when Brady left thus making it painfully obvious that he is still the losing head coach he was pre Brady. Pitiful!

  26. Bill, just say “NO”. After what he did on January 6th,how could you possibly associate yourself with him anymore? People DIED because of what he did.

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