Jamal Adams needs surgeries to repair injuries to shoulder, fingers

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks safety Jamal Adams vowed to play Saturday despite his injuries, and he did. But it was obvious he wasn’t 100 percent.

Adams revealed after the Seahawks’ 30-20 loss to the Rams that he needs two surgeries in the offseason to repair injuries to his left shoulder and two fingers on his left hand.

“I guess I don’t have any luck on my left side right now,” Adams said, via the Seattle Times.

Adams tore the labrum in his left shoulder late in the Week 17 game against the 49ers. He wore a harness to protect the injury.

Adams finished with four tackles and three pass breakups.

“I’m not sitting up here and making excuses for anything, but it’s part of the game,” Adams said. “There was never no doubt in my mind that I wasn’t going to go out there and attempt to play. I did what I could. I wish I could have done more to help the team win, but obviously things didn’t roll our way. I think we shot ourselves in the foot a lot of times, on both sides of ball, and versus a good team like that you just can’t do it.”

Adams missed four games earlier this season with a groin injury. He injured his right shoulder Nov. 15 but played through that. Adams hopes he won’t require surgery on his right shoulder.

He has one year left on his rookie contract and was asked after the game about the prospect of working out a long-term with the Seahawks this offseason.

“That’s something that is out of my hands right now,” Adams said. “I love being a Seattle Seahawk. I love being a part of this organization. So when that time comes, it comes, but I’m worried about getting healthy right now.”

15 responses to “Jamal Adams needs surgeries to repair injuries to shoulder, fingers

  1. I don’t know how players play with things like a torn labrum. Shoulder injures are unbearable.

  2. Seattle won a couple of games late in the season and they thought they had the best defense in the league. They found out how bad their defense is yesterday, losing to a team with a backup starting the game and a starter with a broken thumb finishing it. The so-called “MVP” threw very few completions, and one of them for a pick six. ROTFL

  3. Maybe he’ll give them a discount since they gave up two draft picks which they obviously need to get him only to flame out….

    Hahaha, sometimes I make myself laugh.

  4. Maybe if he knew how to tackle he wouldn’t have so many injuries. Guy is way overrated.

  5. Maybe he should’ve used his left shoulder on the top of the QB’s helmet! Karma for a cheap shot!

  6. Guy who sets nfl record for most sacks by a defensive back ever and is the unanimous best safety in football according to multiple experts is overrated. Make it make sense

  7. I hope Wolford doesn’t need surgery on his neck after his cheap shot dirty hit to the head. If defensive players tackled instead of always going for a knock out hit there would be a lot less injuries, including to themselves.

  8. This guy is a heat-seeking missile who plays with no fear and little regard for his body (and perhaps his opponents’ too). Would love to have him on my team. Unfortunately he’ll probably be broken down and maybe crippled by the time he’s 30.

  9. Not surprised, he led with his shoulder multiple times yesterday. Whether you believe he’s a cheap shot artist or not, it’s poor tackling technique at the very least.

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