Lions request interview with Todd Bowles

NFL: DEC 13 Vikings at Buccaneers
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The Lions have added another name to their list of head coaching candidates.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that they have requested an interview with Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. The interview request was made before Saturday night’s Bucs win and Bowles can speak with the Lions now that it is done.

Bowles is also expected to speak with the Falcons about their head coaching vacancy this week.

Bowles was 24-40 over four seasons as the Jets head coach. He was fired after the 2018 season and has spent the last two years on Bruce Arians’ staff in Tampa. The Bucs were eighth in the league in points allowed and sixth in yards allowed during the 2020 regular season.

8 responses to “Lions request interview with Todd Bowles

  1. Well last night a third string QB lit up his defense and almost knocked off the Bucs. Seems like it wouldn’t be all that big a loss to let him go to the Lions or Falcons. I guess overall his stats are good, though, so I don’t know who they could get to garner better rankings. Guess we’ll see, he says, stating the obvious….

  2. another nowhere job. this team needs to bottom out and let a coach start over with his own qb and pieces. that coach needs to be given 5 years at that point. otherwise, whoever gets hired will get fired in 2 years and the cycle will continue

  3. razzlejag says:
    January 10, 2021 at 9:41 am
    Wasn’t he woefully bad as the Jets HC? Why would the Lions want this guy?================================

    Because the Lions have been woefully bad for years, that’s why. And…they’re still the Lions. The only smart thing the team has done for years is hire Chris Spielman.

  4. Bowles is a good coach. Chris Spielman can watch a team play and know whether they have a good coach, or a bad coach. He’s not like some owner sitting down in an interview with a coach and not knowing whether the guy is a complete fraud, or not. You’re not fooling Spielman. He’s going to do a lot of listening with his eyes, not just his ears.

  5. On Chris Spielman, his credibility suffered a mortal wound when during a broadcast late in 2019 he vigorously campaigned for a 3rd year for Matt Patricia and 5th year for Bob Quinn, the latter of which who then promptly went out and flushed the 3rd pick in the draft right down the toilet, I have no idea how he recovers from that.

    As for Todd Bowles, I think the stench of his stint with the Jets is a bit overstated. When he was with the Cardinals prior to the Jets they played mean, hard and fast and he was the alpha male. I don’t really have an issue with the Lions kicking the tires on him.

  6. When will teams looking for a hwad coach realize SOME DC and OC.. re JUST that….NOT HC material. Bowles is a decent DC but no more than that. Buyer beware.

  7. With Cleveland in the playoffs, it’s getting harder for perennial failures like Detroit to make excuses over their continued garbage results.
    The battle between the Lions and Jets over which is the worst franchise in the league is a highly competitive one, and apparently endless.

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