Mike Vrabel on fourth quarter punt: Thought we were dialed in defensively

Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans
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Titans head coach Mike Vrabel faced a decision while down 17-13 with 10 minutes left in Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

The Titans faced a fourth-and-2 from the Baltimore 40-yard-line and Vrabel opted to punt rather than go for a first down that would have boosted their chances of grabbing the lead. After the game, Vrabel said that he thought the team’s defense was “dialed in” and that they would be able to win a field position battle.

“Just decided to punt,” Vrabel said in his postgame press conference. “We were playing well defensively, thought we would get a punt inside the 10 and be able to play the field position game. Had some time there that I felt like we could. We held ’em to a field goal.”

The Ravens took nearly six minutes off the clock on the way to that field goal and that left the Titans trying to scramble for a game-tying touchdown. Those hopes ended when Marcus Peters picked off Ryan Tannehill and the Ravens picked up two first downs that put the finishing touches on a 20-13 victory.

4 responses to “Mike Vrabel on fourth quarter punt: Thought we were dialed in defensively

  1. What hurt the Titans was Davis not being a factor. Cant just throw to Brown. Ravens played the pass well. Could be a good game in KC …

  2. No team could have beaten the Ravens today. They looked like the team of destiny in these playoffs.

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