Ravens advance with 20-13 win over Titans

Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans
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A loss to the Titans ended the Ravens’ season a year ago, but they’ll march on in the playoffs this time.

Cornerback Marcus Peters picked Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill off on the first play after the two-minute warning and Lamar Jackson ran for 33 yards a couple of plays later to help ensure that the clock would run out on the Titans. The 20-13 win is the change in narrative that Jackson was looking for after losses in their last two playoff openers and he had a lot to do with it.

Jackson was 17-of-24 for 179 yards through the air and he ran 15 times for 137 yards and a touchdown. He and Colin Kaepernick are the only two quarterbacks with multiple 100-yard rushing games in the postseason.

Jackson’s 48-yard touchdown run in the second quarter erased what was left of an early 10-0 Titans lead and the Ravens took the lead for good on J.K. Dobbinsthird-quarter touchdown run.

The Ravens may not have been able to change the narrative about their team if Titans head coach Mike Vrabel had been a bit more aggressive in the fourth quarter. He opted to punt on 4th-and-2 from the Ravens’ 40-yard line while down four points with 10 minutes left in the game.

Baltimore drove for a field goal on the ensuing drive, although it could have been more if not for a questionable offensive pass interference call on wide receiver Willie Snead. Snead’s penalty wiped out a fourth down conversion that would have kept Baltimore driving inside of five minutes, but they settled for a field goal that extended their lead to seven points.

The Titans got the ball back, but Tannehill’s interception gave the Ravens a chance to run out the clock. It also ended a bad day all around for the Titans Offense. Derrick Henry only managed 40 yards on 18 carries and they picked up just 139 yards outside of a first-quarter touchdown drive.

Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith’s work has earned him head coaching interviews. There’s been less buzz about Ravens defensive coordinator Wink Martindale, but his unit’s work on Sunday may earn him some consideration from the six teams looking for new head coaches.

Martindale still has plenty of work to do in Baltimore as well. They’ll play the Chiefs next week if the Steelers win on Sunday night or they’ll be in Buffalo if the Browns win in Pittsburgh.

71 responses to “Ravens advance with 20-13 win over Titans

  1. A sad day for Lamar detractors.

    Lamar can’t win a playoff, Lamar can’t comeback from 2 scores down.

    So happy for him and Ravens. Very entertaining player and team. Big Truss.

  2. This team is dangerous and has the ability to advise on offense to create mismatches out of nothing. I play that should result in a sackand turn into a 51-yard scramble touchdown. Nobody wants to see them on one of their good days.

  3. Man, what a game. Ravens defense was the real MVP after shutting down the true MVP, King Henry.

  4. Henry just looked slow and tired out there. He carried his team to the playoffs on 2000yards but looked like a man running on empty.

  5. No a sad day for the NFL watching the actions at the middle of the field and watching Jackson actions after the game. Classless. The NFL continues to lecture all America and we saw the actions and words of the players in the middle of the field.

  6. Stay classless Ravens, stomping on the logo was just more of the same garbage under Harbaugh… what is it with these idiots?

  7. Good win and glad to see they didn’t panic this time down 10. I didn’t like the logo dancing mid game , but before everyone slams them know the history of the Titans and Ravens recently.

  8. Congrats to my Ravens especially the defense for locking henry up like they had a vendetta which they did and the titans for playing a good game couldn’t underestimate them especially their passing game

  9. Raven’s D was stellar today. Congrats to Lamar for getting the gorilla off his back. Nice win, Baltimore.

  10. Well, the Ravens showed they’re the lowest-class team left in the playoffs.

    Wiping your feet and stomping on the other team’s logo? For what, because they had the audacity to beat you last year?

    What an ugly sense of entitlement and poor sportsmanship these guys are showing. Here’s hoping they run into a buzz saw with the Chiefs next week.

  11. Enjoy RB Lamar’s success while you can, Ratbirds fans. Can’t wait to see your run-heavy High School offense try and keep pace w/ the rested NFL-readu passing offense from KC. Lamar detractors will be in force, for good reason, after that gm.

  12. Earlier in the week there was so much praise for Justin Hebert. Ah, his team did not even make the playoffs. Perspective people.

  13. Derrick Henry is incredible but last time he ran over a Ravens defense without Calais Campbell or Brandon Williams Ravens top two run stoppers. They made the leagues
    Leading rusher look average today.

  14. What a statement win. Hopefully Lamar can finally relax in playoff games and not come out so rushed.

  15. Couple of things.
    1. Henry looks finished, all those touches have to be taking a toll and hes around that career limit when backs start breaking down.
    2. Loved the Ravens attitude, titans seem to be able to dish it out, but cant take it.
    3. Lamar detractors are scrambling for excuses today, hilarious.

  16. Lamar!!! Haters watched him put forth a masterful performance. Love seeing him throw the ball outside the numbers

  17. Take out Derrick Henry and the Titans are mortal. 50 yards under for Henry in a playoff game? Unbelievable D from the Ravens

  18. What a Classless ending to a well played game! Stomping on the opposition logo will come back to haunt the ravens, as always, stay classy Baltimore!

  19. Props to the Ravens…but, Lamar is so overrated. The media blows so much sunshine about this guy. This team will never advance to a SB…let alone win one with him. NOT accurate enough and can be fooled by a good DC.

  20. Ok, here’s the scenario. The Ravens have the running game and CB’s to shrink the game and cover the Chiefs WR’s. Steelers want revenge against Buffalo and will get it next week. AFC Championship Ravens at Steelers. Steelers win AFC title game 20-16 advance to Super Bowl LV
    and swarm A-Rod 31-13. World Champs with like our 9th Lombardi.

  21. I really can do without the stomping on opponent’s logo nonsense. I understand why the Ravens did it today but hopefully it ends there. Lose with character win with character, don’t be a character.

  22. Last year Roman and Harbaugh panicked when we got down. This year Roman did a great job calling plays. Getting Ricard involved was great. Lamar throwing to sidelines and the flats was keeping us a step ahead. Lamar’s won a playoff game and brought the team back down 10…

  23. The Miami dolphins came to mind watching when this game because when you have to ask Tannehill to put the team on his back to go win it, you end up with numbers like this 18/26, 165yds, 1- TD,1- INT, but i digress.

    Which brings me to all ALL STATS are NOT created equal, You remember when they were some folks who were putting up Tannehill Stats next to Mahomes for some bizarre reason, knowing very well that one guy DEPENDS and NEEDS a running game to be successful by facing a LOADED Box while that number (15)in KC guy faces a minefield of defenders in the secondary since Teams defend him to pass on every play, So you see the degree of difficulty where all STATS are NOT or even come close to being created EQUAL…But I digress.

  24. Awesome to see the win.

    Sad to see poor sportsmanship recrimination both with the logo dance… and with Lamar running of the field.

    How much better it would have been to man up… and take the congratulations face to face.

    He’s still a young man… but that’s leadership Lamar.

  25. These comments tell you all you need to know about the titans. They put up 13 points and Henry is getting the blame despite frequent 8 man boxes. They live and die by the run and cant put the game on Tannehill’s back. Thats what happens when you sit down and make the decision that Tannehill is a better option than Tom Brady. Although to be fair if you are a head coach your priority is to keep your job not win superbowls. Even though the bucs are doing way better Bruce Arians looks far worse as a head coach. Great QB’s expose coaching deficiencies (chargers). Mediocre ones leave room for doubt.

  26. Karma for the NFL ignoring the breach of Covid protocols in the Titans organization.

  27. Wondering if any Lamar haters will show up. Looking at you Joey Montana aka Lamar running back

  28. Also very funny to see Vrabel crying about the Refs after the game. The Titans scored their only TD because off offensive pass interference, and only had 2 penalties against them the whole game. Someone get him a tissue.

  29. Ryan Tannehill looked like the old Dolphins quarterback version of himself since Derrick Henry couldn’t get going. Lamar embarrassed the Titans all day. If Justin Tucker doesn’t miss from 52 yards this game would have been over mid 4th quarter.

  30. Y’all finna make me root for the Browns to win just so I can see Lamar vs Allen

  31. ESPN interviewed Jackson ON THE FIELD after the game. The reporter didn’t have the guts to ask Jackson why he ran off the field with time remaining on the game clock.

  32. Henry was stuck in the mud today but there was little running room with the Raven’s shutting that down. I thought eventually those lanes would widen. Not sure why there were no plays for Tannehill to roll out with an option to run. Titan’s offense just seemed too predictable once things tightened up. Had to know they would and yet they still had no answers to Baltimore’s adjustments.

  33. For anyone calling the Ravens classless for stomping out the Titans logo clearly don’t know that the Titans did the same thing in Week 11. That’s called payback 🙂

  34. thelongestgoodbye says:
    I didn’t like the logo dancing mid game , but before everyone slams them know the history of the Titans and Ravens recently.

    We all know the history.
    I think it’s a punk move any time, but there’s a huge difference between doing it pregame and doing it DURING a playoff game on national television.
    Doing something to get even never works because all you do is make the other guy want to get even.
    It’s time all these highly-paid “professionals” grow up and stop acting like children. I remember a time when men played football because playing football was fun. They didn’t need artificial playground antics.

  35. Congrats Ratbird fans. D looks like it’s back to old form and anyone who saw what the Titans did earlier in the season in Baltimore with the pregame antics knows that logo stomp was deserved. Steelers will meet and beat Ravens in the AFC Championship game. Bills/Chiefs have no heart in comparison

  36. Lamar can’t:

    1. Can’t lead a team. SCRATCH
    2. Can’t win games. SCRATCH
    3. Can’t pass. SCRATCH
    4. Can’t win a playoff game. SCRATCH

    Anything else he can’t do?

  37. Titan fans don’t want to hear it but everybody knows when you take Henry out of the equation Tannehill doesn’t have the skill set to carry an offense. Miami Tanny showed up today.

  38. I would never want my RB to run for 2000 yards. Most guys aren’t the same after they do it. Henry looked out of it today. Part of that was Baltimore’s defense, but he just wasn’t running over anybody today.

  39. steelcitywhiner says:
    Lamar can’t:

    1. Can’t lead a team. SCRATCH
    2. Can’t win games. SCRATCH
    3. Can’t pass. SCRATCH
    4. Can’t win a playoff game. SCRATCH

    Anything else he can’t do?
    How about act humble and acknowledge his team mates. After 2 first round playoff losses you’d think it would be a given.

  40. Luv all the donkeys saying Ravens were classless for stomping on the logo. What goes around comes around…Titans started it, Ravens finished it!

  41. Really, calling the Ravens “classless” for assembling on the Titan logo after the game deciding play? Just sounds like sour grapes to me. Titans have never been known for exactly being “classy”. These 2 teams obviously have a blood rivalry now, and I’m certain it’s just a matter of time before the Titans pull an even bigger, “classless” stunt. Regardless, why impose your moral system on these players? What you think & feel doesn’t concern them in the least! Great victory today, Ravens – well played and fully deserved.

  42. Lol at people upset over the logo stomping. If you don’t want your logo stomped on then you need to win the game. Winners do what they want.

  43. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    January 10, 2021 at 5:13 pm
    The hottest team in these playoffs. Watch out for the Ravens.
    Pats fans cheering for the Ravens?😂😂😂
    Now I’ve seen everything!

  44. There is Tannehill. Henry cant bail him out forever. So if Jackson is just going to run the ball why don’t you stack the box? Oh wait, they are trying that. Other teams should be asking their RBs if they can throw just a lil bit. These hybrid guys could be the next wave. Always wondered if randle-el or c.stewart played in another era if their career would have been better.

  45. Few takeaways as a Ravens fan:
    I didn’t appreciate the logo dancing after the interception. That’s a 15 yard penalty with way too much time on the clock. It gave me Steelers-Bengals 2015 wildcard vibes potentially. They could always have fumbled. Didn’t understand the throw on first after that either. A Marquise Brown tip the wrong way and that’s an interception. Where they go low, we go high. That being said, it was a bit justified considering what Vrabel instructed his team to do week 11. It would’ve showed tremendous sportsmanship if the team went to shake hands after the game instead of running straight to the tunnel. Detractors will probably eat that up more than Brady not shaking Goff’s/Foles’ hand.
    The Titans weren’t creative enough on offense when the line shut down Henry. Get him more involved in the short passing game. Run a read option. They could even have potentially ran a triple option. Something to get a spark. That’s the hole you put yourself in when your back gets the majority of his carries from a QB lined up under center and it’s surprising when you consider the running threat that Tannehill is being a former wide receiver. He’s not built to be a franchise QB/carry the team.
    There should’ve been a flag on the interception. But if you watch it closely, it should’ve been offensive pass interference on the wide receiver. It evened itself out with a no call considering Tennessee’s lone touchdown came from a play that should’ve been called for OPI and the 4th and 2 “pick play”. Speaking of fourth downs, Vrabel was not aggressive enough to try any fakes to catch the Ravens off guard at all. They would be so much deadlier with a more mobile quarterback. The threat to run with Henry or a mobile guy would be way too big of an issue to solve initially for defenses.
    Lamar showed he can rally a team down double digit points and win a playoff game. Big ups to him. Now it’s up to Baker to win tonight to keep pace with Lamar and Allen as the only QBs in that draft class to win a playoff game.

  46. Mike Vrabel is Jeff Fisher for this generation, minus the championship games as a head coach.

  47. First off, congrats to the Ravens and Lamar especially for winning his first playoff game. I’ll ignore the classless end to the game. He’s young.
    The Ravens D was the clear MVP here. And yes, Tannenhill is, well, Ryan Tannenhill if Derrick Henry can’t run. He’s just not a great QB. How many times did the Ravens stack the box and Ryan never audibled? He played a big part in this loss.
    As for Lamar– don’t kid yourself. He had one magnificent play, and that run was awesome. It also really changed the game. So kudos to him, as I have always said, for being a great running back.
    As for his QB play, yet again it was weak. He missed wide open receivers in critical plays. Awful decision on that interception. Another sub-200 yard throwing performance.
    And this was against by far the WORST defense in the playoffs. Putting up 20 points is going to get you nowhere in Arrowhead. The smoke-and-mirrors gimmick offense might work against a bad defense, but next week you will face a good defense and Lamar is going to have to make 4-5 critical throws at key points in the game and you will see what you have: a great athlete and runner who is a poor thrower and ultimately your season will end.

  48. Look at the fans of the team who made fun of Todd Heap running his daughter over acting like the Ravens are classless. Very cute. Exactly what I’d expect from them.

  49. billzondarise says:
    January 10, 2021 at 5:08 pm
    steelcitywhiner says:
    Lamar can’t:

    1. Can’t lead a team. SCRATCH
    2. Can’t win games. SCRATCH
    3. Can’t pass. SCRATCH
    4. Can’t win a playoff game. SCRATCH

    Anything else he can’t do?
    How about act humble and acknowledge his team mates. After 2 first round playoff losses you’d think it would be a given.
    Did you see his post game interview? He cut the reporter off mid question when she asked about what the win meant to him. He cut her off and said it was a Ravens win and praised the defense and OL.

  50. Also I forgot to mention today showed how much they missed Taylor Lewan/ could’ve used Isaiah Wilson if he could get out of his own way. Not a fault of the organization, the player is just a bust. Some guys just don’t ever get it.

  51. Know the history of the Ravens/Titans this past year before calling the Ravens classless. The Titans started it. 2019 Playoffs, Titans come into Baltimore and stand/taunt on their logo. During the game one of the players spit on Raven’s future hall of famer Marshal Yanda. After beating them, they make fun of Big Truss post game and brag about how easy it was. 2020 Week 11, Titans come out and stand on the logo again while talking trash to the Ravens head coach. They come out chirping and playing the bully role. After the game the Ravens players got blasted by the local media and ex players in Baltimore for being soft and allowing the Titans to disrespect their logo and team. Fast forward to this game, Malcolm Butler is chirping at Lamar early in the game and shoots him a bird after picking him off. The Titans made it personal. Lamar said post game that he didn’t shake their hands because of the constant disrespect from their players. He said they respect all their opponents and he wasn’t going to shake the hands of a team that disrespected his coach and team. I don’t blame him one bit. Look I get it, Vrabel’s strategy with the Ravens has been to be physical and bully them. Don’t get mad when the the bullied smacks the bully back and then stands over the corpse and taunts. What did you expect?

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