Report: Doug Pederson’s job in jeopardy

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Eagles coach Doug Pederson’s job may not be safe.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Pederson’s status as Eagles head coach is not firm, as he and owner Jeffrey Lurie will be meeting soon and Pederson needs to convince Lurie that he has a vision for the future of the franchise.

The obvious, major issue in Philadelphia is quarterback Carson Wentz‘s disastrous season, but Mortensen reports that Lurie’s concerns extend well beyond Wentz.

Pederson won the Super Bowl with the Eagles in 2017 and got to the playoffs in 2018 and 2019. But the Eagles fell to 4-11-1 in 2020, and Pederson was harshly criticized all year, culminating in an ugly Week 17 loss in which Pederson was widely criticized for benching Jalen Hurts for Nate Sudfeld. That loss raised questions about whether Pederson has lost the Eagles’ locker room, and Lurie may need Pederson to convince him that he can get the team turned around — or else Lurie will find someone else to do it.

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  1. You play to win or you don’t play. Any head coach who clearly tanks a game like Pederson did should be fired immediately.

  2. Roseman is the one who really needs to go. I think they could do better than Pederson, but Roseman has made so many horrible decisions since 2017 that I’m not sure any coach can contend for possibly a couple years.

  3. Regardless of the end of season controversy, a head coach who is brought in to develop a Franchise Quarterback working for a team that definitely does NOT have a Franchise quarterback, that falls on the head coach. Pederson has failed to build a winning culture, and leadership has to take responsibility for that.

  4. Pederson was a one trick pony. Once defensive coordinators figured out the RPO, he was finished. If they keep him one more year, it’s just delaying the inevitable. If I were an Eagles fan I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs to fire him.

  5. I doubt this has anything to do with the tanking. This feels like Pederson being asked by Lurie and Roseman to shake up the offensive coaching staff and/or give up playcalling and Pederson is balking. The problems of course go deeper than that, and the steady decline of the Eagles is more apparent when you look at their record outside the NFC East over the past 3 years. This is an aging, and not particularly well-talented team, but there is no indication Roseman will be held accountable.

  6. Pederson and Wentz need to move on. This is heading in the direction of Shanahan/RG III part 2.

  7. Mort should retire. I’m pretty sure Lurie knows what he’s going to do now. I’m also pretty sure it was Lurie/Howie benching Hurts.

  8. The iggle higher ups are smelling themselves off of one Super Bowl victory and are not thinking clearly,it happens !

  9. I never have seen so much consternation over a team tanking for a better draft pick. For what? So the Giants can make the playoffs? Oh wow, times have changed.

  10. Pederson was so highly regarded a few years ago and now he should be fired. Coaching is a funny business.

  11. Let’s have a little history lesson on tanking in the NFL–

    2004–The Giants–yes the organization crying about missing the playoffs– sit at 5-4 behind Kurt Warner.. They then BENCH Warner and put in rookie Eli Manning with predictable results–they lose 6 games in a row, he has a 49% completion pctg and 8 INTs and they finish last to get a better draft pick the next year.

    2014–The Bucs are in contention for either the number 1 or 2 pick in the draft to pick Jameis Winston or Mariota. They lead the Saints in the 3rd quarter before PULLING ALL OF THEIR STARTERS and losing the game that vaults them to the top of the draft where they take Winston.

    2020–The Browns are in contention with the Dolphins for a w/c berth. The Steelers sit Roethlisberger and a few of their stars and Cleveland wins the game–vaulting them and not Miami into the playoffs.

    Whether you want to call it tanking or “resting your regulars” before the playoffs ALL teams do it. Why was there such an outcry this season–because AGAIN, the city with the LARGEST tv audience WOULDN’T be in the playoffs.

    If the Giants wanted in maybe they shouldn’t have blown a double digit lead in Philly in October or lost 3 out of 4 in December.

  12. After intentionally throwing the game against Washington, he should be permanently banned from the league.

  13. Pederson put himself in this position by his actions and the Lurie wants a chance at Urban since it sounds like he finally wants the big money coaching an NFL team and the prestige that comes with it. Seems like a better fit than Jacksonville too.

  14. It’s funny to read about all of the outrage over the Eagles “tanking” to end their season. I’m a Panther fan, and a lot of my fellow fans on the forums I frequent are mad that we didn’t “tank” to ensure a higher draft choice.

    Carolina was poised to pick 4th before we played Washington near the close of the season. Our victory resulted in us ultimately dropping to the 8th spot in the draft. Over half of the fans have posted that that 5th win will result in our missing our out Zach Wilson or Trey Lance (Carolina never had a realistic shot at Lawrence or Fields).

    Personally, with all the holes on our time I’m cool with taking the BPA to help the defense or O-line with our pick, because outside of Lawrence I don’t think any of the other QBs are sure things. Yet, it’s amazing to see how many Panther fans think that win set us back for the rest of the decade.

  15. I dont think Pederson made that call to tank. Someone above him is making those calls. Im thinking Pederson probably doesnt care if he is out.

  16. Yes, Giants fans and players were incredulous that the Eagles made a conscious decision to not put their best effort/team on the field. But this is more about the Eagles themselves. Eagles players have contract incentives, their game video is their resumé, and some of them don’t have deals for 2021. It’s in their best interest to play hard and win even when it seems there’s no other reason to do so. As everyone eventually says, it’s a business. And regardless of who made the call – Lurie, Roseman, Pederson, a combination thereof, or other front-office people also involved – it was just a bad look for game 256 on national television. End of the 3rd quarter, 4th and goal, down by just 3 – most (if not all) of the 31 other coaches kick the easy FG and make it a 0-0 game for the final 15 minutes. That’s just common sense.

  17. Lurie and his gopher Roseman are more of a problem than Pederson. But, Pederson must give up play calling. Way too pass happy!

  18. Pederson only did what he was told. Lurie about the money. He got his trophy so he is content to be competitve.

  19. He did not tank that game without approval from someone above. This is all a show to cover their tails from NFL punishment.

  20. Eagles trade Pederson and Wentz to Jacksonville for the first overall pick. If that happened, Meyer would jump all over that.

  21. When there are consistently bad strategies and/or play calls you look at the coaching. When the personnel choices are weak you look at GM and management. It sounds like Roseman is the problem the Eagles need to fire.

  22. Let’s see. Andy Reid took them to 3 NFC championships and a super bowl. But they parted ways. Then Peterson wins the only Eagles Super Bowl and now he’s on the hot seat. I’m guessing Andy Reid and Peterson didn’t suddenly become stupid, Sonperhaps the issue is in the front office?

  23. And if Hurts got hurt in that meaningless game, everyone would have been all over Pederson as to why he was playing him in a game with no meaning other than draft position. Is Pederson a good coach? From what I can tell, you could do worse (McCarthy in Dallas, Nagy in Chicago etc) But they need a new GM.

  24. It’s really the only way Doug can clear his name ,but Iam sure he will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement !

  25. If the end game is to off him. Do it now before all the legit candidates are history.

  26. Eagles need to clean house, including Roseman; give incoming GM and HC 3 years to clean up Howie’s and Doug’s mess.

  27. Who cares. The eagles win one Superbowl in over 50 years and act like a dynasty is being broke up. The only people who care are eagle fans. The rest of the nfl and fans don’t really care what the Eagles do

  28. bobby105 says:
    January 10, 2021 at 11:58 am
    As a Giants fan, hope Pederson stays for a long time.


    I don’t understand after looking at your record against him? The W’s in the G-men side are few and far between. In fact it’s laughable.

  29. Get rid of pederson just like they’ve gotten rid of all the other coaches except Duce. Get a guy that’ll get Wentz right. It’s not about this misguided theory they “ tanked “ a game. It’s about getting the best quarterback on the roster right so they can be in the best possible position to be competitive for years to come. Pederson isn’t the guy and hopefully Lurie realizes that.

  30. Another slow day in the Non-Playoff football teams..
    Hey Captian Obvious, Pederson and Lurie have a “meeting” every year after the season has come to an end and they’re had a week to digest… every year. So this is nothing new.
    And, Pederson has another year, with the coaching staff his way, hopefully. It sounds like Scangarello and Morninweg were forced on him, into positions of opinion, and it looks fairly apparent, it screwed with the team’s chemistry, esp Wentz and his choices.
    who they really need to fire is Pree Taylor. you cant be buddy buddy with your “boss”/Trainer/coach. He needs to be able to tell wentz the hard truth about his performance and how to fix it.. And either he doesnt know how to, which makes him a bad coach, or he won’t becasue it’s his friend, so he sugar coats it, which makes him a bad coach.

  31. It depends on where the idea to bench Hurts came from. If it was Lurie, Doug stays. If it was Doug, he’s probably out. I think Doug is back, but who knows.

  32. Pederson just seems like an arrogant jerk, and that only works well when you’re actually winning.

    Belichick seems like he’s on track to discover this too.

  33. Doug looked really shaky and out of sorts in his interviews earlier this week. I think he’s not handling this whole thing well emotionally. If he’s coming across that way in his meetings with Lurie, that does not bode well for him.

  34. The fact that Pederson wasn’t immediately fired right after the game makes it look like the owner was the one giving the tanking orders, or at least signed off on it. I guess they forgot the game was on national TV, and have come to realize how bad it looks. Maybe they’re hearing rumblings that the league is going to strip them of their first round pick. This just looks like some sort of damage control.

  35. All this talk of “tanking” is ridiculous. The eagles have played one game that can be considered meaningless in 4 seasons. One game throughout 4 years that didn’t lead to or have playoff implications where they were mathematically eliminated. In that game, I didn’t see anyone that didn’t try to win. I didn’t see a team that didn’t give their best effort. Too much was made of the decisions of the coaching staff to get some guys some playing time. The jets calling a zero blitz on a Hail Mary was a tank job. Mike Glennon getting starts over Minshew was worse. Heck, Blake Snell being pulled 6 innings into a shutout was worse. Having a guy get a quarter of action in the eagles first non playoff decisive game in 4 years is being blown up. This won’t be a factor in whether Doug keeps his job and it shouldn’t be. It should be a non story. His relationship with Carson is and will be the decisive factor in whether or not he keeps his job.

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