Report: Texans were poised to hire Omar Khan as G.M.

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A year after the Texans were making headlines during the first week of the playoffs because they were, you know, playing, they’re making even more headlines this year by, you know, not playing.

The hiring of Nick Caserio to be the team’s new General Manager lit the fuse on a cherry bomb of dysfunction for the Texans, reinforcing the perception/reality that executive V.P. of football operations Jack Easterby is Littlefinger (if you’re a GOT fan) or Gríma Wormtongue (if LOTR is your bag).

The Texans paid Korn Ferry somewhere between $100,000 and $1 million (word is that it was $600,000) to line up finalists for the job. Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reported that the five selected by Korn Ferry were Texans director of player personnel Matt Bazirgan, Seahawks V.P. of player personnel Trent Kirchner, Steelers V.P. of football and business administration Omar Khan, Louis Riddick, and Ravens director of football research Scott Cohen.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Khan would have gotten the job, if the Texans hadn’t unexpectedly gone off the board to hire Caserio. (Schefter also mentions that his ESPN colleague Louis Riddick was the next choice after Khan, possibly for internal peacekeeping purposes.)

Schefter adds that “multiple people” within the organization, including quarterback Deshaun Watson, were upset by the decision to ignore Korn Ferry’s work and to hire Caserio. Team president Jamey Rootes, though not mentioned by name in Schefter’s story, also is believed to be extremely upset that the work done by Korn Ferry, with Rootes’ involvement, was thrown overboard. Some believe that it’s just a matter of time before Rootes leaves the Texans; at least one person believes that Rootes already has tried to resign, but that Rootes was persuaded to wait in order to avoid further reinforcement of the perception/reality of disarray within the franchise.

Frankly, the disarray traces exclusively to Easterby. He was losing power and influence. Some believed he could end up being fired. The prevailing story in league circles is that, as the team was closing in on hiring one of the Korn Ferry finalists, Easterby went to owner Cal McNair’s house and talked him into hiring Caserio.

Another source said that agent Bob LaMonte, who represents both Easterby and Caserio, made a well-timed phone call to McNair, explaining that Caserio was poised to become the G.M. of the Panthers, and that Caserio would take Easterby with him. (It doesn’t matter if it was true that Caserio was going to the Panthers; what matters is whether McNair believed it.)

The end result is that things have gotten much worse for the Texans, and the Texans have done nothing to change the narrative or to send a message that contradicts rumors that are becoming accepted (in the absence of contrary information) as fact. Easterby, who has been hiding from the media ever since legitimate questions were raised about the legitimacy of his qualifications and background, is saying nothing externally.

Internally, Easterby has managed to mesmerize his audience of one. A week after it appeared that Cal McNair was ready to follow a different path, he seems to be firmly under Easterby’s spell. Until that spell is broken, the Texans will have a hard time changing the narrative and/or repairing the relationship with Deshaun Watson.

UPDATE 3:00 p.m. ET: Per a league source, the Texans had offered Khan the job and were negotiating a contract with him when the process, at the behest of Easterby, suddenly pivoted to Caserio.

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  1. All of the Texans dysfunction since Bob McNair died in 2018 rest on Cal McNairs shoulders.

    Cal is the source of the last two years of bad decisions, he has signed off on all of it….

  2. Easterby needs to seriously go away. That dude has created such a disaster and the fact the owner follows him shows that just because you inherit major coin doesn’t mean you’ll have an intelligence at all. Fire the whole lot (Caserio and all) and start fresh once again. Please though, do not let Watson have any say. He knows how to throw a football but does not know what it takes to be a coach or a GM. Players play, coaches coach and GM’s GM.

  3. Deshaun doesn’t deserve anything. They should move on from him. whiny, no leadership ability, overrated, soon to be overpaid. better chance of winning a super bowl in the next 5 years if they start over with somebody else.

  4. So what you’re saying in that as a Texans Fan it wasn’t enough that B.O.B trades Hopkins to AZ for 2 Wristbands and a pack of Juicy Friut. Easterby(Casario) is about to trade away a “franchise” QB to keep a team chaplin/interim GM/Player Development with Narcissistic complex! Woah

  5. They are definitely challenging the cowboys for the most inept sports organization in Texas.

  6. How dare they…Caserio might have been a good hire in Carolina but if Easterby had been attached…keep that mess away

  7. It’s interesting that Deshaun doesn’t want Patriots guys like Esterby and Caserio, but strangely he said he would welcome a trade to the Dolphins who is coached by a Patriot guy. Now, what’s the difference between Esterby and Caserio; and Flores? I can’t put my finger on it.

  8. Why would anyone hire a bunch of nerds at Korn Ferry to do their own soul searching?

  9. bsandersupthesidelinecutsbackinside says:
    January 10, 2021 at 2:45 pm
    Trade Deshaun to the Bears for two #1’s.
    will Never happen. It would be an embarrassment to the Bears to send draft picks for a QB that they could have had in the draft. However, I’m all for it. I don’t care if they win or lose, it would just be nice to see the Bears have a great QB who’s name isn’t Sid Luckman after all of the garbage QB play the Bears’ have endured over the years.

    Bears need to completely clean house, starting with Ted Phillips and work their way down, then the McCaskeys need to hire the right people to establish a competent plan and organization, and then clear out.

  10. Yep, Easterby is going to destroy the Texans further than BOB did. Cal isn’t making good decisions.

  11. I’m sorry but the Browns used Korn Ferry for years and hired hack after hack. So Korn Ferry is not the golden child and end all be all guys.

  12. Every piece of news coming out of Houston lets Jerrah get away with doing more stupid stuff.

  13. Riddick’s name keeps coming up every time and I don’t know why. Is his agent putting this out there? He never gets hired so I am beginning to think others know something about his lack of qualifications. It appears that his only qualification is that he works at ESPN! Kind of like a coach who was hired a couple of years ago! I’m just saying.

  14. The manager of your local taco ding ding has as much experience. It’s just management. It’s so simple.

  15. It’s interesting that Deshaun doesn’t want Patriots guys like Esterby and Caserio, but strangely he said he would welcome a trade to the Dolphins who is coached by a Patriot guy. Now, what’s the difference between Esterby and Caserio; and Flores? I can’t put my finger on it.

    Careful, now. There will be “outrage”!

  16. McNair is going to need some wet wipes once he’s done eating the hot mess he’s cooking up over there.

  17. So they paid someone $600,000 for a list that includes a few obvious guys from well-established programs, someone from their own team, and a TV commentator?

    With that kind of result, I think ignoring their recommendations is the first thing I’d do, followed by suing to get their payment back!

  18. lol how is who a football team hires as front office personnel become such am issue? The NFL is turning into drama filled NBA. They milked that Pederson story for a week and now this is the new travesty to befall the cycle.

  19. Fantastic news for my Colts. They are going down fast and Jax will hire Meyer. Within a couple years both of them will blow it up again. Here’s hoping the titans keep signing Tannehill.

  20. Easterby is neither Littlefinger or Wormtongue. He’s Dolores Umbridge, blissfully believing he’s doing an incredible job while oblivious to the damage in the wake of his decisions.

  21. Felt like i was reading a bossip or tmz story. Lets speculate a grown man acting like he is on dynasty.

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