Ron Rivera: Quarterback one of the most important things we need to get done

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Taylor Heinicke thinks he proved he can be an NFL quarterback on Saturday night, but Washington isn’t settled on anything at the position.

Head coach Ron Rivera met the media on Sunday to wrap up the 2020 season and begin looking forward to the 2021 campaign. Rivera said that he plans to meet with team owner Daniel Snyder on Sunday or Monday to discuss intentions for the offseason.

The quarterback position will be on the agenda. Rivera said, via Kyle Stackpole of the team’s website, that settling the plan for the position is “one of the most important things that we need to get done and get established” this offseason.

Heinicke was the fourth quarterback to start a game for the team. Opening day starter Dwayne Haskins has been released, Kyle Allen is recovering from a dislocated ankle, and Alex Smith missed three of the final four games with a calf injury. Smith remains under contract after making a remarkable comeback from his severe leg injury, but his salary is not guaranteed and Rivera said Smith is “really the only person who knows” if he will continue playing.

Whatever Smith’s call, there will likely be a move coming at the position if the team’s going to feel confident about what will be on hand come the start of the 2021 season.

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  1. We’re supposed to believe Alex smith worked his tail off to come back for 1 season? He’ll be back and he deserves to start after his play this year

  2. I respect the hell out of Ron Rivera, yet I don’t think he will be able to succeed unless ownership quietly fades into the background and allows him to mold the team as he sees fit. Quickly dumping Haskins is a positive first sign, but it’s hard to have optimism that Snyder won’t do something to negatively impact any progress that happened this year.

  3. Alex Smith was a great story this year but he’s clearly not the future of a successful offense

  4. I really wish Dallas hired Rivera instead of McCarthy. He is a leader, ex-player, a warrior and a great guy. Hope Alex Smith comes back, but they need a younger QB. The Washington Football Team showed a lot of grit yesterday, which sucks as a Cowboys fan.

  5. There were rumors Washington might be a landing spot for Cam Newton. After watching Heinecke last night, no way would they want Cam. Heinecke will run circles around him.

  6. Need to get a young QB who wants to learn and keep Alex Smith to help mentor him like he did for Mahomes. Haskins had the chance to learn from one of the smartest minds and chose to ignore and waste the opportunity.

  7. I would guess how they approach QB would be pretty simple. Alex Smith will likely want to be back, so he is the front runner to start. Henieke has proven he’s an option, so he will be back. Also, draft a third QB to develop. Not very difficult.

  8. Smith should not even be a consideration to be the starter next year for a host of reasons. At his cost, he shouldn’t even be kept on the roster. Use that cap money to sign a younger, capable free agent starter. Stick with Allen and Heinicke as the backups. Take a shot on a mid round prospect to develop.

  9. I agree with patsfan4life..Heinieke deserves a shot at the starting job, played with poise and the players followed his lead..

  10. Send Washington’s 1st round pick to Houston for Watson. Hopefully that big salary wouldn’t cost them too much more than that.

  11. They could do a lot worse than Smith as their starter. In fact, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep these three QBs for this year but draft one of those available guys this year and give him time to develop. Smith, as someone else mentioned, would be a great mentor in the QB room to Heinicke and a new guy. I don’t think they could keep four QBs though so somebody would be out. Still, Smith has shown he can still play so if WFT cuts him I’m sure he’ll show up somewhere else, if he still wants to play.

  12. Alex will decide if he wants to play next year. Any player at his age with his health status faces the same choice. If he decides to retire or to play, that is his decision to make. If he retires, I hope the WFT will look at Jameis Winston. A lot of his interception problems were due to his decision not to wear contacts. Last summer, he had LASER surgery, so he can now see down the field. Meanwhile, Heinicke certainly looked like he deserved a contract after the way he played yesterday.

  13. If Detroit doesn’t pick up the option on Matthew Stafford, and Stafford is willing to sign for a bit less than normal to move to a team with a defense, I think that would be a great fit. That wouldn’t require that the team give up any draft picks, would allow the team to sign some offensive talent with the team’s terrific cap situation, and would make them contenders while the window is open on what is becoming a great defense. I love Alex Smith, but you can’t have another year with him at the helm. Heinicke proved that the team is capable of more than a check down offense.

  14. jm91rs says:
    January 10, 2021 at 12:54 pm
    We’re supposed to believe Alex smith worked his tail off to come back for 1 season? He’ll be back and he deserves to start after his play this year


    I think the guaranteed 20 million had a lot to do with it.

  15. With all due respect, Alex will have had a full off-season of good health. He came into this season questionable, and it was a huge question mark. Sure, you can debate whether he’ll be a healthy qb next year, but to compare it vs this season isn’t smart.

    This season was unpredictable, he should be better going forward. Keep him, cap number is not important since they have tons of cap room. Sign taylor, and Allen, draft a qb if you can identify one worth grabbing. Barring some unknown free agent qb, id go confidently with these players

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