Russell Wilson: Offense kind of flatlined

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald had a couple of early sacks of Russell Wilson on Saturday and he got another hit on the Seahawks quarterback to disrupt a deep shot to DK Metcalf in the third quarter.

Donald injured his ribs on that play and left the game with the Rams up 20-13. The loss of PFT’s defensive player of the year seemed to offer a chance for the Seattle offense to get on track, but it didn’t happen.

The Seahawks punted a play after Donald’s injury and the next three times they had the ball as well. D.J. Reed fumbled on a punt return and the Rams were up 30-13 before a late touchdown by Metcalf made the final score look a little better.

“We needed to get going there,” Wilson said of Donald’s injury, via Adam Jude of the Seattle Times. “The game kind of felt stale for us in a way — we kind of flatlined. We needed to get going and make that happen. And the next thing you know, we didn’t.”

A stagnant offensive performance for the Seahawks didn’t come out of left field. It was a regular occurrence over the final two months of the season and a solution is something the team will have plenty of time to ponder after Saturday’s loss.

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  1. The Rams already had Aaron Donald, perhaps the best defensive player in the league. But they added Jalen Ramsey, a top defensive player, and Leonard Floyd. When an already good defense adds 2 more elite players, they become a dominant defense. That’s what Russell Wilson had to deal with.

  2. The Rams are a tough, very well coached team. Credit goes to them for another great performance against the Seahawks. I believe the Seahawks need to examine the current team in it’s entirety, personnel & operations in terms what is needed to beat the other NFC West teams, specifically the Rams. It’s not a makeover, but a tweak or two that’s needed.

    Congratulations Rams. Best of luck going forward. See you guys next season.

  3. wilson is a good qb- top 10 for sure, but too many times hes been over rated due to getting lucky with 50/50 deep balls his receivers bail him out on. improved o-line play and taking what the defense gives him are whats needed for him to get back to the pedestal the media puts him on

  4. This is the answer of a guy who didn’t expect to go very far in the playoffs and is okay with going home after the season. The fire they had at the start of the year has piddled out. What a disappointing game from the Hawks. Is LA really that much better that they can lose Donald, start a backup and still beat Wilson? I didn’t think so but last night says I’m wrong.

  5. The problem solely lies with the OC. Once teams adjusted to the passing game… The OC refused to adapt… For the ENTIRE REST OF THE SEASON!!! Think about that… They went from the best to the worst offense in one week and Schotty couldn’t adjust

  6. Seattle’s offensive line play has gotten worse over the year…five players on an offensive line have to play together as a unit…Seattle got worked against the Rams…too much to overcome…Seattle will need to draft yet again for the offensive line…and give credit to the Rams…L.A. came with a chip on their shoulder…I will also say that Washington State made a big mistake not allowing a small group of fans, maybe 10,000, at Lumen Field…Seattle thrives off of emotion, and they didn’t have it against the Rams….

  7. He was outplayed by an average (when healthy) QB with a broken thumb in his throwing hand.

    Think that about covers it.

    He makes some plays from time to time attributed directly to his athletic ability but he’s not a student of the position as QB should be when he matures. He does a LOT of basic things wrong and this has been consistent throughout his career.

    Why did the offense slump? Because like I said, Wilson doesn’t evolve and improve and defences booked up in the Seahawks offense. Plain and simple.

    Carroll should go back to cheating in college.

  8. Tyler Lockett let it slip during his interview. He said when Russ was hot and throwing the ball the first five weeks, the defenses started showing more exotic looks and confusing the offense. Russ was never able to crack the code for ten weeks.

  9. I’m a huge fan and a big defender of Russell. But in the final 10 games of the reg. season and in the playoff loss, he hasn’t made it very easy to be/do either one.

  10. Humble pie is Russ’s favorite thing to “cook” every year when the playoffs come around it would seem.

  11. Coaches used to say that the game is won or lost at the line of scrimmage. Seattle’s O line is not good at pass protection. It has not been good since Schottenheimer took over as offensive coordinator. After a few games in his first season, Schottenheimer resorted to ball control to slow the pass rush from opposing teams. It worked until Chris Carson gets hurt. Last season Carson could not play in the late season and Seattle lost several regular season games and exited early in the playoffs, and this season he is not 100%. That is why Seattle is out of the playoffs. The solution is a better O line, but Wilson’s fat contract would make it hard to do

  12. Russell is a mediocre QB that overachieved in the beginning of the season. Now that teams know he can’t play against cover 2.

    Rams always have his number because he’s predictable.

  13. This falls on coaching and it is not indicative of Wilson’s ability.

    You have an o-line that can’t protect him yet they continue to drop him straight back behind a line that can’t block. He is the best QB at throwing on the run…yet how many times in a game do they roll him out? I’d be rolling him out left and right non-stop and tire that d-line out.

    If you watch their play calling, they don’t make any adjustments mid-game. After the half they call the same plays that didn’t work in the first half.

    Way too conservative for the weapons they have…they have a Porsche…but Schottenheimer is the VW motor in the car.

    They need a real OC that can take advantage of Wilson/Metcalf/Lockett. Instead…they play not to lose and try to keep the game close so that they can hope Wilson gives them the win in the 4th. The bulk of their passing success is Wilson improvising and WRs getting open when he starts to scramble. NOTHING Schottenheimer has done has contributed to wins. I think Schott’s contract is up…so I hope either HE is gone…or Wilson get’s traded to team with a real offensive mindset.

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