Taylor Heinicke believes he proved he belongs in the NFL

NFL: JAN 09 NFC Wild Card - Buccaneers at Washington Football Team
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Taylor Heinicke did not lead the Washington Football Team to a victory in last night’s playoff game, but he played far better than most people expected.

Heinicke has only been with Washington for a month and had been out of the league for more than a year before that, and yet he completed 26 of 44 passes for 306 yards. Afterward, Heinicke said he thinks he showed he has what it takes.

I deserve to be in this league a little longer,” Heinicke said, via ESPN. “I’ve been on the other side not playing and it’s not fun, not as fun as this.”

Washington wide receiver Terry McLaurin agrees with that assessment.

“I’ll take No. 4 on my team any day of the week, twice on Sunday,” McLaurin said. “I hope we’re teammates in the future. That dude plays with no fear. He’s going to give his players a chance to make plays. He extends plays, he runs, he takes hits. He does everything you ask a quarterback to do in this league. He gave us a chance.”

Heinicke becomes an unrestricted free agent in March, and he’ll have offers. He got a chance on a big stage and showed what he can do.

55 responses to “Taylor Heinicke believes he proved he belongs in the NFL

  1. He proved it without a shaddow of a doubt! It pains me to know that he was sitting at home while my Washington Team was paying Dwayne Haskins millions to put up a 5% effort every day and get unmasked lap dances!

  2. Anything but a Washington fan, but it was fun watching him play last night; he really did seem to play without fear. I wish him the best going forward.

  3. He ain’t no brett farve but that kid played with desire and guts! He definitely made a statement, with that being said you all know! one game does nothing in this league but he does definitely deserve a good look. He can play.

  4. My dad has been a Vikings fan since they came in the league. He watched Heinicke play and was very impressed like me. He didn’t remember him on the Vikings roster but he said it made sense they threw this kid away without giving him a chance and wasted all the money on Cousins.

  5. I’m a Cowboys fan, very much impressed with his performance. Far better than the failed experiment Dallas saw with DiNucci. Apologies if I butchered the name as badly as he played in his 1 appearance.

  6. Amazing gutsy performance, especially given the circumstance. WFT should sign him now. Congrats Taylor!

  7. What a great story. no one knows where he will take his career, but now some team will give him a real chance.

  8. WFT should sign this man to a contract. He is worthy to compete for a starting QB spot.

  9. Good for you, kid. Rivera believes in guys that listen and give their all. You’re gonna get another chance in this league based on that alone. Take notes, Dwayne….

  10. It was great to see an unsung player play well; dude has heart. Team wanted to play for him.

  11. great job man.

    That guy played himself into a job.

    The other think that tampa D looked pretty bad

  12. I saw this potential in him when he was with the Vikings. I remember him rallying the them to win a preseason game in similar fashion…. Diving for the pylon and winning in the final seconds. I had hoped them they would keep. Him as a backup but they didn’t.

  13. His only fault is that he gets injured in every NFL game he’s in. Vikings during practice, Texans, Carolina, and now Washington.

  14. All game…I was craving a Heiniken. If he makes it….wonder who his first sponser would be.

  15. It was a resume night for Heinicke and I hope it’s the start of good things for him in the NFL.

  16. Ron Rivera was hired, and let it be known right off the bat that he wasn’t going to be anyone’s yes man. He was going to try to do his best to win. If the owner wanted a yes man, look elsewhere. Perhaps the timing was right for Dan Snyder too. Maybe he’s ready to sit back and let someone else run the team. Maybe. You’re starting to see that. It was pretty obvious when Rivera cut what’s his name.

  17. He played great but he’s never going to win a playoff game with a coach who doesn’t understand the concept of clock management. When you need 2 scores with only 6 minutes left in the game you need to either go by huddle, or at the very least use a timeout. Washington just took its time, and Rivera looked like he was just some guy standing on the sideline watching the game

  18. As a Bucs fan he was driving me crazy. What a performance! He’s probably not a starter in the league but he certainly earned himself a lot of money and a nice career as a reliable backup that can win a game for you. He’s got moxie.

  19. Was this a product of not having much game film on him or simply being legit? A certain quarterback by the name of Matt Flynn comes to mind when he threw 6tds in a game and got a contract to play in Seattle only to flame out. Just saying

  20. Thought he played great and brought energy to the stagnate offense. But until we see you play when there are 60,000 screaming fans swearing at you all game and the defense feeding off it, you are still 3rd string at best.

  21. I liked him at Minnesota but I think he was a real threat to Princess Cousins and Speilman did not want a QB controversy

  22. I know it was only one game, but after last night what about this guy’s performance makes anyone say he is “probably not a starter?” Why not? He played better than a lot of QBs in the league today. He was passing accurately and had receivers drop several throws that may have made a difference in the outcome. He ran well and had good reads. Dungy was gushing about the guy’s play, as were his teammates, so seems to me he could start somewhere, maybe in Washington. He sure did show up that lazy Haskins kid. Smith isn’t going to be around forever as banged-up as he is, so seems like the DC gang would want to keep him….

  23. He proved he can play but I doubt he could stand up to a whole season’s worth of hits. He looked tiny standing next to the punter on the sideline.

  24. I had no horse in the race last night, but loved watching Heinicke.Was an all out effort and he did a great job. But let’s pump the brakes a bit on his future as a starter. He will certainly get some offers from teams to come to camp. And it is possible he wins a starting job and flourishes. But it is also possible that he goes the way of Matt Flynn, Clint Longley, Rob Johnson et al. One game does not a career make, and the NFL has a way of proving that each and every week. That being said, I will be rooting for him..

  25. I was rooting for him but it’s obvious it’s easier to play quarterback in the NFL these days.

  26. I wanted the Saints to draft this guy several years back. Hey Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis, did you watch that game last night?

  27. I thought he played very well and gave the Bucs D fits all night. Made some great throws and runs. he for sure has more future in the NFL.

  28. poopball703 says:
    January 10, 2021 at 6:47 am
    He ain’t no brett farve but that kid played with desire and guts! He definitely made a statement, with that being said you all know! one game does nothing in this league but he does definitely deserve a good look. He can play
    Brett Farve’s first pass in the NFL was a pick 6. I’d say Heinicke has at least started off on the right foot.

  29. There was a lot more good on that game tape than bad for him. My 12 year old thought he would have won the Pats 3 more games this year. He said that the Pats definitely signed the wrong former Panther…

  30. His problem is that he’s 6’0″ and 211 lbs. He can’t take the pounding week in and week out. Having been hanging around for 5 years already, I’m surprised no one showed him where the weight room was and told him to bulk up to about Russell Wilson size. Obviously he’s fearless, decisive, and can read the defense and knows where to go with the ball. Which is more than a lot of Washington QB’s we’ve seen.

  31. The fact that the Vikings cut him tells me that he can play in the NFL, the Viking’s couldn’t recognize a NFL QB to save their lives.

  32. Washington would be smart to sign him to an incentive laden contract and Heinicki would be smart to accept it. He didn’t prove he is a starter in this league. He proved that he deserves a chance.

  33. Yet Chase Daniels has made $38M showing absolutely nothing over the past decade. Lions could’ve used this kind of effort and performance when Stafford went down. I don’t understand how a guy like that is sitting home with no opportunities with all the horrible backups in the league. Some of those passes were incredible. Pressure barreling down in his face and somehow drops a perfect dime in the corner of the end zone where only his receiver could grab it. Hard to believe this guy was on the couch with Haskins sucking up all those reps.

  34. Finally some offensive excitement with the Football team. That diving touchdown to the pylon was the most exciting offensive play this Team has had in at least a decade.

  35. He looked terrific! If the WFT OL could have blocked better, they very well could have taken that game.

    Keep him and Smith and they’ll be set at QB next season.

  36. He and Kyle Allen should both be on the roster next year, have an open competition for the AN job, picking 19th won’t land you a stud/franchise QB,but these two are decent options. I thought he should’ve S started against Philly, Alex was feel good story but he was holding the offense back, get another receiving threat and improve the O-line(play) this team will be much better next year.

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