Tom Brady: Certainly a lot to improve on

Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Football Team
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The Buccaneers won their first playoff game since Super Bowl XXXVII on Saturday night, but the postgame reaction wasn’t totally celebratory.

Head coach Bruce Arians said the defense was “terrible” until the final minutes and quarterback Tom Brady found things were lacking on his side of the ball as well. Brady credited wide receiver Mike Evans for playing through an injury and running back Leonard Fournette for stepping into a bigger role when Ronald Jones got hurt in warmups, but said the team has to do more than they did in the 31-23 win over Washington.

“They both played great, and we needed them to play great,” Brady said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “They made a bunch of big plays when we needed them to. It was a tough, hard-nosed game. They had a lot of fight. We had opportunities to pull away and just didn’t do it. We didn’t score enough points in the red area. There’s certainly a lot to improve on. We’ll figure out who we’re playing tomorrow and go from there.”

If the Saints beat the Bears, the Bucs will have to go to New Orleans to face a team that beat them twice in the regular season. A Bears win would mean the Bucs get to host the Rams next weekend.

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  1. The defense was definitely terrible for a lot of the game. The concept of sealing the edge seems to be unknown to them, and their zone defense acted as if their job was to defend against turf. And Todd Bowles isn’t known for making adjustments.

    On the offense, Jensen is back to making bad snaps, and in the 3rd quarter especially receivers had the dropsies. I’m more optimistic about the offense getting it together. Brady looked sharp and strong, Gronkowski wasn’t a factor in receiving, but his blocking work was excellent, and tight end Cameron Brate had a big night. Fournette looked good and actually caught passes. If Ronald Jones can play next week, that will be a big plus. The offensive line performed well and a lot of good plays came out of play action.

    Whether it’s the Saints or Rams next week, the Bucs will have to kick it up a notch or two to survive.

  2. Brady has been there 9 times he knows what it takes, and he knows the Bucs need to improve on defense if they’re gonna have a shot at winning it all, but he’s not about to say that so he says we need to score more points. If the Bucs are going to win it all they either figure out how to stop the other guy, or they score at least 40.

  3. Waaay too many drops; Godwin with four alone. And Brate dropped a TD as well. And then there’s a D that gave up 23 first downs to Taylor Heinecke. Basically aside from the drops the offense looks really good but as mentioned, that is not a championship defense. Lot of work to do Arians and Bowles to do this week.

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