Will Eric Bieniemy be shut out again?

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The Andy Reid coaching tree has in recent years sent former Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson to the job of head coach of the Eagles and former Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy to the job as head coach of the Bears. Current offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has stalled in that spot for three years, passed over for head-coaching offers after his first two seasons of working directly with quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

A week ago, it seemed inevitable that one of the various 2021 vacancies would go to Bieniemy. Now, there’s a sense in league circles that he could once again be shut out of the process.

Bieniemy has interviewed with the Jaguars, Lions, Falcons, Chargers, and Jets. The Texans did not interview him.

Working against Bieniemy is the rule that prevents him from being hired until the Kansas City postseason run ends. Only when an assistant from a potential Super Bowl team is the clear-cut top choice for a given team will that team wait for him. If all other things are equal, the guy who’s available now will be hired.

Bieniemy may sense that his ship won’t be coming in this year. As one league source explained it to PFT, Bieniemy is privately saying that he wants to stay with the Chiefs until he finds the perfect job.

The situation is creating a logjam within the Chiefs organization. Quarterbacks coach/passing game coordinator Mike Kafka is in line to take over for Bieniemy, with Kafka becoming the next guy to eventually graduate to a head-coaching job.

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  1. and maybe teams dont want the chiefs to be getting extra draft picks for a guy who has benefitted from andy reid schemes and play calling

  2. Their Success is Andy Reid yet people mistakenly think its his OC yet when they get hired as HC they disappoint greatly as the next OC under Reid looks to be the next talent!

  3. “Bieniemy is privately saying that he wants to stay with the Chiefs until he finds the perfect job.”


    Sooooo then he’s not actually being shut out, correct?

  4. Is it possible that his contribution to the offense is rather insignificant? In
    between Mahomes and Reed . Anyone could be a great OC.

  5. For every OC or DC from a winning team that went on to have a good HC career there are probably 4 who havent. Mahomes may become the greatest QB ever and his weapons are insanely good too. GM’s know this when looking for a HC.

  6. Maybe he is coach in waiting for KC. It is his choice but go to Jags or Jets get fired in 2-3 years because the orgs or poorly put together or stay in KC wait 4-5 years for Reid and take over?

  7. Well when multiple teams interview and none are willing to wait on you then your not that slam dunk great head coach candidate the media is trying to make him out to be. Obviously there is something with his interviews. Sure a team could disregard the interviews and he could be great but then the media would be jumping on them for hiring someone who interviewed poorly or that they already knew who they wanted regardless of interviews(which is what’s happening in Houston)

  8. At this point I think it’s safe to say the guy is just not head coaching material, or at least he doesn’t come across as such in interviews. Good coordinators don’t always turn out to be good head coaches, especially when they’ve been propped up by stellar QBs. Adam Gase anyone?

  9. Well little tired of race as being a reference in this story….it’s getting old. How about maybe he wants to stay where he is? Maybe he’s just not ready… AND good coordinators doesn’t equal good HC. He’s a smart man…. he’ll find his way when he’s ready.

  10. Vikings should hire him back as OC then elevate him to HC when Zimmer gets fired.

  11. Must be some difference these organizations are seeing between Peterson,Nagy and Bieniemy. Wonder what it could be

  12. More skimming on the edge of race being the main factor. How about an article on why Pete Carmichael isn’t a HC, he’s been an OC of some of the greatest offenses in NFL history, and has been OC about 4x as long as Biememy. Why no yearly articles on him???? Think we know the answer to that question.

  13. It’s been reported both this year and in previous years that he’s done quite poorly in the interview process. So the perfect job for him may end up being the one he currently has.

    If his interviews are really that bad then at some point he’s going to quit getting them. Look at the Chefs special teams coordinator as an example, Dave Toub is one of the best in the league at what he does, several years in a row he got head coach interviews, and it’s been reported he’s been underwhelming in them. And now Dave Toub no longer gets the chance to interview for HC positions.

  14. jan00 says:
    January 10, 2021 at 4:11 pm
    Is it possible that his contribution to the offense is rather insignificant? In
    between Mahomes and Reed . Anyone could be a great OC.

    Or just look like they are one, I said the same thing about Nagy to so it’s not just Bieniemy! That’s 100% Reid’s playbook and Reid’s offense Eric just runs practices for it and apparently gets more credit for doing that then he should.

  15. Did Bieniemy coach up Mahomes?
    Or was he handed a Hall of Fame QB and looks good because of that?
    Or some of both?
    I don’t know but one thing I do know is coordinators frequently get credit when they have a lot of good players. Thats usually on the GM. Just like a “bad” coordinator with no players isn’t at fault, it’s on the GM.

  16. only decent job out there is the chargers…
    rest of those teams will fire you in 2 years for not turning those turds into champs. maybe frisco next year…

  17. I’ve also read some reports saying it went very well for Atlanta and is a front runner. He’s got a playoff game to prepare for right now so anything is up in the air.

    Anyone saying “look at Reid’s other OC’s turned HC” must be forgetting that Peterson actually got Philly a SB that Reid himself didn’t deliver on. Nagy is at least keeping Chicago competitive when any other coach probably would have been fired given the circumstances surrounding Trubisky and the rest of the team. There’s no doubt after three years Bienemy is ready.

    Of course, they can always go the Belichick tree and see how turns out…

  18. Maybe he is looking for an ownership who cares about winning… of the teams he interviewed for only the Chargers have the foundation of players in place that would be attractive but the history shows the charges let the hc coaches go about every three years..

  19. It’s better to be an OC or an assistant coach for a well run organization then accept the prestigious HC position for a poorly run organization and be set up to fail (and thus be unemployed in three years)

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