One Browns offensive lineman had never met Baker Mayfield before Sunday

Wild Card Round - Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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How much upheaval has there been on the Browns’ offensive line? So much that Baker Mayfield had never even met one of the linemen blocking for him on Sunday night.

Mayfield revealed after the game that he had never met guard Blake Hance, who was signed last week off the Jets’ practice squad, didn’t get to practice with the Browns because of COVID-19 restrictions, and then was on the field as the Browns beat the Steelers.

“We had Michael Dunn step in at left guard for Joel Bitonio, and then Michael got hurt, and then a guy named Blake that I introduced myself to literally in the locker room before the game stepped up in the fourth quarter,” Mayfield told Michele Tafoya after the game.

The Browns went through a rough week because of the COVID-19 outbreak within their facility, but they came out of it looking far more ready to play than the well-rested Steelers. Even the guy who just showed up was ready.

8 responses to “One Browns offensive lineman had never met Baker Mayfield before Sunday

  1. One of the best wildcard games I’ve seen, and I’m not even a Browns fan. I just can’t stand the Steelers and watching an underdog with the cards stacked against them play so well it made Rothlesburger sit on the bench and contemplate his life choices…well that was just wonderful

  2. Mike Tomlin doesn’t deserve to keep his job when clearly Cleveland’s special teams coach is better equipped for that role.

    Time to clean house Pittsburgh. Why did you trade for Minkah again knowing you need a QB?

    Steelers are about to hover below .500 for a decade.

  3. You know who didn’t meet Baker on Sunday? The Steelers defensive line, especially TJ Watt – pathetic.

  4. Dominating Pittsburgh’s D-line was most impressive, even if they had their O-Line coaches and total health… factoring all that in there, that was an epic performance all in all.

  5. And yet that offense absolutely crushed the Steelers’ defense. How can that happen, especially when they have a good front seven? Tomlin sure got them ready to play this game didn’t he? Steelers fans should be used to late-season collapses and one-and-done in the playoffs by now. Tomlin just does enough to keep his job then takes the rest of the year off–along with his team.

  6. It’s not a big secret that one of the ways to beat a good pass rush is good reads and quick decisions and throws. Big Ben is still playing because they changed the offensive scheme to let his get rid of the ball in 2 1/2 seconds to ease the pounding he was getting. Mayfield was only holding the ball for less than that and the Steelers secondary couldn’t hold hold up for even that short a period of time. The big surprise is how the Browns could run against them. The once vaunted Steel Curtain turned to tin foil.

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