Ben Roethlisberger joins a very small club

Wild Card Round - Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is the unofficial president of a fairly exclusive club. Eighteen men have thrown for 500 or more yards in a regular-season game, and Roethlisberger had done it three times in the regular season, more than any other.

On Sunday night, Roethlisberger joined a much more exclusive club. Only one other person — Tom Brady — had thrown for 500 yards in a postseason game. Roethlisberger last night threw for 501.

It was an ugly 501 yards, marred by four interceptions. Like Brady, Roethsliberger’s 500-yard postseason performance came in a losing effort. (Brady’s happened in Super Bowl LII.)

Combining regular season and postseason, there have now been 25 500-yard passing games. Roethlisberger has four of them.

The individual accomplishment becomes a footnote to a bitter defeat at the hands of a team that hadn’t won in Pittsburgh since 2003. But it underscores the reality that Roethlisberger has performed at a very high level or years, and that he can still get it done. If the Steelers decide to move on, Roethlisberger would become an intriguing addition to the list of quarterback options for 2021.

15 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger joins a very small club

  1. And yet they still were blown out by a team that was missing its head coach. Also, the Browns offense ran roughshod over the Steelers defense even though their offensive line was a mess with several players out because of Covid-19 and that group had never played together. If that’s not bad enough, they hadn’t practiced all week.

    In other words, you don’t need a coach and you don’t need to practice and you can just get offensive linemen off the street and still humiliate the Steelers in a playoff game. The Steelers looked like the Bad News Bears out there last night. Great job of getting your team prepared coach Tomlin. Another late-season collapse by the Steelers. That’s becoming an annual occurrence.

  2. He also set the record for completions. It was impressive but those 5 turnovers were horrible. The yards look great.

  3. I figured the small club he joined was “opposing QBs that lost to the Browns in the playoffs”. My bad.

  4. flajoe12 says:
    January 11, 2021 at 10:31 am

    Garbage time stats, from a QB and team getting blown out!

    Not exactly. “Garbage time” refers technically to the numbers a player puts up in a losing effort well after the other team has stopped competing. This game was in doubt until the last 5 minutes, and he was gaining those yards throughout the entire time.

    Only Problem was that technically it COULD have been considered garbage time in the FIRST Quarter.

    But face the facts, it was NOT. The Browns gave up those yards, plain and simple.

    I’d love to see how many times a player with so many attempts loses. It’s usually a lot. Because you RARELY see those kinds of numbers unless you ARE behind by a lot.

  5. Last night was the 25th time a player threw for 500 or more yards in a game. The record of those teams is now 13-12.

  6. I remember watching in the 80s and I think it was John Elway said after a press conference. Throwing for 300yds is great but it usually comes in a losing effort. I guess that number is 500yds now.

  7. The Browns got so far ahead after Roethlisberger’s first three interceptions that the corners started playing 15 yards off the receivers in the middle of the second quarter.

    It wasn’t quite prevent defense, but it was along the same lines. Last night was the most hollow 500-yard game you’ll ever see.

  8. Brady didn’t throw five INTs. The SB wasn’t against a team that hadn’t won a road playoff game since 1969.

  9. 2 very small clubs, if you count the QBs who have lost a playoff game to the Cleveland Browns club

  10. Let’s not forget that Cleveland was missing a couple of starters in their secondary, in addition to the O-line and a few coaches. Sorry, but I can’t really get to worked up about a 500 yd passing performance when you were already down 28 pts in the 1st Qtr and threw the ball 70 times.

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