Bills favored by 3 over Ravens, Chiefs favored by 10 over Browns

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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The two home teams are favored in the AFC divisional playoffs.

With the divisional matchups officially set as Ravens at Bills and Browns at Chiefs, multiple sports books have installed the Bills as three-point favorites and the Chiefs as 10-point favorites.

It’s no surprise that the home teams are favored, or that the Chiefs, who are fresh off a bye week, are the bigger favorites. Neither Ravens-Bills nor Browns-Chiefs is a rematch of a regular-season game, so we don’t know a lot about how these teams match up against each other, but their regular-season performances are consistent with the Bills being slight favorites and the Chiefs being big favorites.

This weekend the Browns won 48-37 as 6-point underdogs at Pittsburgh, Buffalo won 27-24 and failed to cover the 7-point spread over Indianapolis, and the Ravens won 20-13 and covered a 3-point spread over the Titans.

12 responses to “Bills favored by 3 over Ravens, Chiefs favored by 10 over Browns

  1. gotta put up at least 30 to beat mahomes.
    browns showed they can do that.
    should be interesting.

  2. As a Bills fan I would have preferred playing Pittsburgh knowing what to expect. Baltimore is going to be a tougher win….

  3. As a Chiefs fan I think Pitt was the weakest team in the AFC playoffs, maybe the Colts.

    Go small markets!

  4. The Ravens are a much better team in the underdog role. It just adds fire to preparations and their play on game day. It makes them play with an edge. Most Ravens fans will tell you the same. So, being underdogs by -3 is music to my ears. The Ravens will definitely play a competitive game. I have so much respect for the Bills and I think they are a top-notch organization that does things the right way. I am impressed by the Bills fans and their love for their Bills. One of the Top fan bases in the NFL as far loyalty to their team in spite of struggles. It will definitely be a great game. May the Best team win!
    I will drink a Labatt Blue to that! Cheers!!!

  5. Need to get an old fashioned “spy” on Jackson and make him throw Sunday and not get fooled by slick schemes. Devin Singletarynneeds to earn his paycheck this week – or have Antonio Brown ready to run. Win or go home billy goats

  6. Its good for the NFL that the Bills and Browns are back into the divisional round. All these AFC teams have young QB talent which is exciting for the AFC, while the NFC slowly gets older.
    Go Bills!
    Go AFC!

  7. Don’t love the match-up as a Bills fan, but it’s great as a football fan. Ravens are legit – great running game, versatile QB, veteran coach and a very stout D. If the Bills want to advance, they’ll have to earn it.

    Looking forward to the game. Saturday night is a fun slot….

  8. Chiefs at 10 is way too high. The Browns have been playing well lately and the Chiefs haven’t. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Browns win this.

  9. Finally, the NFL has a chance to get the ratings bonanza Bills-Browns AFC Championship game it’s been dreaming about for decades.

    I unfortunately don’t feel great about the Bills advancing. Not to say they couldn’t do it, but the Ravens running game is a tough matchup for them. The offense is going to have to be ready to light it up.

    If the Bills are destined for a Super Bowl, it’s possible, even likely, they’ll have to beat the 2018, 2019, and 2020 NFL MVPs on the way there.

  10. Finally, the NFL has a chance to get the ratings bonanza Bills-Browns AFC Championship game it’s been dreaming about for decades.

    …Browns – Chiefs. This Sunday will be entertaining! Bills – Ravens, smash mouth!

  11. Chiefs aren’t going to give the Browns five extra possessions off turnovers. The Browns needed everyone of them to beat the Steelers and they played horribly. Look for Cinderella to get dismissed from the ball.

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