Bruce Arians: Washington’s pass rush “didn’t scare us”

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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The cycle has become predictable.

NFL player or coach says something that potentially motivates an opponent. Some media members downplay the notion that the things said will actually motivate an opponent. The opponent wisely, in most cases, waits to respond on the field.

And then the opponent does.

We saw it on Sunday night, when JuJu Smith-Schuster‘s “the Browns is the Browns” comment stirred up Cleveland. We also saw it on Saturday night, when the Buccaneers kept Washington’s pass rush from affecting quarterback Tom Brady.

“I think it was the biggest storyline of the week, just because one guy says, ‘I want Tom [Brady] all of a sudden,” Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians told reporters, in reference to the comments from Chase Young and the chatter they inspired. “They’ve got a great front. Our guys took it to heart — they were going to block them. I thought we blocked them really, really well. They didn’t scare us.”

Although in many cases the quote that motivates an opponent wasn’t meant to do so, the reality is that anything an NFL player or coach says can and will be used to motivate an opponent, if there’s any way to twist the words into motivation. That goes for Young, Smith-Schuster, and anyone else.

Intent doesn’t matter. Once the words are blurted out, it’s over. The challenge, especially for young players and the organizations that employ them, is to come up with ways to avoid inadvertently supplying an opponent with extra motivation through a careless comment.

By now, it should be obvious that statements like “the Browns is the Browns” and “I want Tom” have a very real impact. The effort to keep players from adding to that list should be aggressive.

20 responses to “Bruce Arians: Washington’s pass rush “didn’t scare us”

  1. Of course he says that now , Arians is an over rated clown if Brady had been sacked 5xs. He wouldn’t have said a word . Except maybe thrown the offensive line under the bus

  2. If you’re a professional football player and you still need these childish motivational stunts to get you to play your best then you really have no business cashing your checks.

  3. Props to the Bucs, their line played well and Brady manipulated the pocket like the GOAT that he is.

    Bright days are ahead for WFT as long as the owner lets the football people do their jobs.

  4. Let’s hope the same holds true against the Saints. THAT is a great front.

    Jordan Is a monster

  5. Gronk was left 1:1 at least once to block Young with no help on a pass…and he did it like an OT…Brady is his boy…I’m sure the words helped him focus and not be the guy that got Tom hit. And I’m not a Buccs, Pats, Brady, or Gronk fan…tho I do have to admit liking them more this year…however, they had my respect, more so after plays like that.

  6. ‘washington’ was obviously over -hyped all week… Scary ‘front 7’… must have set out their last 3 games… And the great rookie Young, did he even play in that game?

  7. If I was the Steelers I would ban JuJu no brains from Social Media and ban him from talking to Reporters. Every time he opens his mouth the Steelers lose. The Bills, Bengals, Browns all stomped them because of JuJu getting the other team riled up.

  8. It is embarrassing to the media that you spend more time hyping Lamar Jackson and annointing him MVP every time he wins a game than covering the incredible season and performance of Tom Brady. Nary a mention. 380+ yards, 2 TDs, and critical precision at key junctures. I know he’s been doing it forever, but why don’t you focus on it?
    I get it, Lamar is a great athlete and running back who finally won a playoff game. Congrats to Lamar. But it gets so old hearing about him all the darn time. He’s 20th in the league in QB play. He’s won a single playoff game.
    What about Brady, Josh Allen’s incredible rise, the revival of ARod, the downfall of Big Ben, why Russ Wilson never cooks when it really matters in the playoffs? All we get is Lamar, Lamar, Lamar. If he wins a Super Bowl, sure, cover him and praise him to the moon. But can’t we just pump the brakes for once with this guy?

  9. Washington fan here: I am pleased with what I saw. We might not even have to use our first round draft pick on a QB.

  10. Agree with the comment above on Lamar Jackson. He’s a running back. He made a great run-but hardly the greatest run in playoff history. The Ravens run a high school offense that relies on the QB running and they have a top defense. That’s a winning formula until you come up against a team that can shut down a running QB.

  11. Whatever… this guy is always running his mouth. Can’t wait to see him lose next week and blame Brady for the loss.

  12. Btw, no rookie mistake.

    Saying I want Tom, is not the same as saying the browns suck basically…. chase wants to play the best of the best, he loves football and it shows. This is far from an insult, hesuggested that Tom is the goat in the week leading up to the game

    I’m not certain I see how saying someone is the greatest of all time, is Trash talk. But media gon media

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