Buzz builds for Jim Caldwell to Texans

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The Texans currently have a mess on their hands. Their best way to clean it up could entail hiring Jim Caldwell to serve as the team’s next coach.

A buzz is building in league circles that Caldwell could be the next coach in Houston.

Last month, the Texans interviewed Caldwell, who previously coached the Colts and the Lions, before hiring G.M. Nick Caserio. With the team desperately needing a solution to the now obvious and well-documented discontent of quarterback Deshaun Watson, Caldwell could be the calming influence the team needs.

Would Caserio want Caldwell? Former Lions G.M. Bob Quinn, who worked with Caldwell in Detroit, fired Caldwell after a pair of 9-7 seasons. Some would say that the firing of Caldwell became a matter of “when” not “if” once Quinn got the job, given the reality that Quinn seemed to be determined to eventually hire Matt Patricia to coach the team.

Caldwell, 65, has a 62-50 record in the regular season, and a 2-4 mark in the playoffs. He has had no other interviews in the current cycle.

In 2012, Caldwell became the offensive coordinator of the Ravens in December, helping the team to a Super Bowl win. After one more year in Baltimore, the Lions hired him to become the team’s head coach.

If, you may ask, the Texans would hire Caldwell in an effort to undo the damage done to the relationship with Deshaun Watson, why wouldn’t they simply interview and/or hire Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy? That approach would seem to be too much of a capitulation to Watson, who recommended Bieniemy for the job. Regardless, Caldwell’s calm and confident personality and demeanor could help patch things up with Watson.

It’s nevertheless possible that Watson has mentally crossed the Rubicon regarding his time in Houston. Even without Watson, however, Caldwell could be the right man at the right time to stabilize a team that has descended into a state of dysfunction that the organization has never before seen.

77 responses to “Buzz builds for Jim Caldwell to Texans

  1. I think Caldwell would be an ideal fit if the Falcons or Lions wanted to keep their current high paid players and what to make a run. At 65 he might be too old for the rebuild in Houston. If they where smart (big if) they would look past the next year and rebuild around a young regime looking to make its mark.

  2. Caldwell is a good coach, but he’s been out of the game for a few years. Given his history, the ceiling for his teams is a playoff win or two. The Texans need to be bolder in their choice.

  3. He’d be a good hire as far as the locker room goes, but I think it would come down to who he would bring in as offensive & defensive coordinators before I’d get behind it. I like him but he hasn’t done much in playoffs, but then again look at the situations he had to work with. This whole idea that suddenly Watson wants to be catered too is ridiculous. I can understand wanting to win, but you ain’t the GM, and if he’s going to air his dirty laundry out in the media with these leaks then he’s no leader

  4. He’s a good coach. Good. He’s definitely not going to be the answer, but in that division he at least has a chance.

  5. The stumping for Bieniemy is unreal. He’s not getting hired because nobody knows what he actually does for the Chiefs. If he wants to be a HC, he needs to go be a coordinator somewhere. He doesn’t call plays, Kafka apparently draws up the plays.. so he’s going to have to leave KC and do it somewhere else.

  6. Yikes. This will calm Watson. Good guy. Good coach. Detroit 2.0 good QB with nothing around him and horrible owners.

  7. I like the idea as I think Caldwell is a good coach that Detroit should have never moved on from.

    However, Caldwell is not a young man at 65. Will be interesting to see if he wants to come out of retirement. I know he’s had some health issues in the past couple of years as well. But it seems like a very good fit on paper.

  8. I don’t understand why Eric Bienemy is not at the top of everyone’s list? I was hoping the Cowboys would go that way last year but apparently we like retreads not new and invigorating. But if I were the Texans my list would start and end with Bienemy and pair him with Watson for a lethal combination.

  9. Steady, disciplined coach. I hope he brings a “wow” OC with him to Houston, otherwise the Texans are going to waste Watson’s talents.

  10. Since when does the QB get to pick the GM and HC? Too much credit is being given to DWat. Trade him and get the future in place. I have Texans season tickets available if anyone is interested?

  11. He would be a good fit in Philadelphia if Lurie would pull the plug on Pederson and might let Lurie save face and keep Roseman even if he really should be gone

    Match him up with a good, experienced DC…

  12. Why in the world wouldn’t they hire Beineimy out of Kansas City? He has that offense running like a Swiss watch and makes tremendous in game decisions and he’s a proven winner. It’s not a matter of if but when somebody hires him away from Kansas City they are going to be glad they did. I’m not sure he would even take the Texans job anyway. Why give up heaven only to go through the hell of trying to get that Texas train wreck back on the tracks?

  13. He fits the message that Watson is putting out there….

    It’s just a shame he isn’t going to bring the result to fit that message…
    Its not that the NFL wants more divers HC for the sake of it or losing divers coaches would only reinforce the past mindset…. It needs to be WINNING divers HC which Caldwell has NOT prove to be!

  14. I think Caldwell is a pretty good coach but I don’t understand them being in a hurry to hire him right now. They may suspect that Bienemy would turn them down but Caldwell looks to be somebody who’d still be around and could be the ideal fallback if they couldn’t land a more in-demand guy like Bienemy.

  15. Bienemy has already made noise like he is not leaving KC until he gets exactly what he is asking for. If he hangs out in KC a couple more years he may be the heir-apparent for Reid.

  16. The guy that couldn’t fathom that a team would throw a hail mary at the end of a game? Lol. Good luck with that.

  17. If I’m Watson, I force my way out of Town. He’s going to waste his prime there.

    To be clear, I dont even personally think Watson is on the same Tier as the new young bucks – Mahommes, Jackson, Allen. But he’s right beneath that, and with talent around him maybe he proves me wrong.

    He / we won’t ever know unless get GETS OUT OF HOUSTON.

    Great City. Great Fans, who deserve better. Terrible ownership, terrible front office, terrible NFL x’s and o’s situation.

    I would get to Miami. The Texans can take the time to figure Tua out.

  18. Here’s a noble idea..How about just hire the best person for the job regardless of what any of the players think?

  19. I still don’t understand why the Texans did not simply interview Bienemy to satisfy Watson. Is that really such a huge concession?

  20. Jim Caldwell actually won a Super Bowl in 2012 as Raven’s offensive coordinator. So he did have success in the postseason and not some outdated offensive mind. He has a calming presence that would be good for the locker room. Might not be the most exciting hire but I think he will do well.

  21. I dont understand. Is Watson’s issue that he wants Bienemy as HC. Or that ownership said they’d ask his input, then didn’t even interview Bienemy. If its the first, that feels like a Watson issue. If it’s the second, that’s on the team. Don’t say you’ll listen to someone and ignore them! I can also believe Watson doesn’t like bringing in another NE guy, since almost all of them failed away from the Pats.

  22. Why in the world would this appease Watson? Who has ever gotten excited for Jim Caldwell? Were they really in need of someone to stare blankly at a field for three hours without moving?

  23. Caldwell passed on Aaron Donald because he thought Donald was too small to play in a 4-3. Him and Mayhew both wanted Ebron.

  24. I was never very impressed with Caldwell. But viewed through the lens of accomplishing back-to-back 9-7 seasons in Detroit, a feat which no mere mortal could ever hope to accomplish, he starts to look pretty good. Gotta be a better idea than giving Urban Meyer barge-loads of cash to do a crummy job for about 2 years then bail.

  25. I am sure Caldwell will be really excited if they hire him. But with his facial expression who would know?

  26. It’s possible that Bieniemy wants “final say” on personnel decisions (much like Reid, Carroll and others) and doesn’t want to operate under the “GM has the last say” model.

  27. Caldwell already worked for one dysfunctional organization. This would be terrible for him in the long run.

  28. Caldwell is an excellent offensive mind for team that have a pocket passed QB, but is a total mismatch with Watson… just wouldn’t work. The local buzz is that the Texans are targeting Brian Daboll… which makes perfect sense. Not sure all this national news is nothing more than deflections.

  29. Caldwell got fired because in 2016 they needed to win 1 of the final 4 games to make the playoffs and lost every game including one against a bad Bengals team. In 2017 they were just inconsistent enough to once again miss the playoffs. Caldwell is a great leader of men but Detroit wasn’t getting over the hump with him. Patricia was a disaster but that doesn’t mean Caldwell was the answer.

  30. He’s not a bad coach. The lions immediately got worse as soon as he left. But if he gets hired ahead of a Bieneimy or other young up and comer, something is wrong.

  31. To be clear, Kafka is the OC in KC, EB the OC assistant. That may not be the public titles, but KC’s next HC is Kafka, my guess is he’ll be taking over in 2023 or 2024.

    Reid, Mahomes, Kafka, EB is the hierarchy in their offense. The bad thing is the other GM’s know this but the media portrays it as EB, Reid, Mahomes.

  32. Any coach who is not given 5 years to bring this team back is destined to fail. Jim Caldwell is an OK choice, but will not create excitement for the fan base.

  33. If Watson is the future of Houston for the next 10-15yrs as they say, then why bring in a 65 yr old coach who you will need to replace in a couple seasons?

  34. Why is bieniemy the answer? What does he actually do in KC. They have a great system that was built by Reid for his own offense. Houston doesn’t have any of those things. Bad decisions all around. Tell your QB you want input. Hire a firm for input. Still do whatever you wanna do. Good job Texans. May as well resign Watt and draft horribly. Oh wait…

  35. Watson would approve because Caldwell checks the right box of every other person he approves of, and we all know exactly why. Now back to my coloring book.

  36. Aloha,
    Never understood the neg vide against Caldwell.

    Winning records with bad owners and bad teams.

    Lots of much worse candidates have been recycled as HC’s.

    And, HC experience is a definite benefit, don’t get me wrong. Winning is also a definite benefit.

  37. Not sure why Caldwell gets such a bad rap. Took a team to the SB and had winning seasons in Detroit. Detroit!

    What most fans don’t realize is that retreads have a lot of success…especially if they didn’t win the SB in their first gig but were somewhat successful. See Belichick, Carroll, and Reid.

  38. More importantly, they better make sure it’s OK with Deshaun before hiring this guy or he’ll have another temper tantrum.

  39. Jim Caldwell deserves much better. His last two head coaching jobs he got thrown under the bus for front office failures and taking this job would probably be more of the same thing. The guy has a few Super Bowl wins as an offensive coordinator and coached in one as a head coach yet got the blame when the Colts front office mismanaged Manning’s neck injury resulting in him being stuck with Curtis Painter and the Lions ignoring the over achieving they were doing under him because their GM had a man crush on Patriots coaches who then showed how below average that roster really was once he was gone.

  40. The Texans should work out their differences with Watson because no NFL team is going to give up 3 first round picks to acquire one player named Deshaun Watson.

  41. It’s pretty obvious Watson wants a black coach, so get him all black coaches and let’s see how they do

  42. Gotta love the hate out here for Caldwell.

    He did a much better job than Matt “Pencil” Patricia in Detroit.

    But hey, certain folks will swear by the assistants from the Patriots coaching tree.

  43. So wait folks could figure out what Matt Nagy and Doug Pederson did as OCs for the same KC Chiefs but not ERic? This argument of nobody knows what he does doesn’t hold water since his predecessors both went on to land head coaching jobs. He has the same job title as Doug and Matt. Somehow that’s insufficient now. Don’t say well he has PM. How many assistants of NE got jobs being proximate to TB? How many coaches got jobs being on the staff of Favre or 9ers? Folks won’t address why EB can’t hired head on.

  44. Caldwell will consistently go 7-9 to 9-7, with an occasional 6-10 or 10-6. He is a very very conservative play caller, and plays not to lose, winning if the other team makes more mistakes, losing if they do not. The players like him, he is black and that is very important to some people, and you could do worse.

  45. They should be looking at another former Lions coach, Matt Patricia. He would be a perfect fit for what executive par excellence Jack Easterby is building there.

  46. pickaninnyesq says:
    January 11, 2021 at 6:49 pm
    So wait folks could figure out what Matt Nagy and Doug Pederson did as OCs for the same KC Chiefs but not ERic? This argument of nobody knows what he does doesn’t hold water since his predecessors both went on to land head coaching jobs. He has the same job title as Doug and Matt. Somehow that’s insufficient now. Don’t say well he has PM. How many assistants of NE got jobs being proximate to TB? How many coaches got jobs being on the staff of Favre or 9ers? Folks won’t address why EB can’t hired head on

    I have the same question you have. I haven’t seen an interview with him, does he not speak well? He must be bombing interviews to have his resume and experience and not get a shot.

  47. For everyone trashing Watson – no, I don’t think the QB should be actively involved in the HC hire, but he should be involved in some minor way as a courtesy and to keep everyone on the same page. As in “here’s who we’re hiring and this is why”.

    Watson has said the team promised him he’d be involved. If they did make that promise, it’s on the team, not Watson.

    Do I believe that Houston is that dysfunctional? Yes, yes I do.

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