Cowboys hire Dan Quinn as defensive coordinator

Chicago Bears v Atlanta Falcons
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The Cowboys have their new defensive coordinator.

Dan Quinn has been hired as Dallas’s most important assistant coach, according to multiple reports.

Quinn replaces Mike Nolan, who was fired after the Cowboys’ defense turned in a disappointing 2020 season.

The 50-year-old Quinn was fired as Falcons head coach during the 2020 season. He had been in Atlanta since 2015, when he was hired away from Seattle, where he coordinated the Super Bowl-winning Seahawks Defense. The Cowboys will now hope he can have that kind of success in Dallas as well.

45 responses to “Cowboys hire Dan Quinn as defensive coordinator

  1. I like the hire and I’m sure Quinn is a fine coach and teacher but lets be real, there is a cavernous difference between those Seahawk defenders and these Cowboy defenders..

    Scheme is good, scheme with talent is real good

  2. A good hire but still need help on defense…..a defensive tackle, a linebacker and at least one cornerback.
    Getting a consistent QB wouldn’t hurt and allow them to keep the defense off the field!!!

  3. Enjoy having Dan Quinn in Dallas! You can see what this “vaunted” defensive guru did here in Atlanta for 5 years. Good riddance!

  4. Another retread in Dallas. Makes no sense to hire a guy that had terrible defenses in Atlanta.

  5. An interesting trifecta in Dallas. Say what one will about the Cowboys, they sure do spin their wheels hardest of any other .500 team trying to get out of the rut.

  6. Hopefully Pete Carroll hires a new offensive coordinator, someone who will structure an offense to fully utilize Russ Wilson’s amazing skills.

  7. McCarthy likes hiring former head coaches as defensive ooordinators. Perhaps it gives him less to do.

  8. ‘have that kind of success in Dallas’……
    Yes because that offense sure isn’t their strength!

  9. Prime DC Bill Belichick couldn’t fix this teams inability to stop the run. Jaylon Smith’s extension hasn’t even kicked in yet. He’s the blind linebacker with a room-temp IQ. Beyond DeMarcus Lawrence, everyone on that defensive roster is as replaceable as the parts of an old lawnmower.

  10. He’s a long time removed from his legion of boom days…and Atlanta’s defense was lacking his entire run.

  11. Decent hire Cowboys. The offense should be top 10 when healthy. They just need some defense…this hire should help!

  12. Good hire on both sides. Dallas has some talent on the defense. Teach ‘em to tackle Dan and all will be right!

  13. Never been sure how much of D success in Seattle was the coordinators vs. Pete Carroll himself (and immense talent 5-8 years ago). We’ll find out a bit more over next few years. At least he won’t be in charge of clock management, LOL.

  14. Thank you Dallas as Washington fan YAll defense go be bad again his days are over did you see his Atlanta defense bottom every year good luck

  15. Dan Quinn has been available for weeks. It’s almost like McCarthy has no idea what the hell he’s doing. Mostly lining up scapegoats?

  16. Whether it’s a good hire or not remains to be seen. However, it’s obvious being a dc and a head coach is two different position. He did really good with Hawks.

  17. Raheem Morris has been the Falcon’s Defensive Coordinator, not Quinn.

    Those that are saying that Quinn had a bad defense with the Falcons are blaming the wrong guy. Dan Quinn’s last stint as a DC was with Seattle, when he coached the Legion of Boom.

    He might not be a great Head Coach, but he sure does know how to coach a defense. Great pickup for Dallas.

  18. Instead of doing extra work and research to interview as many candidates as possible, the Jones family once again fixated on one particular guy who had success about a decade ago. Mike McCarthy had basically nothing to do with this hire, but just shrugged his shoulders when told and said, “Umm yeah okay”. The Jones family meddling and dysfunction continues. Dallas will rank near the bottom of the league again next year on defense.

  19. I think it’s a very good hire. I’m happy for Dan Quinn, he seems like a good guy. It wasn’t working in Atlanta & he lost his job. If he can make a positive impact with the Cowboys defense, he’ll go back to having a good reputation.

  20. Interesting. Carroll maintained a defense that was top ten in the NFL for 6 years from 11-16 with three different guys calling plays. Quinn meanwhile only had three defense in the top 20 while he was with the Falcons. Dallas was ranked 11th in 2019 and Richard was key to that. Maybe they will be better going back to that scheme with Quinn. I think its way better than what they did with Nolan.

  21. Seen this before. So Mike can fire him in week 6 because they get blown out while Dak throws for 400 and the score looks closer than the game.

  22. burrito12 says:
    January 11, 2021 at 8:17 pm
    He’ll have the interim head coach tag by October this year.

    Wrong… Kellen Moore would\will be handed that position.

  23. Love it when cowboys hire someone with a “reputation”. Sure Quinn’s D in Seattle was extremely good. But he was terrible in Atlanta. As a matter of fact Raheem Morris was able to get better results with the same players. Perhaps that’s who they should have looked at.
    Enjoy Jerry Hahahahaha

  24. Great hire, cowboys will still be out of the hunt. Hire a losing coach. It’s like giving a major account to a college intern.

  25. As an Eagles fan, I think that this is a great hire. Division will be interesting next season.

  26. I like the hire. Sometimes a change in scenery is what you need. Give the man a chance.

  27. Before McCarthy was hired there was all the talk about how he took a year of f to evaluate and reinvent himself as a coach, to be more forward thinking. Then he comes in and just fills his staff with retreads (other than keeping Kellen Moore, which he probably had no say over).

  28. The only thing I am sure about with this hire is that McCarthy is not in control in Dallas, despite what they say publicly.

  29. A good hire? What? Now teams will be able to spot a two touchdown lead to the Cowboys and the Boys will still lose in the second half. If he couldn’t fix the problems in Atlanta, some how he’s going to fix the problems in Dallas?

  30. Bad, just bad. Past experience doesn’t mean it’s good experience. Plus McCarthy will be looking over his shoulder everyday to the person who will replace him within 2 seasons, mark my word,

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