Eagles fire Doug Pederson

NFL: JAN 03 Washington Football Team at Eagles
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Sunday brought a report that Eagles head coach Doug Pederson’s job was in jeopardy and the other shoe fell for the Super Bowl LII winner on Monday.

According to multiple reports, Pederson has been fired by Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie.

Pederson was hired by the Eagles in 2016 and took them to a Super Bowl title the next year. They returned to the playoffs after going 9-7 in each of the next two seasons, but slumped to 4-11-1 this year. Quarterback Carson Wentz‘s regression contributed to that slide and Pederson’s decision to play Nate Sudfeld in the fourth quarter of a Week 17 loss to Washington was met with derision by people inside and outside the organization.

Pederson’s record was 42-37-1 in the regular season and 4-2 in the postseason. There are six other head coaching vacancies around the league right now and Pederson’s work before this season could earn him looks from one or more of those teams.

132 responses to “Eagles fire Doug Pederson

  1. Things won’t change unless Howie “I can’t draft worth crap” Roseman goes too.

  2. The grand irony is that the decision to play Sudfield likely came from above Pederson’s pay grade. And Wentz had much more to do with the team’s poor play this year than the coach. But I digress.

  3. Right decision because he was planting the seeds of a losing culture in the last game. Not like he was going to land Trevor Lawrence to tank that bad. Still it’s not acceptable to intentionally lose

  4. OK. But Howie has TO GO TOO! he created this awful roster. what does Howie have on Lurie? he always escapes blame.

  5. Thank you for the Super Bowl Doug! This Eagles team needed a fresh start. HC Duce Staley..? Go birds!

  6. Who thinks it was Pederson’s decision to play Sudfeld? He just took the fall for the GM and the owner, most likely.

  7. Treating the symptom, not the issue. Need to fire Howie Roseman! Some of the worst personnel decisions in the history of the league.

  8. Surprised they fired the guy for carrying out the orders from above to lose to the WFT at all costs. Then again, scapegoats often get the axe.

  9. While I don’t hate the move, I hate how and why it happened. This was Howie Roseman working behind the scenes. Now we have to endure 3 more years of terrible drafts and contracts.

  10. What a disaster. Front office most probably ordered Pederson to throw the game, now he he gets fired. Let this be a lesson to the next Eagles coaching candidate.

  11. Doug is a really good guy. He set his successor up with an entire 4th quarter of film on Nate Sudfeld.

    That game film is going to really propel this team to future success.

  12. Looking forward to the sequel to his first book: Jobless: How a Champion Became a Dumpster Fire.

  13. If Howie Roseman isn’t fired, then it is just re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  14. Wow. I’m surprised that they picked him as the fall guy. Isn’t he the one that carried out the orders for gaining draft position?

  15. Now watch Roseman get off scot-free. Team won’t turn around until changes are made in the front office. Thanks for that great season Doug and for a couple seasons of Frank Reich

  16. well… damn! He just won a SB couple years back. Something must have gone real bad during the meetings.

  17. Carson Wentz pulled the trigger. I hope whoever they get can fix this guy, otherwise it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

  18. Not surprised. He will probably be remembered more for intentionally tanking a prime time game than winning a super bowl.

  19. Absolute joke, Howie is too friendly with Lurie and Lurie has started meddling too much.

    He didn’t lose the locker room, they played hard for him.

  20. With the people he wanted to fill coaching positions you can’t blame Laurie. This coaching staff would have been on the same level as a high school team. Bye bye Doug.

  21. Thanks for the Super Bowl Doug! He didn’t lose the team. Stop. Half won’t be there next year. He wanted to keep Press Taylor as his OC which was bad since he never ran the ball.

  22. So you fire the guy this late? What changed? Why would the eagles job be attractive now? Tank or else. Check that we gonna fire you anyways. Lol Some other superbowl winning coach in waiting? Going to have a huge roster turnover after this. Good luck hurts. Ask for a trade now!!! Lol

  23. Won SB and made playoffs every year except for this bad year. Owner should have more patience.

  24. Kind of sad…well we will find out if it’s Howie or Doug…I think Roseman should be gone too but let’s see

  25. Good Job Eagles. All he did was lead the Eagles to the Playoffs in 3 of the last 4 years and lead the Eagles their first Superbowl ever.

  26. Terrible decision! Who are they going to replace a Super Bowl winning coach with? Tough to be an Eagles fan, sometimes…

  27. Howie Roseman has to go. For his absolutely awful WR scouting skills and the terrible roster he assembled.

  28. So seriously. What next? Go with whiny Wentz? The starting QB that was inactive for wk 17. Or go with Hurts. Whom you have very little tape on. Wow I thought Houston was a bad spot. This may be worse.

  29. I doubt Philly hires another version of Andy Reid, Pederson won a super bowl… But I don’t think they go after after Bieniemy.

    EB needs a good QB and stable organization. So….

    Not Houston, Not Philly, not ATL, Not Jacksonville. Maybe San Diego? But then does he get exposed by Reid for 5 years?

  30. That means Wentz is staying. It looks like Doug really did catch lightning in a bottle in 2017.

  31. Wasn’t long ago the Eagle faithful would get all wound up at the suggestion that McVay is a better coach than Pederson. Time to reconsider their position, I assume.

  32. Still better than McCarthy. He won as many Super Bowls in five years with less talent.

  33. Brenen Ostler says:
    Lurie picked Wentz over Pederson. Wow
    Wentz over Foles, and now Wentz over Pederson. Cant they see that Wentz is just not that good?

  34. Pederson like Fat Andy is likely to become an NFL HC again and will be more successful than with the Eagles.

  35. I’d have given him another year. He won a Super Bowl and made the playoffs the next 2 years. Howie is the one who needs to go with the Eagles, but they decided to make Doug the fall guy.

  36. Loser Lurie will probably keep Roseman which will keep the Eagles losing for many years to come.Way to go Jeff!

  37. I don’t think he was fired for pulling the QB last week of the season. There’s likely more to it than that

  38. Pederson won a Superbowl with Nick Foles. Have you seen how Nick played in Jacksonville and Chicago?

  39. who would’ve ever thought the Eagles would be the biggest dumpster fire in the NFC east?

  40. Jeffrey Lurie is an absolute idiot. Looking at his trends he’s fired every coach after they’ve had a negative season. That’s going to be a lot of coaches then.

  41. Lying eagles fly….blah blah. One good team more than they deserve. Horrible fans horrible city.

  42. Any year Washington wins the division, then Philadelphia fires their head coach. It’s just a rule to alleviate shock but it’s unfortunate Doug did not appreciate it before week 17!

  43. It was either Pederson or Wentz had to go. Now that Pederson’s gone Wentz will be the starter again. Maybe they trade Hurts ? I can’t see Hurts and Went on same team.

    If Howie Roseman isn’t fired Eagles fans should storm the Nova complex!

  44. If Jim Harbaugh takes the job it explains the sudden and personal departure of Jim Schwartz who saw this all coming.

  45. edouble says:
    January 11, 2021 at 2:53 pm
    They just wanted to give another coach a look.

    I appreciate you. 🙂

  46. Lurie likes Roseman, just like Jed York liked Baalke. It’s how things work in the corporate world.

  47. I really think Laurie just did this to try to avoid some sort of penalty from the league for perceived “tanking”. I mean they guy won them a Super Bowl a couple of years back and playoffs two more years. What gives?

  48. There are valid reasons to move on from Pederson, but his performance has been a heck of a lot better than Roseman’s. I don’t see how Pederson can get fired while Roseman stays.

  49. Peterson will deserve all the credit for next year’s Eagles draft picks, if they pan out.

  50. EB needs a good QB and stable organization. So….

    Not Houston, Not Philly, not ATL, Not Jacksonville. Maybe San Diego? But then does he get exposed by Reid for 5 years?


    San Diego? Not stable especially considering that they no longer play in San Diego.

  51. Doug is one of only 2 coaches in NFL history with the gonads to take down BB/Pats in a Super Bowl. He will never buy a drink or a meal in Philly. He is a good coach.

  52. A few short years ago, the Eagles and the Patriots met in the Super Bowl. The Eagles won. Fast forward to today…Both teams are a hot mess. It doesn’t take long to go from first to worst.

  53. Why not jacksonville? It’s a good situation and he’d be a good choice to bring all these draft picks and young players together.

    I am rather surprised and disappointed that they let him go.

  54. Eagles messed up. Hope Person ends up with the Chargers. He’d work wonders with Justin Herbert.

  55. Funny how people’s jobs and livelihoods lay in the balance of social media boards these days!

  56. Wentz is gonna be out of the league in two years and Doug will not. Being rich doesn’t make you smart. Good luck Jeffy

  57. I’m sure the Chiefs will gladly take him back after EB gets hired off somewhere. A year or two under Andy and Doug will get a job again and the Chiefs will get another 3rd rounder for developing coaches.

  58. Excuse, I digress….Eagles were not going to beat WFT! Hurts had only thrown for 72 yards thru 3 quarters. Not sure why there is this assumption that they would have won the game.

  59. Im not hiring Pedersen but bringing Wentz back home to deliver a championship or 2 instead of drafting his footstep follower in Lance.

  60. Eagles not bad looking perch to be HC – any team with a serviceable QB having lots of intrinsic upside (not talking Wentz) in NFL is how coaching legends are made lol.

  61. Pederson was not the problem in Philly. He just got fired to cover everyone else’s butts. Without Pederson and Reich, Philly never has a SB win and continues to be their usual humongous mess.

  62. 46-39-1. Three straight playoff appearances and the team’s first ever SB championship.

    You Philly kids are pretty darn crazy.

  63. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    January 11, 2021 at 2:16 pm
    They better get Eric B …
    Eric B will probably say NO!

  64. Great guy. They Never had the pieces, accurate QB or injury free team to be this pass-happy, vertical threat Doug O envisioned. You couple that with a sign off, wink, wink on the roster, a crybaby QB that you also signed off for, wink, wink and you have yourself sitting on an island. Doug never wanted to lose Washington or pull Hurtz, look at his body language at his press conference. He was certainly left to pick up the pieces and fall mighty hard on the sword. My only knock on him was not adapting his injured team to different plays. Many seasoned NFL guys were questioning his calls and lack of balance. Much of the last few years the team was unprepared, guys were underutilized or didn’t suit up. This falls on the coaches. Ultimately, Good move for both. Hope he finds his magic elsewhere.

  65. Very good Coach. Carson Wentz’s ineptitude cost his coach his job. I think Pederson will take his next team places. Good for him. Eagles must hope to land somebody better… we shall see.

  66. Jesus i lose brain cells reading hate-filled comments. Okay okay eagles are a dumpster fire and will never everrrrr get in the playoffs again. We get it. You feel better?

    Things change fast in the NFL. Truth is there is no telling where the eagles go from here nor how fast they will get there. They very well could get good quick.

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