Jeffrey Lurie: I’ll recommend Doug Pederson, he may get another job this week

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
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Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie doesn’t think Doug Pederson will be out of work for long.

Lurie said today that despite firing Pederson, he believes Pederson is a good coach and will recommend him to any of the six other owners who currently have head coaching vacancies.

“I actually think it’s better for both the organization and for Doug and I really, really expect him to be a successful head coach in this league and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he is on another NFL team later this week. I’m certainly there for any owner that wants to talk about Doug because I will be a major fan,” Lurie said.

Lurie may have a financial incentive to hope Pederson goes elsewhere, as it would offset any money Lurie still owes him on his contract. But Pederson and Lurie also won a Super Bowl together, so Lurie probably means it when he says he thinks highly of Pederson as a coach. Pederson’s time in Philadelphia ran its course, but that doesn’t mean he can’t succeed elsewhere.

14 responses to “Jeffrey Lurie: I’ll recommend Doug Pederson, he may get another job this week

  1. I thought the only way that Pederson would have signed off on the mishandled tanking situation, was that he had assurance from someone above him that he would be back next year. Apparently I was wrong. If he mishandled the tanking and subsequent explanation that badly, he deserves to be gone. I think he lost the team after that debacle anyway.

  2. He’s probably going to get a HC job or sit out for a year until a juicier one opens. But if it’s neither of the two, Zimmer needs a new OC.

  3. I like Jeffrey Lurie, I’ll recommend him, because he’s good enough for, but he’s not good enough for us

  4. Sometimes good coaches just run their course in an organization. It was clear when Andy Reid had to go in philly. This one seems a little abrupt though. Hard not to be eyeing up Roseman in this situation.

  5. I’ll bet Doug probably already has a head coach sealed . It will not be announced until “ later this week”!

  6. Pederson gets paid through 2022 so might as well take a year off, rest, spend time with the family and then see if returning to the NFL-grind is worth it. Lurie just wants to save a few nickels so he’d love for Pederson to land another gig right away.

  7. EVERYONE who follows the Eagles know Howie had too much influence with Lurie…and that Howie is the biggest weasel ever! Poor Lurie doesn’t see it.

  8. This has 100% to do with Wentz, Lurie talked to Wentz to see if he’d change his mind about wanting to be traded if Pederson was gone, after all Lurie has well over 4X more per year wrapped up in Wentz than he does Pederson!

    It’s a very sad day in pro football when a QB is paid so much that his immature opinion, the fact he’s PO’ed at the HC or because of the amount of money he’s being paid is more of a determining factor of a HC being fired than that HC’s record is!

    BTW the good/great QBs don’t mind competetion behind them, not so good and bad QB’s HATE IT because they know they there’s a good chance they might/will lose their job to their back-up!

    Wentz is in the latter category!

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