Jeffrey Lurie: It is in best interest of Eagles, Doug Pederson to part ways

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After five seasons, 42 victories and a Super Bowl championship, Doug Pederson is out in Philadelphia. The team made his departure official in a statement from owner Jeffrey Lurie:

“I have spent the last few weeks evaluating everything from this past year and looking ahead. We are all very disappointed with the way our season went and eager to turn things around, not just for next season but also for the future of the franchise.

“Coach Pederson and I had the opportunity to sit down and discuss what that collective vision would look like moving forward. After taking some time to reflect on these conversations, I believe it is in both of our best interests to part ways.

“I have known Doug and his family for more than 20 years and they will always be family to me. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and everything we have accomplished together over the last five seasons. Everyone in the organization understands the type of man and coach that he is, and how much he means to all of us as well as the City of Philadelphia. We all look forward to the day he will be inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame as a Super Bowl-winning head coach, and we are confident he will have success with his next team.

“But as the leader of this organization, it is imperative for me to do what I believe is best for everyone as we look ahead to the future and move into our next chapter. I know that we have work to do to get back to where we want to be, but I also believe that we have an exceptionally strong group of people in this organization who can help set us up for future success.”

Pederson went 7-9 in his first season and 4-11-1 this season. In the three years in between, the Eagles were 31-17 with three postseason trips and a 4-2 playoff record.

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  1. New HC will be Jim Harbaugh or someone else from college for sure. They want to be the Ravens on O w Hurts.

  2. I think an obvious scenario here is Eagles making play for Frank Reich to try & salvage Wentz. Colts would have a ready replacement in Eberflus while picking up a couple draft picks. Makes too much sense assuming Reich wants to make move.

  3. Lots of injuries thus year. A regressing QB. No pro bowl caliber players. No front office help. Over the cap by lots. Draft young QB and then start him. Tank just to get tape on Nate?

    Yup all on Doug.

  4. At least Lurie always pushing the envelope to get better and evolve. Did he jump the gun on this or was the Sudfeld experiment too much to extinguish.

  5. The inept handling of Wentz and The Jets showing more heart in not tanking though Trevor Lawrence was there for the taking was all the owner must have needed to fire Doug Pederson

  6. Pederson is the best coach on the market right now – he can pick where he goes. Maybe he’ll get Zimmer fired.

  7. Except for the SuperBowl run the Eagles have been boring and painful to watch since Reid was rightfully fired.

  8. Translation: I needed a scape goat to prevent others from blaiming me for most likely telling Doug to loose. Therefore HE MUST GO!!!!

  9. Winning a superbowl and making the playoffs 3 straight seasons just doesn’t buy as long a rope as it use to.

  10. I think Harbaugh name will come up despite the extension. It’s clear they have someone in mind to wait this long (perhaps Bienemy or EDP).

  11. GM Howie has been setting the stage for this all season. He made a lot of CYA ploys and you know what direction that flows.

  12. Howie Roseman needs to be fired as well. The “cap guru” now has Philly in salary cap hell and his talent evaluation and draft picks are going to negatively impact this franchise for decades.

  13. ESPN is reporting that Jason Garrett is the leading candidate due to his knowledge of the Giants and Cowboys

  14. Some franchises don’t even deserve that they have. Go hire Chip again. He will be available soon.

  15. Lurie is a meddler like Jerry Jones in Dallas. Good for Pederson to get the heck out of there.

  16. Guess Lurie was tired of Snyder and Jones getting all the consideration for worst NFL owner.

  17. A play for Reich? That’s hilarious. Why would he go back? Keeping roseman is a setup for future failures. All respect is quickly leaving the Eagles fan base and team.

  18. It saddens me knowing that Philadelphia is going to suck again unless Eric Bieniemy is hired. Its evident that Lurie can’t do anything without Reid or his coaching tree.

  19. Bieniemy is the only one that makes sense to me. I was surprised since the tank job the last game is something you only do if it comes from the top.

    I really wish we knew who was responsible for the plays run when Wentz was QB. Did Wentz runt he plays that were called or did Wentz audible out of the run?

    This may also be a power play by Wentz. Either him or Pederson. Not sure which is to blame for last year, to some degree, i think both are.

  20. I noticed the word “collective” and that’s the problem. If Lurie wants to coach the team he should just say so. Not meddle incessantly and call it collectivism. At least Jerry Jones is honest in his meddling. He doesn’t hide behind weasel words. Unfortunately, Lurie owns the team I root for.

  21. Doug has a ring, Howie Roseman is out of his life and Jeffrey Lurie owes him money. His quality of life just went up several degrees. Great day for him from my perspective.

  22. Bieniemy I think. Howie hired Doug because of the Andy stamp of approval. It’s there for Bieniemy. He’s a leader. He has experience with high powered/innovative offense, young QB.

  23. “But hey, thanks for the Super Bowl win over Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, though!”

  24. This is one of those things where we won’t know what really happened for a long time, if ever. Rumors that Doug was sick and tired of being told what to do would imply the week 17 tank wasn’t his doing, thus not his fault and shouldn’t be held accountable for it. If it was his decision, he should’ve been gone the next day.

  25. I mentioned after the tanking stunt, he clearly lost the locker room with that, even if it came from the top. If it did, it was on him to make sure his guys knew that beforehand. For those talking about Roseman, he’s Lurie’s best friend. He’s not going anywhere, and if anybody got insulated by the Super Bowl win, it’s him.

  26. Doug is one of only 2 coaches in NFL history with the gonads to take down BB/Pats in a Super Bowl. He will never buy a drink or a meal in Philly. He is a good coach.

  27. Things like this are going to happen when you treat a regular season game like the 4th preseason game.

  28. He is a very good coach. Jerry Jones should fire McCarthy and hire Pederson immediately.

  29. The NFL needs to install a minimum IQ test for all owners. Who really thinks the QB sub was his call alone?

  30. Not an Eagles fan but that doesn’t make sense. They should keep him and build the team around Jalen Hurts’ skill set.

  31. Well now there’s no way he was told to tank, or they gave him a lot of money to keep his mouth shut about it?

  32. He was a good coach that one year and thats it. This is called holding leadership accountable, something we don’t do enough in America. Good for the Eagles, you can do better than a c+

  33. As long as Roseman is the GM this team is not going to win because he don’t know how to draft.

  34. Given the QB situation, the front office situation… I kind of think the Eagles are screwed for a while anyway.

  35. I hope Bieniemy, and everyone else, realizes that you cannot win there with Roseman as GM.

  36. So reading between the lines Doug wanted to move on Wentz. Lurie and Roseman do not. Can’t help but feel that Doug is in the right here!

  37. It’s cheaper to pay Pedersen to not coach than it is to pay Wentz to suck, so Philly, welcome to your future.

  38. Great job Mr Lurie, Pederson only has 3 playoff appearances and a Superbowl victory in the last 4 years. I am sure there are many other coaches that are available that have similar qualifications.

  39. I’ve been a Eagles fan since 1968….so actually seeing the Eagles WIN a Super Bowl was something I really never expected to see in my lifetime. I’m good! Now I wonder if I’ll ever see Howie dismissed in my lifetime.

  40. This is one of those things where we won’t know what really happened for a long time, if ever. Rumors that Doug was sick and tired of being told what to do would imply the week 17 tank wasn’t his doing, thus not his fault and shouldn’t be held accountable for it. If it was his decision, he should’ve been gone the next day.


    Doug can write about it in his next book

  41. Of course he was fired. He didn’t do his job. It’s the coaches job to prepare the team during the week, and make the decisions and adjustments during a game that give the team the best chance to win. He didn’t do that, at least during the final game. It’s the players job to give their all on the field to try to win. Fans expect a player to do his best, but some seemed to think it was okay for the coach not to.

    It is not the job of either players nor coach to improve draft position. In fact, the better job a coach does, the worse the draft position becomes.

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