Mitchell Trubisky “can definitely see myself back here next year”

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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Bears head coach Matt Nagy said after Sunday’s loss to the Saints that he hasn’t had any conversations with the team about his future and he’s not the only member of the organization unsure about what’s next in his career.

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky‘s contract is up after four years with the Bears because the team did not exercise its fifth-year option on the deal. Trubisky was benched in favor of Nick Foles early in the year, but regained the job in Week 12 and piloted the offense in three wins that helped get them into the playoffs.

Those games were against losing teams, but Trubisky and the Bears struggled with stiffer competition and that continued with Sunday’s showing against the Saints. Trubisky was 19-of-29 for 199 yards and a touchdown that came as time expired in the 21-9 loss and addressed what’s coming this offseason after the game.

“I think I can definitely see myself back here next year,” Trubisky said, via Jeff Dickerson of “Obviously, a lot of that is out of my control, but it feels like home and it feels like we have unfinished business. Right now, I’m just bummed about this season being over and how the game went. So, a lot of emotions going on right now, but I can see that. We’ll see. There are a lot of things that have to happen and a lot of decisions that have to be made and that’s out of my control, but I can see that.”

While Trubisky can see a return to Chicago, it’s hard to imagine the Bears going into next season with Trubisky and Foles, who remains under contract, as their options at quarterback whether Nagy is back with the team or not.

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  1. Watching most of the games this weekend, I couldn’t help but see the Bears Offense was the most predictable, least imaginative Offense of any team. Looked like they found a George Halas Playbook and tried to run it without Gale Sayers.

  2. The Bears need to draft a QB, paying a lot to a so so QB isn’t going to work. In fact, the Bears will begin to decline, so they need to face that and not do something dumb that hurts them in the long run

  3. please tell me he’s joking. he cant possibly think they will bring him back next year…..

  4. No. No. No. Better to start over at ground zero than waste another year on Trubisky. Nice guy and wish him well at whatever happens in his life after the NFL or at least after his time with the Bears.

  5. Child please. Not sure where he fits. The offense was horrid. Anything at all would have won yesterday. They are wasting a tough D. I am not sure I would bring back anybody from the offensive side of the ball. 2 guys cant keep they hands to themselves. The RB is stuck in mud. The coaches are playing with a playbook from the 70s.

  6. Trubisky and Nagy are clearly not a fit and never have been. Terrible matchmaking by the Bears GM there. Neither of them is good at their jobs so both should really be gone but I have a feeling Nagy will get one more year with yet another QB to prove his system can actually work.

  7. Please, just sell the team. Get it out of the hands of the Halas family, completely. Sad to say that, but it’s been time for a while.

  8. This is why the Packers drafted Jordan Love. The worst time to draft a quarterback, is when you need one.

  9. Mitch will be back on a ‘prove it’. Da Bears cannot afford a quality QB, and they’re drafting too low to get one. Foles will be back too.

  10. IMO, it’s time to move on from Trubisky. The very vanilla game plan seemed to be developed to protect him from himself. He had only one throw downfield (which was dropped), the rest of his throws did nothing to put pressure on the defense. the Bears can do better.

  11. I wouldn’t mind Mitch coming back on a one year prove it/transition role while Chicago drafts the new new QB of the future. I could do w/o Foles as he really does not fit the system the Bears run.

  12. If the Bears had any offense that game might have actually been a game. Their defense is legit.

  13. Trubisky is a great guy and has handled a difficult situation well for four years, but you’re never going to win the Super Bowl with him as your quarterback. The Bears have to find a franchise quarterback in this year’s draft. I’m not confident about it happening.

  14. I guess it’s a good thing HE sees that, however I think he’s on to being a career back-up, and somewhere else. I’m hoping the Bears trade with us for Darnold TBH

  15. He deserves another shot. Plus they don’t have the draft capital to move up to get a decent QB.

    He has the talent as that was a beautiful deep ball that was dropped. A more creative offense would be helpful.

  16. not sure if “back here” means in the team or in the playoffs…
    in either case, i doubt he will be “back here” next year.
    good luck though…. is likely the coaching.

  17. The Bears have no shot at getting a franchise QB in this draft. Best bet is to sign Trubisky to a short deal and Jameis Winston (since NO looks committed to Taysom Hill) to the same. Let the former Top-3 QBs fight it out in camp and roll with the winner as your starter. (My money is on Winston.) If either proves for an entire season they have what it takes, sign them long term. If not, bounce the coach, GM & QBs and start the rebuild for real in 2023.

  18. Surely the Chicago front office has seen enough of Trubisky? He’s not NFL starting quality. He’s a backup at best. Someone above mentioned signing Winston–that’s absurd. Winston is a turnover machine who hurts his team much more than he helps. There will be better options available.

  19. I would like to see Winston turn up somewhere. How many picks were because they were down every game?

  20. @neverdieeasy

    Offense was bad. But… David Montgomery rushed for 1,000 and he missed a game. Mooney looks awesome and Robinson was great. Kmet has more potential than Shaheen.

    Wasted D? What team have you been watching? Perhaps there’s talent there but I’m not sure what Pagano was drawing up. Quinn is beyond worthless. Mack looks like a major waste of salary cap. Hicks lost his cool numerous times this year. Is Eddie Jackson home? Fuller?

    DC gone. I almost think Nagy has to go because we’re not going to attract talent on a lame duck year.

    Trubisky possibly on a prove it deal at a discount. Don’t recall what room we have on Foles.

    The good news is, we can’t get much worse.

  21. Ownership should have made everyone pay for their plane ticket back to Chicago after that game in New Orleans, that was horrid.
    They need to draft quarterbacks every round, each draft, until we get one that can read. Thoroughly disgusted after watching that game.

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