Where will Doug Pederson land?

Super Bowl LII - New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles
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For most Super Bowl-winning coaches, getting fired one day would mean getting hired elsewhere quickly. For Eagles coach Doug Pederson, who led the team to Super Bowl LII, will he find another head-coaching job without having to sit out a season, or longer?

Super Bowl XLV-winning Packers coach Mike McCarthy, who was fired late in the 2018 season, sat out 2019 before landing with the Cowboys. Other coaches who haven’t won Super Bowls went from getting fired by one team to being hired by another.

For Pederson, there are six current vacancies. Some think that his connection to Jets G.M. Joe Douglas (a former Eagles employee) could make Pederson an instant candidate. However, Pederson is represented by Bob LaMonte, and Douglas isn’t. As one person with knowledge of the way the game is played explained it to PFT, LaMonte likes to pair his clients, when he can.

That could put Pederson in the running for Houston, where LaMonte represents G.M. Nick Caserio and executive V.P. of football operations Jack Easterby.

Pederson’s contract runs through 2022, which makes Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s willingness to lobby for Pederson both admirable and fiscally prudent. If Pederson promptly lands elsewhere, the Eagles will owe Pederson considerably less money.

Regardless of how it plays out, Pederson has entered the game of musical chairs before the music has stopped playing in any of the six cities that previously were looking. And there are now seven seats — nearly a quarter of the league.

22 responses to “Where will Doug Pederson land?

  1. If I pulled over to help a stranger with a flat tire, and it turned out to be Doug Peterson, I’d get right back in my car and drive off.

  2. He shouldn’t accept any position & take a year to develop a new plan, plays & approach to the game. He already gets paid by the Eagles, so why rush? Unless a really good team, already set to make a run at the Post Season is wanting him, better too wait.

  3. “LaMonte likes to pair his clients, when he can.”

    How often does this actually work out? Nobody who hopes to remain employed as a GM is going to admit that he favors coaches simply because they share his agent. And it also seems a bit of an odd business decision since if you could pair all your GM/coach candidates they would frequently get fired at the same time, thus dramatically hurting your own income.

  4. NYJ would be smart to hire Pederson. Let him pick his QB or try to grab Hurts (if Doug wanted him). Jacksonville would be smart also to interview Pederson. Much much better than Meyer. If ATL and DET opt not to nuke the team, Pederson would be an improvement on Quinn/Patricia. He could also head to KC to be the OC if Eric Bieniemy leaves or maybe take off 2021 and look next year.

  5. I think the Steelers should make a run at him for OC. Worst he could say is ‘no’. Even if it was for a year or two it would be a huge upgrade over Fichtner, the current coach impersonating an OC.

  6. He’ll surely want personnel control wherever he goes, so probably not Houston. And he’ll probably want a franchise QB, so probably not the Jets.

    My money is on Atlanta.

  7. I’d be wary of hiring Pederson. No coach who has won a SB went on to win one with another team. Only Parcells came even close. Most go on to have mediocre-to-poor performances with a second team.

  8. Howie Roseman must be a Jedi or something, because he’s totally Mindtricked the entire Eagles organization. How Howie is still there instead of Doug blows my mind.

  9. Doug clearly is taking the blame for years of Howie’s terrible drafting and expensive free agent signings of old, injury prone players. I’m positive it was Howie’s call to lose the last game no matter what. And Howie is butt buddies with Lurie and must have some sort of dirt on him. If I were Doug, I’d take a year off and enjoy life and family. Collect your money from Lurie, then only come back when there’s an opportunity you truly love. So far Doug’s said all the right/nice things about the breakup, but if I were him I’d be pretty ticked off at Lurie

  10. ariani1895 says:
    January 11, 2021 at 11:36 pm

    Take the year off and make the Eagles eat the cap charge.

    Ah yes, the well-known NFL Coaches Salary Cap …

  11. ariani1895 says:
    January 11, 2021 at 11:36 pm

    Take the year off and make the Eagles eat the cap charge.

    Is that the imaginary coaches salary cap I’ve heard so much about?

  12. Jets hiring Pederson would rank up there with their all-time screw ups.

    A guy who went from the penthouse to the sub-basement in three years and seems to have dropped the last few floors of that trip down on purpose is not the answer for the Jets, but it would be exactly what you might expect from the Johnson brothers.

    One can only hope Joe Douglas doesn’t let “nepotism” lead him into a very big mistake.

    The Jets need someone with absolutely zero stank wafting from him. Despite some iimpressive previous accomplishments, Pederson reeks.

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