Will changes come for the Chicago Bears?

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When asked about conversations regarding his future after Sunday’s playoff loss to the Saints, Bears coach Matt Nagy said, “That’ll be down the road.” It won’t be that far down the road, if the Bears are contemplating making major changes.

As a 5-1 start melted into a six-game losing streak, questions emerged about the fate of Nagy and G.M. Ryan Pace. Now that the season has ended with an 8-8 finish that was good enough for the freshly-minted NFC seventh seed and a one-and-done playoff berth, what happens?

It’s a question that Bears chairman George McCaskey will resolve. It could result in the firing of Pace, the firing of Nagy, the firing of both, or the firing of neither.

If either or both are fired (and, frankly, it should be both stay or both go), the Bears must consider whether the time has come to part ways with team president Ted Phillips. In his job since 1999, it’s only fair for the person responsible for hiring and firing General Managers and coaches to eventually be accountable for a stream of hired, then fired, General Managers and coaches.

It’s hard to imagine firing Nagy after a pair of playoff appearances in his first three seasons. It’s not practical to fire Pace and hire a G.M. who would have to bide his time until firing Nagy and hiring his own G.M. — like Jerry Angelo had to do 20 years ago after inheriting Dick Jauron.

So fire both or fire neither. And if the answer is to fire both, it also may be time to fire Ted Phillips.

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  1. Will the McCaskeys have to pay someone the balance of a contract? That will wholly determine the answer of what they will do.

    And Mike Brown says hi.

  2. Ted Phillips firing is way overdue. Pace hasn’t done much at all since he’s been the GM, he’s good at giving away draft picks and finding gems in the late rounds.. but he needs to go as well, especially for the Turbisky draft. I would like Chicago to keep Nagy. After 2/3 season making the playoffs it only seems right.

  3. Best thing about the Bears loss is that no one will be subjected to watching this team for another 8+ months. Thank goodness.

  4. Tough spot. They seem like they’re a long way from either contending or having good draft position. Unless they settle on a franchise QB, they probably need to rebuild.

    They should send Foles to Indy or Philly. He works best where he has chemistry, and he had it with Reich and the Eagles.

  5. I don’t want Pace or Nagy to pick the next QB. We’ve seen the best they can do and it’s not even close to good.

  6. “It’s hard to imagine firing Nagy after a pair of playoff appearances in his first three seasons.”

    When you look at the specifics it’s much easier to imagine. They were one-and-done in both playoff appearances with the offense being non-existent despite offense being Nagy’s thing. They followed up the first playoff loss by making ZERO changes offensively other than spending several months trying out new kickers which led to them declining from 12-4 to 8-8 and missing the playoffs. And this season they went 8-8 again and only made the playoffs after backing in with a 35-16 loss in Week 17. They are now 16-16 since that 12-4 season. If you believe their talent level is closer to 12-4 than .500 how do you keep him?

  7. Pace hasn’t done much since being with the Bears? Sure he has, he has made plenty of critical mistakes. Franchise altering for the bad level of mistakes that will stain the bears for years.
    I mean they had no interest in Watson. None. Nobody with a functioning brain would have thought Mitch was better than him. The fact Pace made up his mind so quickly on Watson tells you all you need to know. This is one example.

  8. With regard to Matt Nagy, mogogo1 is absolutely correct in all he wrote.
    Keep in mind the Bears would not even have made the playoffs this year — a spot they backed into even after a bad loss on the final day of the season — had the NFL not expanded the playoff field.
    In this instance, back-to-back playoff appearances is a mirage and shouldn’t be used as a metric when considering whether or not to keep Nagy as head coach.

  9. I still dont understand how the Bears punt with 7:45 on the clock down 21-3 … a total giveup.

  10. They need a new qb. The only chance of Trubitsky being successful is if he is a threat to run which can open up things down the field. The problem is he cant do it because he is so injury proned. He is so limited otherwise. They should have never drafted him so the GM should go.

  11. Nagy is bad. He’s failed the offence in 3 years. He’s the one who was hired to fix the QB position.

  12. It’s time to clean house but I have no faith in them hiring someone that will do better than Pace

  13. If they keep Pace and Nagy make one last run. Draft Two O Tackles. QB Jameis Winston(Hope to avoid interceptions) replace Wims Transition Tag A-Rob. Defense: Dump Pagano, try to retain core of defense.

  14. The Bears are neither very good nor are they at the bottom like the Jags or the Jets. Most likely minor changes at Halas Hall at the assistant coach or scouting personnel level, but not at the Prez, GM, or the coach level. The Bears are a profit machine for the owners and being at this level doesn’t mean relatively bad things for them on the profit matter. Fans not showing up in person at Soldiers Field to buy tickets & beer will be required to produce big changes at Halas Hall once the pandemic has passed.

  15. So if we traded for Deshaun, it would cost at least 2 firsts….plus the two first rounders used on Trubisky. Wow…we could’ve gotten Watson with 1 first rounder: but we’ll have to pay 4? Ouch.

  16. Playoffs Year 1, due to a Fangio stellar defense.
    Kickoff competition was our only issue going into year two? Yeah right.

    When Parkey was missing kicks where were the tryouts midseason. Year 1 was our chance and it’s gone. We’re grappling to the “Championship D” like it’s ’85.

    Year 3, we only made the playoffs because it was expanded. We had no business being in New Orleans.

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