Josh Allen: Lamar Jackson is one of the greatest dudes you can be around

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Of the four teams remaining in the AFC, three of them selected quarterbacks in the first round of the 2018 draft.

Buffalo traded up to select Josh Allen at No. 7 overall and Baltimore traded up to get Lamar Jackson at No. 32 overall.

The two quarterbacks will go head-to-head for the first time in the postseason this weekend. On Tuesday, Allen detailed just how much respect he has for Jackson.

“I tell this to everybody I talk to about him — he is one of the greatest dudes you can be around. He really is,” Allen said during his press conference. “And for him to kind of have the adversity of coming out the first year and people doubted him, and then go out and explode on the scene last year and just be this dynamic quarterback. You see the impact that he makes in his communities on Instagram and stuff like that. He’s just one of those special guys. Obviously, they’ve been having success, he’s had a lot of success early in his career.

“I root heavily for him, just knowing what he went through his first year, how he’s been able to do it, and how humble, how awesome he is off the field. He’s just one of those guys you root for. And it’s hard to not root for him when we’re playing against him. But we’re enemies on Saturday, and we both know that. But he’s just one of those guys, again, I can’t say enough about just how good of a dude he is and it makes you love him that much more on the field.”

Allen and Jackson faced off Dec. 8 last year, with the Ravens coming away with a 24-17 victory. Allen will try to come out on the opposite side of that this weekend.

14 responses to “Josh Allen: Lamar Jackson is one of the greatest dudes you can be around

  1. LJ has done a lot for Baltimore and the surrounding communities. He’s a great role model and you can tell he was raised in a good family. Glad to call him a Raven!

  2. I was skeptical about Josh Allen coming out of college (from a QB skill standpoint). Boy has he proven me wrong. This guy has “it”. He also has a great attitude, his head is on straight, and he is a wonderful human being. Wish there were more Josh Allens in the NFL.

  3. contrast this with sammy watkins calling the browns “not really competition” for them this week

  4. Josh Allen is the complete package. Bright. Talented. Knows all the right things to say and says them with sincerity!

  5. Zackary Scott says:
    January 12, 2021 at 3:15 pm
    How can anyone not like Josh Allen

    I agree! But ask Domonique Foxworth or Nick Wright

  6. The criticisms of the two were different but they both came into the league with serious, loud doubters – Allen called a ‘parody of an NFL prospect’ and influential people saying with a straight face that Jackson should play a different position if he wants to succeed in the NFL.

    I admit to being a big time Allen doubter, and I would have probably been a little uneasy about drafting Jackson, but they both proved everyone wrong. Lamar has his MVP, Allen won’t win it this year but he certainly played at an MVP level…only a matter of time before one or both of them are lifting the Lombardi.

  7. They both had their share of critics coming out of college. Because of the work they put in to improve their game and better their team’s chances at success, it’s nice seeing their teams meet in a divisional round playoff game. Good luck to both of them!

  8. icouldcareless says:
    January 12, 2021 at 3:36 pm
    Hey Lamar take notes – This is how you lead


    You sir have no idea what you are talking about

  9. If i had to choose a team in the division that deserves a guy like him, the Bills are it. You guys deserve it

  10. As a Ravens fan I really enjoyed watching the Bills play this year, their fun and Allen seems to be a good dude and great QB. This should be a fun game to watch.

  11. Literally the only people who don’t know Lamar are fans of other teams.
    Opposing players universally love the guy almost as much as his teammates do.

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