Only three NFL players tested positive for COVID-19 last week

Digital sign directs drivers to coronavirus testing site at Stony Brook University in New York
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NFL players who are in the playoffs seem to be doing everything they can to avoid catching COVID-19.

In testing results from January 3 to January 9, only three players tested positive, out of 1,037 players who were tested on the 14 playoff teams.

That’s a major decline from the week before, when 2,356 players on all 32 teams were tested, and 34 tested positive. The positivity rate has declined from 1.4 percent of players testing positive in the final week of the regular season to 0.2 percent of players testing positive in the first week of the postseason.

Overall last week, a total of 6,850 tests were administered to 1,037 players, and 10,609 tests were administered to 1,896 non-player personnel. There were 22 new confirmed positives among non-player personnel.