Reports: Bears are expected to retain Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy

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Bears defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano is retiring, according to multiple reports earlier Tuesday night. That was followed by multiple reports that the Bears are expected to retain General Manager Ryan Pace and coach Matt Nagy.

The team has yet to make an official announcement.

It is unlikely to quell Bears fans, who haven’t seen their team reach the Super Bowl since the 2006 season.

Pace has spent six years in Chicago, producing a 42-54 record with one NFC North title, two playoff appearances and two wild-card losses. Nagy, who just finished his third season, is 28-20.

The Bears have finished 8-8 each of the past two seasons, though they made the playoffs this year.

If Pace and Nagy return as expected, they will get another chance at finding a franchise quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky, the No. 2 overall choice in 2017, is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent this spring.

36 responses to “Reports: Bears are expected to retain Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy

  1. So the McCaskeys are good with 8-8? We’ll see how 4-12 sits with them at this time next year. Look at their 2021 schedule and tell me I’m wrong.

  2. The rest of the NFC North is grateful the Bears are keeping the GM who drafted Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson.

  3. Ryan Pace. Possibly one of the worst GM’a in the NFL. Slightly above B.O.B. But not by much.

  4. I might have to find a new team. Say what you will, but I just don’t think I can handle the sheer ineptitude any longer.

  5. Why…Why are you keeping pace ??? His draft history is worst than Angelo !!! Not only that, other teams are constantly scanning and taking players off other teams practice squads to improve…Bears have not done that at all !

  6. Poor bears fans well another season where they average they fired lovie smith after 10-6 season 4 divison titles Súper bowl appearance and nfc title game but he got fired it don’t smell right

  7. This is terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE news if true. Pace and Nagy are the 2 biggest POSERS in all of sports.

  8. If Pace and Nagy return as expected, they will get another chance at finding a franchise quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky,
    We’re better off having some gals from the office makes the decision, than these two halfwits.
    Someone has a picture od McCaskey with a goat.
    This 65 year fan is outta here. Disgusting

  9. Being from Illinois, I’m surrounded by Bears fans. I can’t think of one Bears fan who has said anything good about Pace. He’s an absolute horrible GM. Nagy is definitely riding off the coattails of Andy Reids success. The Bears have an incompetent head coach and a garbage GM. Bears fans deserve better.

  10. This is fairly amusing seeing as how the best thing about the Bears the last few years has been the D, and the D coordinator is the only one leaving.

  11. If and only if a new head of football operations is hired, taking Ted Philips out of personnel decisions, will this be acceptable. Give that person a year to evaluate the necessary changes. Pace and Nagy are still under contract for 1 and 2 years, respectively.

    Or the McCaskys sell the team.

    One of those two things please.

  12. Absolutely infuriating as a fan. They have shown zero progress as a coach or GM. They saved their jobs by beating 3 of the worst teams in football, and lost to another the last 4 weeks. The offense is a complete joke. Pace has shown no ability whatsoever to identify qb talent even when it was smacking him in the face, and Nagy is equally bad at developing it. And Pace’s complete unwillingness to upgrade the oline, the foundation of any good offense, defies any sort of logic imaginable. This is a slap in the face to every Bears fan, and they better hope they don’t allow fans next year to save themselves the embarrassment of half empty stands booing them from the middle of the third quarter on every game.

  13. Fully endorsed as a Packer fan. His 1st round picks from 2015 to 2017 where Kevin White, Leonard Floyd and passing over Mahomes and Watson. How he keeps his job is beyond me as none of his drafts are any good but I will take it.

  14. We’re in the era of zero consequences.

    Time to cancel gamepass. I’ve got better things to do with my time.

  15. This has to be a joke or fake news! Another Chicago team trying to emulate the Cubs! Are the Bears trying to better the Cubs’108 years without a championship? A GM who has hired multiple head coaches and moved up to draft Trubisky while passing on Mahomes and Watson? It no longer matters to anyone but the faithful fans. George McCaskey is delusional if he thinks the team will somehow rise like a phoenix from the debacle that has been Pace’s regime. They will be forced to fire Pace and Nagy next year – another wasted year under the McCaskey’s ownership.

  16. Might as well bring old Mitch back and make it a trifecta of suck returning to the Windy City. Sorry Bears fans where winning is a curse.

  17. This is what happens when your team goes 8-8 and almost all the wins were against sub-.500 teams.

    Can we please just go ahead and say it? The Bears suck, they WAY overpaid for a no-talent bum like Mitch Trubiskey, and they now need to cut him loose and move on.

  18. LOVE IT. Pagano is probably the only one of the bunch worth keeping and he’d rather retire than stay.

  19. Well…maybe it’s part of a plan to suck next year and draft a QB in 2022? There is no way that I would give Pace or Nagy the green light on drafting a QB unless one absolutely falls in their lap.

    For everyone posting here…you can tell who watches the games and who pretends to, Pagano seems to be the fall guy, but the D has fallen off since Fangio left. Much like the offense, they do not play to player’s strengths. I can’t get into it all here, but…the secondary playing 10-15 yards off the LOS at all times. Mack, Quinn, and HICKS in coverage far too much. Playing Eddie Jackson at the LOS? The lists goes on and on…Pagano needed to go.

    Pace drafts terribly at the top of the draft, I’ll give him Roquan, but his mid to late round success can’t be ignored. No GM is 100% and Pace is far from that, but he has had decent drafts outside of the 1st round!

    I’m not smart enough to know if Nagy’s O is really that bad or we truly have no QB talent. Either way…something has to give. He was brought in to fix Mitch…no dice ( I think Mitch seems to have all you want from a QB except between the ears). He picked Foles to run his offense…no luck (Foles is also a statue). Something needs to change and simply bring Mitch back or dumping him is not the answer. Coaching philosophy needs to adapt and be PRODUCTIVE.

    Who knows…I’m just an armchair QB/GM/Coach, but the D was insane with a hardass in Fangio and rest of the teams seems soft along with the HC and our old DC. Maybe be thier coach not their buddy…CLUB DUB = CLUB DUD

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