Ryan Kerrigan wants to be a starter with free agency in his future

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Ryan Kerrigan has spent the last 10 seasons playing on the edge of Washington’s defense and his run with the team has gone well enough that he set the franchise record for career sacks this season.

Kerrigan got his 5.5 sacks while playing just 38 percent of the team’s snaps. Kerrigan’s long run as a starter came to an end with Chase Young joining Montez Sweat as bookends on a defensive line made up of first-round picks and his time with the team is set to come to an end as well.

Kerrigan is set for free agency this offseason and said he feels like playing fewer snaps this year will “help me maybe add a year or two here on the back end of my career.” He’d like those years to come as part of a starting lineup.

“I definitely want to be a starter,” Kerrigan said, via Sam Fortier of the Washington Post. “I mean, I think any player would say that. I don’t think anybody just wants to settle for being a role player or a reserve player. . . . I’ve got to really be open-minded to several factors and open-minded to all teams, and that’s kind of what I plan to do. I definitely feel like I’ve still got a lot of ball in me, a lot of good productive years ahead.”

Young and Sweat are the future in Washington, but it will still look odd when the defense takes the field without Kerrigan later this year.

12 responses to “Ryan Kerrigan wants to be a starter with free agency in his future

  1. Despite his age, Kerrigan will be a solid pickup for whoever signs him. As an Eagles fan, this guy has driven me nuts over the years.

  2. I like Kerrigan, but he was the benefactor of some cheap sacks this season, just watch film of him, he has no moves and is very robotic, most of the big plays against the defense came while he was in the game, he gets out of position far too much and does have the hips or speed to make up for his being out of position. The team blew it by not trading and getting something for him.

  3. He’s going to get a good contract, but it’s probably going to be as a pass rush specialist.

  4. Kerrigan had a good run here and he is ring of fame bound. Best of luck to him wherever he lands:

  5. Very talented very underrated guy. Spent a lot of quality years on a bad team but that may change shortly.
    -Eagles fan

  6. It was a completely unlucky situation for Ryan. He has done everything right and even handled this demotion this year with absolute class.

  7. Ryan Kerrigan has been a underrated underappreciated player for our organization,,dude only missed 4 games in 10 years and i thought him and Brian Orakpo was gonna terrorize qbs until Orakpo got hurt and never fully recovered,,,he’s definitely Ring of honor and possibly Hall of famer,,hate to see him go elsewhere,,,please not the cowboys

  8. This was a curious statement by Kerrigan.
    He’s going to be 33 at the beginning of next season, so his effectiveness will obviously be diminished if he plays significantly more snaps. So I just don’t understand the motivation here. At best it’s a declaration that he doesn’t think he has had a physical decline and can bear that load at his age. At worst it’s a sign that he either wants to be continued to be paid starter’s money or doesn’t want to be situational player that would make a team’s defence better with the depth and experience he’d bring.
    And neither of those scenarios puts him in a good light, delusional or selfish.

  9. He’ll struggle to get a guaranteed starting job. He’s been tremendous for Washington and I’d hope he’ll stay with the team moving in the right direction. 2 year extension would be sensible for him and the FT. If someone wants to throw silly money at him than thank you and good luck!

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