Sione Takitaki: Chase Claypool is just salty about losing

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The Steelers wide receivers keep talking, but the Browns seem to be taking it in stride.

In a Monday social-media video, Pittsburgh wide receiver Chase Claypool said that even though the Steelers took a bad loss, the Browns “are gonna get clapped next week” playing the Chiefs.

On Tuesday, Browns linebacker Sione Takitaki — who had a fourth-quarter interception in Sunday’s win — brushed aside Claypool’s jab during an interview on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland.

“It’s really just funny. He’s salty with the loss. You can hear it in his voice. We don’t really dwell, put too much time about it,” TakiTaki said, via Keith Britton of the station. “Obviously, we got the win, so we got the last laugh … leave it at that.”

The Browns clearly used JuJu Smith-Schuster‘s “the Browns is the Browns” comment from last week as extra motivation for the wild-card round. We’ll see if Claypool’s words continue to galvanize the team as Pittsburgh watches the divisional round on television like the rest of us.

34 responses to “Sione Takitaki: Chase Claypool is just salty about losing

  1. The Steelers have gone off the rails. Got rid of Antonio Brown to have their whole WR corp take up his attitude. These aren’t your parent’s Steelers that is for sure. Will be interesting to see what Tomlin does from here. The owners here are patient enough for him to rebuild and he is young enough to give it another go. Will see if the fickleness of public infects this organization.

  2. The grown-ups in that locker room (Steelers) need to have a serious conversation with some of these kids. I’m all about having fun and enjoying what you do but some of this stuff is just nonsense. Couldn’t you dance somewhere else Juju? Couldn’t you congratulate the Browns on their win Chase? I’d like to believe it takes more than athletic ability & making a few great catches to be a professional football wide receiver.

  3. Browns fan (duh). Loved the win. Now come on and kill this already old and tired storyline. JuJu and Claypool.

  4. I miss the good ol’ days when Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu beat the Browns and shut up. Anymore these punks lose to the Browns and keep flapping. I know a lot of decent Steelers fans agree with me. Enjoy your couches, JuJu/Chase!

  5. They need more than a touch of class in that (locker) room in Pittsburgh. Saltiness isn’t becoming.

  6. Even after getting curb stomped, the stoolers just can’t shut up. It’s pretty entertaining really. 1-5 in their last 6 games. That is (former) Browns territory.

  7. Also, by Claypool’logic, if the Chiefs beat the Browns by 20, that means they would have beat the stoolers by 40? Haha. (Yes, I know Pitt would have played Buff had they won).

  8. Lifelong Browns fan here. I don’t care about Pittsburgh anymore this year. They’re in the rearview mirror. On to Kansas City!!!!!

  9. I know that Cleveland’s coach missed the game due to Covid. Where was Mike Tomlin? Did he even bother to prepare his team?

  10. The Steelers turned into a team with more social media stars than actual ballers.

  11. It really doesnt matter what anyone on the Steelers says about the Browns. The Steelers are out the playoffs, they lost 5 out of their last 6. The Steelers can talk all they want, they’re absolutely irrelevant right now.

  12. Well the Steelers have been reeling for weeks. Now they are out of their misery.

    They should be thanking Cleveland for that.

  13. They win a playoff game and now all of a sudden they can’t keep their mouths shut. Let’s see how he feels after they get blown out by the Chiefs this weekend. The whining will be epic.

  14. Let me start by saying that I have a lot respect for the Steelers organization and how they conduct business. I am a Ravens fan and alwys feel great when the Ravens beat the Steelers, but I am trying to be objective in this post. One loss does not define you. However, Tomlin needs to reign in his diva receivers and instill some type of discipline in his club. You feel like the offense and defense are held to two different standards. The Steelers are always competitive. They draft well and develop talents as good as anyone in this league. However, The offensive philosophy has been too reliant on Ben. The running game is terrible. What happened to the days when the Steelers could pound the rock on anybody? Ben looked like he was 150 years old on Sunday. All that beating he got through the years finally caught up with him on Sunday. Ben, needs to retire. I am sure the Steelers will be back. But, it will probably take a few years. The team will let a host of free agents walk and get comp picks for them. Their draft stock will be loaded for 2022. The next couple of years might be more about rebuilding. But, I believe the Steelers will be back. As long as the Rooneys own this franchise, it will always be in the mix of teams contending for a Superbowl.

  15. I’m not a Browns fan, but I did relish the fact that they fed a nasty defeat to a team who thinks they are what they once were…

  16. itsamadmadmadmadworld says:
    January 12, 2021 at 11:40 am
    They win a playoff game and now all of a sudden they can’t keep their mouths shut. Let’s see how he feels after they get blown out by the Chiefs this weekend. The whining will be epic.


    The issue isnt us losing, we are expected to lose. The issue is prior to this game, many Steeler fans were talking mad crap about how they wont lose to the Browns. The Steelers over-looked the Browns and many Steeler fans in their forums were talking about playing the Bills. They moved on without focusing on the Browns. Browns fans are excited and have every right to be. Not one of us have said we are going to blow out the Chiefs. We said we are onto the next game. Claypool is yelling hey guys they were scared of me and this guy was trash. Claypool is bragging and one quote comes to my mind. A lion doesn’t need to roar to let me know its a lion.

  17. How does Tomlin still have a job in Pittsburgh. 3 playoff wins in 10 years. I guess that’s the new standard. His teams are never ready to play in the big games, he’s wasted more talent than any coach, both he and his players are always overlooking/disrespecting opponents. I’m sorry, I figure he is a decent guy but since all of B.C.’s coaches and players left Tomlin hasn’t done much.

  18. I’d say it’s about time for Steelers receivers to just shut up, or learn how to lose graciously.

  19. Claypool – How about just keeping your trap shut and enjoying your offseason. The Browns SPANKED the Steelers hard and no amount of whining will change that fact.

  20. Ok Ju Ju had been dancing on teams logo way before the actual games started. No mention of it all season until Steelers lose to Washington and that was at home. He was not doing to be disrespectful – biggest mistake is he should have done it on his side of the field and not at midfield on the logo. He was dancing? sorry if he hurt your feelings.

    Browns is the Browns comment was really taken out of context if you go back and look he says its the same Browns teams he always plays against which is true and the nameless faces was a direct quote from Tomlin meant to say we play who we play and to focus on what the players (Steelers) can control and not who they are playing against.

    In Both instances yes Ju Ju probably should have done a little differently but I didn’t think what he did was that bad. He has been a good player and just likes to have fun – even during the Browns playoff game Chris Collinsworth stuck up for him which I was surprised at.

    Additionally where is all the outrage when after the Week 17 Browns game the Browns players go on tiktok mocking Ju Ju? up until that point Ju Ju hadn’t said anything about the browns nor did he dance on the browns logo. I really feel like Ju Ju’s comment had more to do with him retaliating against being mocked by browns the week before than anything else. Yes he needs to grow up a little but he’s a good kid that’s done a lot for the City of Pittsburgh in his short time here and just a positive guy – he is not the AB’s of the world.

    The Browns were fishing for Bulleting Board material and if that’s the way they want to play it so be it. Yeah us Steelers\fans are salty but not because we lost – it was bound to happen eventually – it was the way we played that made us so Salty. The Steelers lost the game as much as the Browns won it. You could argue the Browns should have been better a long time ago I mean they have had top draft picks for years. Browns-Steelers hasn’t been a Rival since I can’t remember when-the Browns win may have changed that but make no mistake Claypool is absolutely right – the Browns will get clapped this weekend big time.

    Damn right were Salty!

  21. It was cute when the Steelers thought they could win against the coachless, greyfaced Browns. The Steelers are so cute nowadays, with all the Diva’s and dancing. They should be called the Pittsburgh Barbies now. They def are not football players anymore. It makes me want to hug JuJu and Claypool and tell them it will be ok. They should receive their new black and gold dresses in the mail by Sunday. Since they won’t be playing football anymore, they can at least play dress up. I do feel bad for the Steelers that are actually football players like Conner and Watt. I also feel bad for the dude that smashed his T.V.

  22. steelcurtainn says:
    January 12, 2021 at 11:32 am
    Just like your about to lose!

    Hey tinfoilcurtainn… it’s “you’re” as in “It would seem that you’re very salty about the loss on Sunday night.”

  23. Not a likeable WR corp in Pittsburgh with JuJu and now Claypool acting out. As a rookie Claypool needs to be quiet, especially when he has a losing record against the Browns.
    If the Browns do lose to the Chiefs it won’t change the fact the Steelers went 1 and done in the playoffs.

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