Bears confirm Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace are back

Chicago Bears Introduce Matt Nagy
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The Bears will not be making any changes at the top.

Bears General Manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy will both be back for the 2021 season, Bears Chairman George McCaskey confirmed today. McCaskey said he was impressed with Pace and Nagy’s work during the 2020 season.

McCaskey also expressed faith in Bears President Ted Phillips. In turn, Phillips acknowledged that many Bears fans want to see major changes within the franchise, but everyone in the organization’s front office is committed to making it work with the current power structure.

The Bears did reveal that neither Nagy nor Pace has received a contract extension. So there’s no doubt that both of their jobs are on the line this year.

The Bears are standing by Pace and Nagy because they’ve made the playoffs two of the last three years, but the Bears still haven’t won a playoff game since the 2010 season, and they head into this offseason with several major questions, the biggest of which is who their starting quarterback will be in 2021.

Those questions need to be answered, but today Bears fans found out only that the team is staying the course.

45 responses to “Bears confirm Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace are back

  1. Really ? Bwahahahaaaaaaaa

    (deep breath)


    No Really ? George McMediocre sure knows how to run a team (into the ground)…..

    And the rest of the Division applauds….

  2. And the rest of the NFC North (excluding the lions) breathes a deep sigh of relief and then proceeds to laugh at the bears for sticky Nagy and Race since they tripped into the 7 seed.

  3. You just can’t fire a coach every 2-3 years. Khan gave Marrone four years in Jacksonville. I think he’s insane to hire Meyer, but coaches need more than 2-3 years. Nagy has been to postseason twice also.

  4. Somehow I don’t see Trubisky pulling a Watson and crying in a corner about this even though he would have a much bigger gripe than Deshawn.

  5. As a Packer fan this is great news. I love seeing horrible leadership from the other three division rivals. And all three have poor leadership

  6. edelmanfanclub says:
    January 13, 2021 at 11:23 am
    You just can’t fire a coach every 2-3 years. Khan gave Marrone four years in Jacksonville. I think he’s insane to hire Meyer, but coaches need more than 2-3 years. Nagy has been to postseason twice also.
    How did the team improve from the previous season? Oh, it didn’t. I’m sure you also think Matt Patricia just needed a another season as he was turning the Lions around. After bringing in a HC for 2-3 years, you can see what direction your franchise is headed in.

  7. Sorry Bears Fans. I have been through it. My team kept terrible GM’s and Coaches for decades. A terrible thing for a fan to have to endure.

  8. So I guess they are happy with total ineptitude and 8-8 is a big success and Mithell is gonna be a QB someday? okay got it.

  9. If not for the Packers, the NFC North sort of resembles the NFC East. How can the Bears hold on to these guys? They are absolutely the most predictable team in football, especially the offense. They had no business being in the playoffs.

  10. Phillips and Pace are two of the biggest problems with this team. Both of those goons needed to go. Nagy, keep on a prove he’s not part of the problem deal when replacing Phillips and Pace. Yet again, we are looking forward to trading to much draft stock for a mediocre player at best. Maybe in the next draft day trade, Pace can put a package together that includes Phillips.

  11. Oh this is such wonderful news!!! Talk about thinking outside the box!

    Please be sure to keep Tribscuit, too. You know, cloning technology has nearly been perfected. I highly suggest the Bears duplicate Mitch to ensure they’ll have the same low standard of quarterback play on the off-chance he gets injured next season.

    Stay the course, McCaskey — right into that massive iceberg up ahead!

  12. The problem is the George McKaskey is not intelligent enough to “see the problem” in front of him! Ted Phillips is incompetent and Ryan Pace is a poor excuse for a GM; both of these clowns are responsible for all that has been given up for Trubisky and Mack. The only good thing out of this announcement is that Nagy will remain as the Head Coach.

  13. A few thoughts from a Bears fan of more than 30 years:

    – Could it possibly get worse? Oh yes it can. Like, Pace trading the 2021 1st and 3rd rounds picks for Sam Darnold, who will be even worse in Nagy’s offense then he was in NY.

    – The very legitimate question needs to be asked: What is one single reason any Bears fan should be looking forward to the 2021 season? Same cast of clowns from the C suite on down, same overpaid underachieving players, and a really hard schedule. 4-12 incoming.

    – It took the Bears organization a long time to set up a presser announcing nothing has changed. I suspect the discussions and decisions took about the first 20 minutes of Monday morning and all the time between then and now has been spent trying to figure out how to spin this to the fan base.

  14. Pace and Nagy will go all in this year and do short-sighted things to try to save their jobs, in the process further augering the Bears into a deeper hole for the next GM/HC combo in 2022 to dig them out of. Suprised Papa Bear doesn’t come back from the dead and attack McMediocre yelling “Brains ! Brains ! My gandchildren have no BRAAAINS !”

  15. Did they mention why we should expect things to be any different next year? I’m so disenchanted with this team that it’s not even going to bother me if the Packers win the Super Bowl

  16. As an aside, they said they would hold everyone “accountable”.

    As Rodrigo Montoyo said “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  17. Not surprising.

    Who would want the job next year?

    * Bears have no QB
    * Bears have mediocre OL
    * Bears have aging D overall
    * Bears cap space is less than $5M as I type
    * Bears pick 20 in 1st round
    * Bears have 22 UFA’s ready to walk

    Let them suck it up in 2021 and a) cap space becomes abundant in 2022 and b) will most likely will be a top 10 pick. Do NOT let Pace trade any more future picks.

    Then fire all three: Phillips, Pace, & Nagy and start over.

  18. Bear fans will pay for season tickets, 9 dollar beers, hefty parking charges. Until THAT changes expect more of the same from Halas Hall. Not sure that if I were in their shoes I would do much different. A true iron in the fire gives clear focus to your choices.

  19. We all know this is going to end. Bears will start 0-4, miss playoffs and finish 7-9.
    You can’t really fault Pace and Nagy. It’s the McCaskey ownership. And being cheap. And nepotism. How else does a family member Phillips go from being in charge of season tickets to running football operations? If anything it’s insulting to the fans. But the Bears, like the Cubs of yore, print money, so that justifies everything

  20. Pace selecting another QB, Nagy calling plays…..2021 record should be 1 and 15 for the re-build, if Pace has not traded away the future.

  21. “Nagy has been to postseason twice also.”

    And is 0-2 in the playoffs with his offense being non-existent in both games. And they backed into the playoffs this season with a 35-16 loss in Week 17. He’s 16-16 since that 12-4 season and is resistant to changing anything with this precious offense even as it continues to flounder.

  22. I’m shocked by this move. Both have been terrible. I have no idea why Nagy is back as his offense is clueless and 100% full of gimmicks.

    Pace on the other hand should have been fired last year. So, he signs Foles and hope he can create a Chicago special. Total joke.

  23. I think fans have a legitimate gripe about the GM sticking around, but Nagy doesn’t seem like a bad coach to me. I’d like to see what he could do with a better quarterback and stronger offensive line.

  24. Good thing they had that cake walk schedule at the end of the season. Saved 3 jobs, Nagy, Pace and Trubisky. They’ll resign Trubisky (lol) and go 5-11 next year.

  25. Basement next year for sure, mainly because they don’t care about winning…no more bear purchases for this guy until they do !

  26. FWIW the Bears press conference that just ended is being universally panned (including by the Chicago beat writers) as the worst one they’ve ever experienced. New depths of evasiveness, passive aggressive non-answers and no ownership of any of the many things that went wrong there this season.

  27. Oohh….made the playoffs. Covid added the seventh seed to the playoffs this year, so lets not call that an accomplishment.

    Bears defintion of “accountable” means the coach plays out his contract. Nagy can count to 1. Only one more year until someone else is accountable.

  28. Wonderful…now just bring back Trubiski and the unholy trilogy of ineptitude will be complete.

    The entire NFC North is counting on you guys to keep screwing this up.

  29. Ford vs McCaskey is the gift that keeps on giving in that division. Billionaires aren’t smart people just because they have money.

  30. Yes, 2 out of 3 years, but in as an inaugural 7 seed this year. Call it what it is, a hot start followed by underachievement.

  31. Aren’t press conferences of this type designed to whet the fan’s appetite for next season? Bear mgmt. must think that their fans have strange dietary habits.

  32. Ouch. That means more Mitchell and Foles? Nagy going to try the same plain Jane offense? No WRs, no RBs, 9 TEs and trubisky. Better hope their isn’t fans because that for sure isn’t a way to sell tickets.
    Oh yeah and 1.47mil per sack Mack.

  33. I’ve heard Nagy say he wants to make everyone accountable. except for of course the two different bears receivers that got ejected in two different games for punching the same guy and weren’t disciplined at all……

  34. From the worst 5-1 team to a six game losing streak to backing into the playoffs to a humiliating drubbing by the Saints.

    As a Bears fan, I’m lost with all of this. Why do any of them still have a job?

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