Greg Roman: Ravens offense “more equipped to win in the playoffs” this year

Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans
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The Ravens won a playoff game with Lamar Jackson at quarterback last Sunday and they overcame a 10-point deficit to pull it off, which checked off a couple of boxes that had been issues for the team the last three years.

Baltimore lost lopsided playoff openers in 2018 and 2019 and they had not come back to win after trailing by double-digits since the 2016 season. While the 20-13 win over the Titans wasn’t an offensive tour de force, offensive coordinator Greg Roman said Tuesday it is a sign that they are “more equipped to win in the playoffs” this time around.

“Last year, we were able to go out and just boat-race teams quite a bit,” Roman said, via via Daniel Oyefusi of the Baltimore Sun. “That’s great, I love that. Those days are fun, I love those postgame locker rooms when that happens. But the reality of it, that doesn’t happen all the time. You might fall behind, you might end up in a tough situation, get a couple whatever kind of calls out there, the ball bounces a funny way. And you’ve got to be able to overcome that and find different ways to find success in a game. So I think those are all very important things.”

A standout performance by the defense gave the Ravens a chance to find their footing after a rough start to last Sunday’s game. Unless they’re winning a shootout, they’ll need another one for their offense to pull through against the Bills this week.

2 responses to “Greg Roman: Ravens offense “more equipped to win in the playoffs” this year

  1. Boy, absent that one freak run by Lamar for the TD, I’m not sure I would be feeling so good about the Ravens offense. Lamar and the O played poorly. Even then, they only scored 20 points against the worst defense in the playoffs. That’s not very comforting.
    I give credit to Roman for finally realizing it’s pointless to have Lamar be a throwing QB. He’s a running back who throws from time to time. That’s ok; that’s what works for Lamar given his incredible scrambling ability. Don’t fool yourself into thinking he can drop back, scan the field, make the right reads, and deliver the ball to tightly covered receivers. He can’t. Keep him primarily as the focus RB, and from time to time that sets up throws to wide open receivers which he can complete.

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