Lamar Jackson already the No. 8 QB all-time in playoff rushing yards

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has only played in three playoff games, but he’s already one of the greatest postseason running quarterbacks in NFL history.

Jackson has two of the top three rushing performances for a quarterback in NFL playoff history, and he’s eighth all time in total postseason rushing yards by a quarterback.

Here are the Top 10 quarterbacks in NFL history in career rushing yards in the playoffs:

594 Steve Young (22 games)
527 Russell Wilson (16 games)
507 Colin Kaepernick (6 games)
461 John Elway (22 games)
432 Roger Staubach (20 games)
422 Donovan McNabb (16 games)
355 Steve McNair (10 games)
333 Lamar Jackson (3 games)
314 Joe Montana (23 games)
292 Otto Graham (7 games)

If Jackson gains just 23 rushing yards on Saturday against the Bills, he’ll move ahead of McNair and into seventh place all time. With another 100-yard game, Jackson would move ahead of Staubach and into the Top 5.

Jackson gained 136 rushing yards last week against the Titans. If he were to equal that this week against the Bills, he’d move ahead of Elway and into No. 4 of all time. And if he were to have 136 rushing yards both this week against the Bills and the following week in the AFC Championship Game, he’d have the most rushing yards for a quarterback in the playoffs in NFL history. Not bad for a player who just turned 24.

37 responses to “Lamar Jackson already the No. 8 QB all-time in playoff rushing yards

  1. That’s because qb’s are supposed to be good at throwing the football and he kinda isn’t?

  2. He runs because he’s not as good of a thrower. Show me passing yards (he IS a QB right ?) and I’ll be impressed.

  3. That’s because he is a running back and by far the worst passer/QB on that list of players above.

  4. Well yeah, if he keeps it up and still manages to avoid getting hit, he’ll destroy that record so that it’s unreachable. Assuming (and hoping not!) they remain a perennial playoff team.

  5. I don’t see Tom Brady on that list. This must be one of the few playoff records where he’s not either No. 1 or in the top five. Of course, Brady isn’t exactly known for his running ability.

  6. Well in his first three years in the league he’s been in the postseason all three years so that helps.

  7. Another worthless statistic, just like all other the “fastest to” (fill in the blank) passing and receiving “records” bloggers love to talk about these days.
    With the exception of Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick — and Wilson is an infinitely superior passer to Lamar Jackson — most of those other guys played in an NFL that barely resembles what the game has evolved into.
    Jackson is a very exciting player, and a star in today’s game. But he couldn’t have played quarterback in the league many of the others on this list played in. He isn’t remotely a pocket passer, at least not a good one The game back then wasn’t spread out enough to enable him to be the runner he is today, and ever-expanding rules protecting quarterbacks and preventing defenders from playing defense didn’t exit.
    If the game remains as it is now for a couple of decades then we start talking about quarterback rushing numbers. For now, comparing Jackson’s running numbers to past great NFL QBs isn’t apples to oranges, it’s grapes to watermelons.

  8. We’re talking about rushing yards for a quarterback? I don’t see that as a good thing… it means he’s missing open receivers or can’t throw the ball. Glad he’s not my QB

  9. Heard it here first. Jackson will be the 1st MVP QB not given a long term contract by his team. You can’t build a team necessary to win a QB that can’t pass very well and pay him franchise money. He will play his 5 years and franchised once. After that they will let him walk and find the next fast guy with limited passing. They gave him lots of great TEs and built up a run game. If you don’t have your money in the surrounding cast this Lamar Jackson experiment doesn’t work. Ravens know this. The whole idea was to go cheap at QB.

  10. Brady holds every postseason QB record imaginable. I’m really surprised he didn’t make the rushing list. He’s a beast rushing the ball. Likely all the victory-formation kneeldowns that cost him some yardage. (Wednesday morning humour people!!!)

  11. Does it really matter if he gains yards via passing or running, as long as he gains them? He can throw well enough to make the defense respect it so until someone figures out how to stop him, more power to him.

  12. Added Passing Yards (Rush/Pass)

    594/3326 Steve Young (22 games)
    527/3786 Russell Wilson (16 games)
    507/1374 Colin Kaepernick (6 games)
    461/4964 John Elway (22 games)
    432/2817 Roger Staubach (20 games)
    422/3752 Donovan McNabb (16 games)
    355/1764 Steve McNair (10 games)
    333/738 Lamar Jackson (3 games) 365 in last years game
    314/5772 Joe Montana (23 games)
    292/2101 Otto Graham (7 games)

  13. That’s because he is a running back and by far the worst passer/QB on that list of players above.


    37 TD’s 6 INT’s. Tied record for most 4+ passing TD games in a season. Tied record for most perfect passer rating games in a season. Had over 145 passer rating in several additional games, just sort of perfect 158.3.

    Seems like “by far the worst” on that list. Hot take. I guess one year where he wasn’t amazing as a rookie. And another year (2020 with 26 TD’s and 9 INT’s) where his stat line was solid, wipes away an MVP season and proof that he isn’t a bad passer?

    Or maybe people just need to believe that to feel better about all the passing and rushing records that he tied or broke in just his second year. And no one is saying he is Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers either. It’s just about being honest and not a homer.

  14. No one doubts that Jackson is a great running back. The problem is pretty soon the Ravens will need a real QB. Good defenses will force Jackson pass and the results won’t be good.

  15. Meh. Get back to me when he’s no. 8 in NFL playoff wins. THAT would be more impressive.

  16. Imagine having a “record” for something you’ve done so little. Not much of a record. Stats these days are a joke. Like saying guys have the most yards in a given month, or wins in night games, players under a certain age, and on and on. Super Bowls, Playoff wins, seasonal leaders are accomplishments. A guy that’s 1-2 in the playoffs with a meaningless stat line, who cares.

  17. Impressive start to a career but I am still not sold on Jackson. Running QBs always seem to have a steep drop off and short careers.

  18. Stats that matter in a team sport; 30-7 win/loss record, 3 years in the league and 3 trips to the post season, first post-season win with Lamar.

    All the other stuff just doesn’t matter. Look Big Ben put up 501 yards passing, something like 42 completions, and 4 touchdowns and they still lost. Its a team sport.

    Ravens figured out a formula for becoming competitive again and it is working. They will keep figuring it out because that is what good franchises do.

  19. Watching Steve Young run was incredibly exciting. He was a pass-first guy, like they all were back in his day, and you didn’t see many designed QB runs. But when Steve had to, he would take off and was just a thrilling mix of elusiveness and power.

    I’m not a fan of the Ravens, but I respect what they’ve done. Unlike so many teams, they have adopted schemes that take best advantage of the talents of their QB. And isn’t that the key to winning? Lamar Jackson and Tom Brady couldn’t be less alike in their styles, but they are both winners as long as the plays and the personnel around them are complementary.

  20. If your QB is rushing for 1000 yards a season consistently, you’ve got a long term problem with your team. In today’s game it is an absolute must to have a mobile QB. But a starting QB is too big a chunk of the salary cap to constantly unnecessarily expose himself to a possible career ending injury.

  21. billzbubb says:
    January 13, 2021 at 10:55 am

    No one doubts that Jackson is a great running back. The problem is pretty soon the Ravens will need a real QB. Good defenses will force Jackson pass and the results won’t be good.

    To be very clear to haters like yourself. Lamar has been a QB his whole life. He’s a Heisman Winning QB in college and NFL MVP QB who started since year one in the NFL. According to your logic he hasn’t faced a good defense YET! The March to Tampa Continues!

  22. packerbacker says:
    January 13, 2021 at 10:41 am

    We’re talking about rushing yards for a quarterback? I don’t see that as a good thing… it means he’s missing open receivers or can’t throw the ball. Glad he’s not my QB

    I’m glad he is my QB. And I love the Ravens style of play. We run the ball right down your throat. But who cares whether it’s by running or passing. The goal is to win the game. He’s checked that box.
    So much hate..the guy who cracks me up is the one who says he didn’t throw 200 yards, well he ran for a 100. 200+100=300, what more do you want?

    Sit back and enjoy the show, don’t hate. I’m even enjoying watching TB12 this year. Bruce took away his checkdowns,ahahaha.

  23. The hate for Lamar is unbelievable. People just can’t accept change. Mathew Stafford who is miles and miles ahead in his passing compared to Lamar is yet to sniff playoffs and he had Megatron in his prime to boot plus he is a 12 year vet. Lamar Jackson has broken the myth that QB’s need to play a certain way and most people find it appaling

  24. If that isn’t a redflag for your QB: nothing is.

    Cause everyone lusts after the RB with high passing yards.

  25. Mixing up a thrower (Jackson) with true QB (Young) shows how importnat the brain is as a QB and a commentator.

  26. All it goes to show is that the rule changes protecting QBs have skewed all the stats.

  27. Lamar’s great if you like to watch college style offensive football. I prefer the traditional pro game.

  28. If Lamar Jackson is not a QB but indeed a running back, that means all of the “Quarterbacks” that he has beat are trash. That means as a running back he is better than most QB’s. What does that say about the league? Because Lamar has beat Tom Brady, Watson, Wilson, Murry, Rivers, Burrow, Jimmy G, Josh Allen, Tannehil. So are we saying all of these Quarterbacks are trash, or is this just another petulant narrative created by underdeveloped man-children who are yet again projecting their own self hatred and shame at someone whom they do not know?

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