Lamar Jackson: I’m just attacking the game more, being more aggressive

Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans
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There’s been a noticeable difference in Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson‘s production from before and after missing a game due to COVID-19.

Baltimore was 6-4 after the season’s first 10 games, then fell to 6-5 with the Week 12 Wednesday loss to the Steelers while many players — including Jackson — were out on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

In those first 10 games, Jackson completed 63.4 percent of passes for 1,948 yards with 15 touchdowns and six interceptions. He also had 575 yards rushing and three touchdowns.

But the Ravens haven’t lost since Jackson returned in Week 13, and Jackson is a big reason why. In the last five games of the regular season, Jackson threw for 809 yards with 11 touchdowns and three interceptions, plus he ran for 430 yards and four touchdowns.

His passer rating over that span was at 115.8 compared to 93.4 in the first 10 weeks.

Then in last week’s wild-card victory over the Titans, Jackson was 17-of-24 passing for 179 yards with an interception, but he rushed for 136 yards, too — more than in any of his 2020 regular-season games.

During his Tuesday press conference, the quarterback acknowledged there’s been a shift in his mindset.

“I’m just attacking the game more, being more aggressive,” Jackson said. “I’ll say, in the beginning of the season, I was conservative a lot — just staying back and getting sacked a lot more. But as the season went on, [when] things break down, my first read is not there, second read is not there, I take advantage of what the defense gives me. That’s pretty much the biggest thing. And we’ve just been finishing — all around. The whole offense, the whole defense, special teams — all of us have just been finishing. So, that’s probably the biggest thing about just coming back from quarantine. The whole team is just dialed in right now.”

Jackson being more aggressive has worked so far, and it could continue carrying the Ravens to a deep postseason run.

7 responses to “Lamar Jackson: I’m just attacking the game more, being more aggressive

  1. This should be a great game. Two of the top young QBs with potentially dynamic offenses, solid defenses. Looking forward to it.

    Not a Ravens fan at all, but I do like watching Jackson. No, he’s not a great passer, but the way he plays the game is very tough.

  2. The Titans didn’t play that well and the ravens beat them.
    The Bills should be a tougher opponent.

  3. Ravens are going to be a tough out. Great defense, great coaching – and Jackson can do just about anything.

    If the Bills want another trip to the SB, they’ll really have to earn it – Colts, Ravens and then likely KC has to be one of the tougher roads in the playoffs in quite awhile. And they may have to beat 3 MVP’s in a row if they make it and Green Bay is there waiting for them.

  4. Well, their last 3 games in the regular season were against 3 of the worst teams in the league. Lamar’s “dominant” performances averaged about 170 yards throwing per game. I don’t call that dominant. The Ravens and he did run the ball very well though.
    Nobody wants to talk about what would have happened in the game against the Titans had Lamar not ripped off that TD run. It was an awesome scramble. But if he got stopped on that play, his performance to date had been terrible. It looked a lot like the other playoff losses he has had. Fortunately, he had that TD run and it changed the game.
    Thus far, in most games he’s relied on that one absurd scramble to score a TD or have a huge gain at a critical time. That’s not a reliable approach at the QB position. Especially in the playoffs.

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