Matt LaFleur: Sean McVay a great friend, but gloves are off Saturday

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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Packers head coach Matt LaFleur will see a familiar face across the field from him on Saturday.

LaFleur was the offensive coordinator for the Rams during Sean McVay’s first season as the team’s head coach and the two men were on the Washington staff together earlier in their careers. McVay said this week that “it’ll be fun” to go up against a longtime friend and LaFleur said Tuesday that he loves McVay like a brother he wants to beat on the field.

“He’s a great friend of mine, but the gloves will be off on Saturday,” LaFleur said, via Steve Megaree of the Associated Press.

LaFleur had a similar experience when the Packers faced the 49ers in last year’s playoffs. He worked under 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan in Houston, Washington, and Atlanta and said “you’re wasting time” if you are thinking about anything other than beating the other team.

The Packers couldn’t beat the 49ers and Saturday will bring another chance for LaFleur to get one over on a former boss.

14 responses to “Matt LaFleur: Sean McVay a great friend, but gloves are off Saturday

  1. Translation, “hey Sean, thanks for letting me stand by you! Need a doughnut and coffee for old time sake? “

  2. He owns the other head coaches in the NFCN. He’s owned them ever since he arrived. He doesn’t think twice of any of them as a viable threat, nor should he. This is no different.

  3. Packers have an elite offense and an above average defense.

    Rams have an elite defense and a below average offense.

    Packers win, 28-17.

  4. I hope Donald and company put a hurting on Crybaby Rodgers. Penalty or not, pummel him into the ground. Who knows, they will probably make up more rules this off-season to make sure the wimp is even more protected.

  5. ariani1985 says:
    January 13, 2021 at 8:28 am

    Translation, “hey Sean, thanks for letting me stand by you! Need a doughnut and coffee for old time sake? “

    GB. Matt LaFleur 27-7 (.794)
    Min. Mike Zimmer 66-50-1 (.568)
    Chi. Matt Nagy. 28-22 (.560)
    Det. —- ——

    If Matt LaFleur coaches the Packers to a win over the Rams on Saturday, he’ll have matched, in just 2 seasons, all of Mike Zimmer’s postseason success that took him 7 long and arduous years to achieve.
    And I seriously doubt he’ll need a missed tackle miracle to get it done either.
    Let that sink in.
    Not too bad for a west coast errand boy/barista who had the good fortune of standing next to Sean McVay. 🤣

  6. I see Rodgers having a horrid day and getting hit early and often. One and done again I’m afraid. The Rams will double Adams forcing Rodgers to look the field and he wont have time.

  7. McVay on LaFleur: He’s like my brother, my big brother. We lived right across the street from each other when we were in Washington. Matt and his wife BreAnne took me under their wing.”

    Great respect is there on both sides. Two very good head coaches, but this isn’t LaFleur vs. McVay. This is the Green Bay Packers vs. the Los Angeles Rams. The gloves are indeed off. On Saturday the world will get to see a great matchup between two great teams. Let’s see what happens. I like the Packers chances.


  8. Will we see the same degree of brotherly love shown between the Harbaughs when John and Jim met in their SuperBowl and John came out on top? That was fun to watch. Brothers competing against each other (even when they’re not connected by blood) is hard to beat.

  9. I’m a Rams fan and even though their defense is amazing I think Green Bay will have a good game plan. Quick releases, get Jones out on the flat etc.It’s imperative they keep Adams in check and force Rodgers to look to MVS or To nyan.

  10. Rams didn’t have a chance against Seattle, so I doubt they have a chance in this one either. Right?

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